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My nine year old son just finished watching the LOTR movies and his interest in gaming with a LOTR theme of course went way up. After playing Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation and Lord of the Rings (with the Lord of the Rings: Sauron expansion) beating me both times he felt he was ready to play War of the Ring (First Edition).

Well it was no surprise he wanted to play Sauron and his minions (as he had already beaten me in the other games as the forces of dark).

We setup the game (which he enjoyed immensely) and off we went. I decided to be a little more aggressive with the fellowship... moving them to Mordor while getting Gondor, Rohan, The North and the Elves to a state of war.

Meanwhile my son took no time at all getting Sauron's forces to war, moving the army at Dol Guldur and a couple of Nazgul to attack Lothlorien. I was too busy moving the fellowship and building up Rohan and Gondor to be prepared for the threat. With 1 leader, 2 elite and 2 regular units I was ill prepared for the lopsided battle. But I thought hey I'll let my nine year old learn the mechanics and the odds and let him have an easy victory... never again... show no mercy.

Meanwhile the hunt has played its toll on the fellowship corruption but the group is just a few regions away from entering Mordor.

In the north, I bring in the army from Bree area to attack North Dunland and the Riders of Rohan to attack Saruman. In the south, three full strength armies (two with 2 Oilphants each) threaten Gondor as the Witch King prepares to lead an attack against Osgiliath.

My son learns that if he moves his Nazgul in to help the relatively weak forces in North Dunland he gets to re-role... after poor rolling on my part and perfect roles on his part I retreat with what is left of my northern army. I will come back to fight later after the Nazgul fly off to help another battle and proceed to wipe out the Dunland forces.

Back in the Gap of Rohan, the winds of fate blow my way with Rohan given the help of Aragorn and some cards, defeat the forces of Saruman.

Meanwhile in the South, the battle for Dor-en-Ernil was raging and again with some cards and good dice I was able to hold off the attack and my son called the attack off.

Although I had emerged from these fields of battle the victor, I knew the forces my son was about to unleash on me, no country could withstand. It was at this time I decided to enter Mordor with the ring bearers and also Gimli and Legolos with a high 7 or 8 corruption. I was doomed but still I marched forward as Osiliath fell and the forces of Gondor retreated under the leadership of Boromir.

Still I marched to the foot of Mt. Doom after losing Gimli and Legolos, and I am so close, the fellowship hangs but 1 point from failure! Unfortunately the last Hunt in Mordor is a red eye and there ar 5 dice in the hunt box... I have no more companions, no cards.... NOOOOOO.

After the game, my son was going, "Wow that was just like stories except Frodo got corrupted and Gollum kept the ring!"

I have to say it was a blast playing with my son. I remember when I was 12 having seeing the Lord of the Rings animated movie in 1978 with my dad and shortly afterwards getting my first war game... Battle of the Five Armies. Good times!

I look forward to a rematch! laugh

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