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Subject: Playtest game - Bastet Madness vs Magbane's Friend rss

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Picks-at Flies
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Picks-at-Flies: Magbane's Salamanders
Fenris: Bastet Madness

__Magbane's Salamanders__

Leila the Veil-Shredder
Magbane *
Firyal the Whip *

__Bastet Madness__
The Huntress *
Tear *
Spotless *
Firyal the Whip *
Mapute *

__Turn 1__

The cub's gain Naturae Boon, Eye of Luna and an Assegai.

Without further ado, Leila charges into her opposite number Spotless. PaF declares it was probably a mistake, but thinks he has enough outs.

The Bastet play Cub's Cry * (thanks to Mapute), drawing 10 cards. Leila plays Gang Beating, drawing 6. The Bastet play Rallying Challenge *. Leila steals the Assegai, then makes Mapute Stand Like a Fool. It's exciting and we haven't even started playing combat actions yet.

In the first round PaF plays a Fancy Footwork and a Duck and Cover, and a Low Blow aimed at Mapute. In return, she is targeted by Spite *, Harry * and a Lobotomy *. This is where it got complicated. Firstly, both Spite and Harry could be returned to hand due to their text vs both dodging and blocking, but the timing was different. This was further complicated since I wanted Leila to soak up a Harry. At the end of a long, confused conversation was that it would just be simpler if Spite read like Harry.

The next complication was the Taking the Death Blow that saved Mapute (and made /Leila/ look like a fool): since both Mapute and Spotless blocked 1 damage from all attacks against them (Rallying Challenge), who would frenzy? In this case the rules cover it (blocking takes place before the TTdB can be played, so Mapute frenzies), but it's not entirely obvious. At least it isn't our fault this time.

Next round, no dodge by Leila (just a Sucker Punch discarded when Mapute didn't bluff, and a useless Surprise Attack). She took 4 damage in return thanks to the Assegai, and changed forms.

Round 3 and she went for the kill. Leaping Rake dodged the attacks and took down Firyal the Whip (who had been steadily drawing extra cards), Aggressive Bite killed Frenar, and Lung Burst ripped Mapute to shreds... or would have if Leila had 9 Rage. Unable to withdraw due to the frenzy, Leila was taken apart by the remaining Bastet pack. Ouchy. Spotless also reclaimed his Assegai, the first time I have ever seen that clause on Sticky Paws triggered.

__Turn 2__

The Bastet declares hunts on a random Black Spiral Dancer, and Arkady. Syntax settles into the Black Room, which she finds a Salamander.

Once more the action happens in combat, with the Salamander eventually getting past Arkady's defences with a Lung Burst *. The following Mangle is blocked by a normal speed Block and Roll (the fast striking and slow striking cancelling).

Spotless brings in the entire pack with Cub's Cry to deal with the BSD. He has no chance, especially when Tear uses Cobra's Dance on him.

__Turn 3__

Another Assegai... and other Cub's Cry and Cobra's Dance when Passer and the Salamander Sneak Attack Mapute. Game over!

Fenris: 27
PaF: 8
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