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Subject: 2 Identical Starting Planets rss

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Ok, here's the big question. Lets say that you have 4 players, two of them start with resource X, and the others with Y and Z respectively. Do the first two players have an advantage?

Especially early on, playing Produce for your Home Colony is pretty much mandatory. However, the X players will get a net of 4 Resources a turn from this, while the Y/Z players get a mere 2 Resources a turn. It seems pretty likely that the X "cartel" will have a huge advantage over the other players.

However, I'm not fully convinced.

First off, this benefits the other player X. Since you have three opponents in this example, the gain, not in resources, but in lead over opponents, the Production action's value is not 2, but 2-2/3=1.33. The "cartel" combined action is thus 2.67, which is still only 33% better than Y's 2.00 Production.

Second, off, lets say X and Y both land their ship on a planet matching their homeworld and build a Colony there.

Now if X does a produce action, they're still benefiting an opponent, and thus get 4-2/3=3.33. However, for the other X, the action is worth a mere 2-4/3=0.67, meaning that they'd be better off doing whatever they landed their spaceship on. They know full well that the X with quad produce will do it for them, while they can work on a second resource.

On the other hand, Y gets a flat 4.00 output. Moreover, he now dictates the flow of that resource. Even if other players start to mooch off him as well, none of them will dare play a Y produce, meaning that they are limited to a trickle at best. If they want to make up that gap, they have to Trade, and the only person who can afford to trade away that resource is Y himself. In comparison, there are two people who have X to begin with, to say nothing of Y/Z potentially mooching off them as well.

Between those two factors, I suspect that the advantage is not as much as would be expected at first glance.
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If both players starting on resource X produce that resource then it may be beneficial. If both players think that the other player will produce resource X so they choose not to produce resource X and thus no one produces resource X then it is a hindrance and not an advantage.
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