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While this could be viewed as your typical roll and move game there are enough choices and screw your neighbor abilities to make this one of the most enjoyable roll and move games I play.

This game can be played from 2-6 players. Each player chooses a different color engine and then receives a matching color track, to keep his train cars on.

At the start of the game you roll 2 dice to see which types of cars your train starts with. There are Boxcars, Hoppers, and Tankers, which are used to get contracts where Boxcars are the cheapest and Tankers are worth the most. There are also passenger cars. These cars are very useful for taking money from your opponents. For every passenger car you have, every time you land on a Station you collect $50,000 from each player.

You also start the game off with 4 cards. The cards give you the ability to do certain special actions. The cards are "Roll one die to go forward, Roll two dice to go backward, or play two cards to roll one die back-wards", "Stop", "Villain", and "Roll Again". The first and last are self explanatory. You play a Stop card before one of your opponents turns. Then each of you roll one die. If you get the higher number then that player looses his turn. The Villain card forces one of your opponents to loose one of his cars and leave it at the spot on the track where he was villained. Then the next person to land on that space get the car. But watch out because if you roll doubles you have to discard a card, unless it is doubles 6's (boxcars) then you get a free boxcar.

The track consist of two tracks, and outside track and an inside track. You start on the inside track where there are spaces to buy more cars for your train. You can only hold up to 6 cars at a time. At any point you can choose to travel down to the outside track. On the outside track is where you go pick up contracts. To pick up a contract you must land on a space that contains a contract which needs the type of car you have on your train. You then turn in your car, receive the contract, and money based on the worth of the contract. The object of the game is to be the first person with 6 contracts and back to start.

But just because you get a contract does not mean you get to keep it. If you don't have enough money to pay for the taxes or other expenses then you might have to sell back your contract at half price. The worst way to loose a contract is to be "Double Crossed" There are multiple double crossing spots on the board where a player who lands on that square may then target any already received contract. The player who wants the contract and the player who owns the contract then each roll a die and the winner takes the contract. (ties go to defender).

The leader in this game can often be the recipient of multiple double crossings, but that doesn't mean they are out of the running.

This game is a lot of fun because there are many different decisions to make, when to travel on the outside path, when to travel on the inside path, when to use a card, when to buy more cards.

But of course this game is still dictated quite a bit by luck so if you can't stand luck based games stay away. But if you want a simple not to complicated yet fun luck based game this is a great one.
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