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Session Report - Monopoly: Star Wars Limited Collector's Edition
22 DEC 2010

My 7 year old son is a Star Wars fan and has been after me to break out my collector’s edition of Monopoly Star Wars and play. Last night, while the baby was asleep and my wife and daughter were out shoe shopping, the time seemed right for granting his wish. However, I knew that time was not on our side, so I agreed on the condition that we use the new Speed Die rules. So, we borrowed a Speed Die from another game and began setting up for play.


Curtis (7y.o.) played as Luke Skywalker for the Rebel Alliance

Papa (old as dirt) played as Darth Vader for the Empire

Special Rules: The Speed Die was in use and for the remainder of this session report shall be referred to as “The Force”. The Monopoly Man result shall be referred to as “Jedi Mind Tricks” and the Bus result shall be referred to as “Tachyons”. Each player received an extra 1,000 Imperial Credits at game start. Each board space movement shall be referred to as a parsec of distance traveled.

Turn One
The Rebel forces, led by Luke Skywalker, began the Rebellion by zooming 9 parsecs in one go and seizing the North Ridge on the Hoth system. It wasn’t quite the Kessel Run but it was a bold move that cost them a mere 120 Imperial Credits.

Darth Vader, sensing a disturbance in the Force, was not idle. He moved 2 parsecs (double 1s) and began seeking Rebel Intelligence (Rebel Cards). His initiative was not disappointed because he found that the Rebels had made a logistical Credit error of 200 Imperial Credits. Encouraged by that success, Vader moved a further 5 parsecs and received an Imperial dispatch (Imperial Cards) summoning him to the Imperial Palace at Coruscant! It required that he make the jump to hyper-space, but he traveled the full 32 parsecs, nearly the entire Galactic Rim, and paid his tribute to the Emperor. It cost him dearly, a full 400 Imperial Credits, but half the Coruscant system was firmly in his control!

The battle for the Empire had just begun!

Turn Two

After securing the North Ridge at Hoth, Skywalker moved on 7 more parsecs to Yavin Four, where he met with the Rebel Alliance’s Command Staff in the War Room. He brought them 180 Imperial Credits to aid the cause and secure that part of Yavin Four.

Feeling a sense of urgency, Darth Vader took leave from the Emperor’s Palace and zoomed 11 parsecs, collecting his 200 Imperial Credits of tribute (passing Go), to spend time visiting the prison and torturing Jake the Jail Bird for information about Rebel plans.

Turn Three
Skywalker’s luck seemed to be turning when he moved 6 parsecs to try to get intelligence on the Imperial dispatches (Imperial Cards), only to wind up paying a Cargo Tax of 15 Imperial Credits!

Vader began laying his web of spies by a quick trip of 11 parsecs to the Cloud City’s Landing Platform. A small bribe of 220 Imperial Credits secured the allegiance of Lando Calrissian.

Turn Four

Skywalker had a sudden fit of homesickness and sped 12 parsecs (double 6s) to arrive at the Moisture Farm, but once there he did nothing with his opportunity. The Empire, always seeking more power, took advantage of young Skywalker’s momentary lack of focus and secured the Moisture Farm for a paltry sum of 150 Imperial Credits. But Skywalker wasn’t finished. Perhaps his move to the Moisture Farm had only been a feint, because he immediately went another 6 parsecs further on and landed on Endor, impressing the inhabitants of Ewok Village with a gift of 320 Imperial Credits.

Vader, for his part, had completed the obligatory tour around the galactic rim and was now using the Force. Skywalker was about to feel the full fury of the Dark Side of the Force unleashed against the Rebel Alliance. He made his move of only 4 parsecs, but started using his old Jedi Mind Tricks! He seized control of the Rebel’s X-Wing fighter base at a cost of only 200 Imperial Credits and using the Force moved right on to the Death Star’s Landing Bay and brought 260 Imperial Credits with him; enough to pay the crew and seal that portion of the Death Star’s loyalty to the Emperer.

