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Here's a screenshot plus some details for the Cristot scenario:

18.1 "Nightmarish Crossroads" - The Battle For Cristot (June 16th, 1200)

Playtest map art by Michael Evans. This is not the final map! Mark Mahaffey is currently working on a new playtest map using based on actual aerial recon photography. It promises to be exceptionally beautiful, and with unprecedented accuracy. Playtest counter art by Michael Evans and Mark Mokszycki.

"It was about noon. Suddenly with a terrific crash and roar our guns opened up! I had never heard or seen anything like it. In front where the shells were bursting, nothing could be seen but a huge wall where the world seemed to end."

- Rex Flower, mortar platoon, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

This small scenario features the 1/4 KOYLI Battalion's attack on the village of Cristot, following two days of intense shelling and bombing.

Play notes: This scenario makes for a good introduction to combined arms tactics. It is playable in about 2 hours.

Duration: Turns 6-13 (8 turns).

Play area:
East of and including the 'L' hex column, and north of and including the 07 hex row.

British Setup: The following British units set up in or adjacent to any Le Haut d' Audrieu village hex, or in the Pavie village hex:

- All units of 4th Battalion, KYLI (10 total units)
- 'B' Squadron, 24th Lancers: 3 x Sherman duplex drive tank units (3 total units)
- 55th Regiment AT troops: 2 x AT Gun section, 2 x Carrier (4 total units)

British Variable Reinforcements: The British player may expend VPs to release 7th Duke of Wellingtons units at any time on or after turn 9, at which point they enter the map at the British supply source hex north of Le Haut d' Audrieu.

British Artillery: The British player rolls for artillery availability normally, per 12.3.1.

German Setup: The following German units begin hidden (see 18.0.8 ), within 2 hexes of any Cristot village hex which is not within 2 of a Le Haut d' Audrieu village hex:

- 3rd Battalion, 26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment, 12th SS Panzer Division (13 total units)
- 1 Wheeled AT Gun platoon (1 unit)
- 1 SiG platoon, 13th SS Infantry Gun Company (1 unit)
- 1 PzIV platoon, 8th Company, 12th SS Panzer Regiment (1 unit)
- 1 platoon of armored cars (1 unit)
- 2 Strongpoints.

After placing his units, the German player reduces any 2 infantry companies. All German units may begin Dug In.

German Variable Reinforcements: The German player may expend VPs to release additional platoons of 8th Company panzers on or after turn 7, at which point they enter the map at hex S07.

Special Rules: A British Creeping Barrage (12.3.2) is in effect during the first game turn. Additionally, no German unit may move (except via Retreat) during the first turn of the scenario. This is to simulate the effect of two days of shelling and bombing.

No British unit may move adjacent to Le Parc de Boislonde (hexes Q08, R09).

Victory: Players earn VPs for enemy losses normally, per 18.0.9, except that all German losses count double for the British player. Additionally, either player earns 10 VPs if he controls all Cristot hexes at the end of the final game turn. The player with the most VPs at the end of the final game turn is declared the winner. Draws are possible.

Historical notes:
The attack from Le Haut d' Audrieu took place on a front 500 yards wide, with two companies up and the other two in reserve. 'A' and 'B' Companies led the attack, which kicked off at noon, with support from the tanks. One tank troop supported each forward infantry company, with the third tank troop behind. The infantry followed the creeping barrage and first encountered resistance about 500 yards from Cristot. The KOYLI fought their way into the village and found it a shambles. Opposing them were about 400 infantry of the 26th SS Panzergrenadier Regiment, 12th SS Panzer Division. The German infantry had plenty of support from MGs and mortars, plus some SP guns and a handful of panzers. By nightfall, Cristot had been captured; it was the KOYLI Battalion's first major victory in the campaign. The cost had been high- 66 dead in five days of fighting. The battalion managed to exploit as far as Le Hamel (south of Cristot). They were relieved the following morning by the 7th Duke of Wellington’s.

Please note that all scenarios are still undergoing playtesting, and details are subject to change.

I'd like to invite everyone over to the Operation Dauntless forum at consimworld for discussion, screenshots, and battlefield photos.


Thanks for looking!

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