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Subject: Errata for Mertwig's Maze rss

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Val Cassotta
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Posting this, because it took me forever to find it myself - thought I'd save others the trouble.

I've also recreated the 5 cards that had errata (3 Fear, Marldyk and Invisible Ring), and added the 1 treasure card (25 Gold). The file can be found in the files section :

From Polyhedron Newszine - by Tom Wham

Errata for Mertwig's Maze Gamefolio

THE MISSING TRAP In the Mystic Vale, there is no explanation for the TRAP found in Leo's Little Leantoo. There has been much debate over what to do here. Many players just apply one wound to any one member of the party; Here's the official ruling. Randomly select any one member of the party (not the Player Character). Then roll a die. If the result is a 0 or exceedds the character's defense value, that character is trapped (remove from the party and place in the discard pile).

THE MISSING MONK Among the character cards, there is one called Marldyk. The card says he is a warrior, but he is, in fact, a Monk. Therefore, he is entitled to wield the holy symbol of Anabachazz.(Adjusted card in file)

THE TRULY INVISIBLE RING In the upper right hand corner of the Invisible Ring (a Treasure Card) should be printed the number 3. Anyone wearing the ring adds three to his or her defense value. (Adjusted card in file)

THE FLEE The magic spell Fear has proved through experience to be a real pain. Therefore, it is now no longer an area effect spell. Fear, when cast, applies to only one character or encounter. Problem solved. (3 adjusted cards in file)

RAPID TRANSIT IN THE PYRAMID The first sentence in the movement rule for the Last Pyramid in the Sand should read: "Roll the die and move one-half the amount indicated (round fractions up)."

A FINAL NOTE ABOUT ENCOUNTER AREAS When a player places his marker on an encounter card, the only way he can get back to the map is through the normal exit of that encounter (unlesss he uses a teleort scroll).

SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE THE GAME Late in the game there always seems to be a shortage of treasures. One quick fix is to take the one spare Treasure Card and make it an instant pay 25 gold pieces. Another, more drastic remedy for this condition costs a mere $10 (well - back when it was released, now you're looking at $40-100). I know it sounds awful for the game designer to suggest this, and I could profit if you do, but buy an extra game, and use both decks of treasure cards. This gives you plenty of treasures (not to mention two Onyx Oxen). You could also use both arms and treasure decks. Do not, however, double up the encounter or the character decks. (Additional card in file)
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