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Sepsis I, one of the most incompetent pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, had the misfortune of ruling Egypt during the rise of Babylonia. When he was tricked into a parley over beer and murdered, the Egyptians knew that their country had been successfully conquered.

The leader of the Babylonians was a general named Sargon I, who was at least astute enough to reconcile himself with the Priesthood and combine both Babylonian and Egyptian religions. Sargon I was an average general, who managed to unify Babylonia mostly through luck than out of any skill, and the empire itself was a little shaky. Still, Sargon I promised stability to the Egyptian population, and an end to the various succession wars. (3 Intelligence, 4 Military Knowledge, 3 Piety, 4 Dynasty)

For the first two years, that was exactly what happened. Nothing interesting has happened in Egypt, especially since Sargon I was more busy managing Babylonia proper, but after the various civil wars and invasions, the Egyptian population viewed this inactivity as a sign of blessing from the gods. When, in the third year of Sargon I's rule, Sargon suffered from a "weird virus", several priests felt that the stability of the Empire was threatened, but instead, Sargon I survived and continued ruling.

Feeling confident, Sargon I began building a tomb in Thebes in the fourth year of his rule. Though Sargon I funded the tomb construction with wealth from Babylonia, his incompetence in managing construction led to it to be eventually abandoned (failed an Intelligence roll).

In the fifth year of Sargon I's rule, a revolt was organized by the native Egyptian elites in the Southern Nile to "liberate" Egypt from the Babylonian conquerors. While the revolt wasn't serious, Sargon I was recalled to fight against his enemies in Babylon, and the few military troops he did assign to fight the native Egyptians failed miserably. The native Egyptians established a rival Dynasty, and slowed down trade and construction.

The Egyptian priesthood used the threat of the Rival Dynasty as a way to gain leverage over Sargon I, and in the sixth year of Sargon I's rule, "suggested" that he gather more resources from the south of Egypt. Though he was able to impress the priests with references to the Egyptian religion, Sargon I was never able to deliver on the demands to gather more resources.

Concerned about the incredibly weak grasp that Sargon I had over Egypt, Sargon began exploring ways of extending his life in his seventh year, although he eventually abandoned such pursuits when he realized they were fruitless and distracted him from the main goal of governing the Empire.

In the ninth year of Sargon I's rule, a male child was born, who was named Sargon II and promptly made heir to Babylonia and Egypt. This would have been a great moment of celebration, except that one year later, Sargon I died of the "weird virus" that had inflicted him in the third year of his rule. The entire empire of Babylonia and Egypt was legally into the hands of a one-year-old child, but nobody expected anyone to actually recognize his claims. Babylonia itself fell into renewed civil war, allowing for the Rival Dynasty to take control over Egypt.

Sargon I came into power with the potential for greatness. Instead, he had gained a slightly negative reputation (-1) due to his inability to actually deliver anything to the people of Egypt other than 'stability', and as the Southern Nile revolt showed, he sometimes could not even do that. Still, the people of Egypt still had some respect for the Foreign Conqueror. Sargon I's body was buried in Thebes in an average-sized Tomb, although in 1980, Sargon I's body was exhumed and buried in Baghdad, as part of an attempt by Saddam Hussein to promote Iraqi nationalism by hankering to Iraq's many golden ages, including that of the Babylonian Empires.
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