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Scott Nelson
United States
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"Ouch!" my fellow archeologist Anna says after bumping her head on a low ceiling, "This must have been where he lay.."
No sooner than those words were said, a gust of wind came up, clouding the area completely. After the cloud faded, there standing before us was a large Mummy; next to it an open sarcoughogus. We were jolted into action.
First, the avid adventurer I am decided it would be best out of there with as much treasure as possible. Anna, in her right mind was thinking along the same lines as I saw her bolt out of the tomb, and into the adjoining hallway.
I noticed a candlabra positioned slightly off the path, and decided since the Mummy following us was rather slow, I would be able to pick up a few of the treasures I found on the way back. It didn't dawn on me that I was wrecking a priceless tomb. I wanted fame, and without proof of what was down in the tomb, I would not receive it as such.
All that was flowing through my head in a brief second, but it wasn't nearly long enough from my eyes shifting to the sight of the slowly, but surely Mummy walking, let's say shuffling down the hallway towards me.
Anna, a step or two ahead of me was noticing all the wonderful little items along the way, and was picking her choices as well.
After a few seconds shouting back and forth, we agreed that whatever we got, we would give the other who had more any duplicates, so that they were "together" when exhibiting them.
A little gold staue of I guess Ramses (since we were in his tomb) I noticed, and swiftly pocketed it, along with a blue head of some sort. I noticed Anna, still ahead of me was leaving all these treasures for me, but in the meantime, was getting her hands on the first pick of any items. So, like any normal greedy prospector, I put on some speed, and pulled ahead of her twenty or so feet. "Now, I would have first pick." I thought to myself.
"You little..." slowly faded into the background, as Anna disappeared around a corner behind me. She would get what I left, but she might be able to snag more. it was a trade-off I had to take in order to come out of this alive, and with more stuff.
I could hear the agonising screams of Anna as, I guess that was just my mind playing tricks on me. She was just a few steps behind me when I noticed I was daydreaming. The dark corridors have such an effect on me sometimes. Another small red item thrown into my backpack, and I was on my way to catch up with Anna, as she had passed me in the meantime, leaving me for the lunch of the Mummy, as the going says: You only have to run faster than the other in order to get out alive.
"Aha!" Anna screams back at me, only a few feet from her so it was quite deafening, "Look at what I have, and I bet there are no more like it!" as she takes an idol of some sort in a greenish hue. It looked nice, but "sets" of items would be more likely to commend an exhibit than say, one item would.
Crash! Crumble!
The sounds of the tomb falling in were heard loudly by both of us. We didn't have time to go back for anything. It had to be now or never.
I could see the light ahead, the hole from whence we entered this place. Only a few feet to go, but that would be the end, no going back in for more items. "Hmm.."
There, in the corner was a big chair that could bring a lot of people to the exhibit to see it, and I not only saw one, but seven more like it along the way, but I had no room to be hauling around clunky chairs. So, it came down to taking that chair and having the only one like it, or leaving it to the dust it would become part of as the tomb fell onto it.
Anna darted out of the tomb, through the opening, ending up on the outside, as she heard the final words from my mouth, "Maybe I could take this one chair with me..."

Scott "the greedy" - lost to the evils of the Tomb.
Anna "the hesitant" - earned fame and went on to produce a segment for the National Geography channel.
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Richard Lea
United Kingdom
County: West Yorkshire
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Re:Session Report
ropearoni4 (#459966),
Great. I always appreciate this kind of report.meeple
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