Turn Five

Luke had not been idle at the Ewok Village but had been practicing his own use of the Force. When he moved now, his ship moved him 7 parsecs, but the Force brought him another 3 parsecs so that he landed back on Tatooine at the Lars Homestead. It was too little, and too late though. Uncle Owen was gone and it cost Luke 140 Imperial Credits to see to it that his family had a proper burial before the Sand People came along to scavenge.

Vader launched his deep space Tie-fighter from the Death Star and hurtled 9 parsecs into deep space. He received an Imperial dispatch (Imperial Cards) while en-route and discovered that the Imperial Construction Bonds had matured, giving him an extra 150 Imperial Credits with which to wage his relentless war against the Rebellion. He could feel the surge of Tachyons that propelled him further on; on to Coruscant itself and the Monument Square. The moment seemed perfect! He used the 150 Imperial Credits he had just gained by Imperial Dispatch and combined it with 200 ICs from his own account and seized the Monument Square in devastating coup. The entire Corscant system was his! The most powerful system in the Galaxy was firmly under the control of the Dark Side.

Turn Six

The ways of the Force are sometimes strange. Luke moved 5 parsecs and the Force brought him yet another 3 parsecs, so that he found himself resting on the other side of the Galaxy (Free Parking) just moments after his arch enemy, Darth Vader, had seized total control of the Corscant System. Perhaps the rest was needed to prepare him for the coming onslaught.

Vader, for his part, sped off from his triumph and hurtled 10 parsecs across the Galaxy using his ship’s power and 3 more parsecs using the Force, collecting his 200 Imperial Credits Tribute (Go) along the way to the prison complex where once again he tortured Jake the Jailbird for information on the Rebel Alliance.

Turn Seven

Luke suspected that the Empire had made inroads at Cloud City, so he moved 6 parsecs and reached the Reactor Control Room. By delivering 240 Imperial Credits worth of supplies, he managed to secure that portion of Cloud City for the Rebel Alliance. Vader might have won a small victory, but he wouldn’t have the entire city if Skywalker could help it.

The Force was strong with Vader again. He was able to maneuver his ship 7 parsecs to intercept a Rebel Dispatch (Rebel Card), gaining 10 Imperial Credits for taking 2nd place in a Beauty Contest, before using one of his Jedi Mind Tricks to the Yavin Four Massassi Temple and securing it at the cost of only 180 Imperial Credits.

Turn Eight

But the Force was also strong with young Luke and he moved 10 parsecs to his safe haven of Endor’s Ewok Village before using his own Jedi Mind Trick to move forward and seize a Star Destroyer at a cost to the alliance of only 200 Imperial Credits. Han would have been proud!

Darth pushed his Tie-fighter to move the 9 parsecs back to the Death Star Throne Room, where he could brood over the loss of the Star Destroyer and plan his revenge.

Turn Nine

Luke’s X-Wing fighter raced away from his victory over the Star Destroyer, moving the 11 parsecs to Hoth Echo Base and collecting another 200 Imperial Credits for the Rebel Cause along the way. Then, using a Jedi Mind Trick that Master Yoda had taught him, he pressed on further using just the power of the Force to reach the Frozen Plains of Hoth where he secured the last obstacle in his way of controlling the entire Hoth system, and he did it for just 120 Imperial Credits. Although it stretched the Rebel Alliance’s resources to the limit, they made a commitment there and paid to install 3 colonies, each with their own X-Wing Fighter defense forces. Hoth was a dangerous place for anyone from the Empire to go now. Vader had better think twice, Luke thought, or we will defeat him here on Hoth.

Vader summoned the Tachyons to his aid and moved the 9 parsecs needed to put him in position to receive another Imperial Dispatch. The news was good! He was ordered by the Emperor to proceed directly to the Reactor Core and even better, he would be able to collect his 200 Imperial Credit Tribute (Go) along the way. Once there, he was to secure it for the Empire. For the paltry sum of 140 Imperial Credits, the Empire now had total control of all the Uutilities in the Galaxy. If the Rebels wanted war, they would have to pay through the nose for any utilities controlled by the Empire from now on!

Turn Ten

In perhaps his worst mistake of the war, Luke move 4 parsecs by ship and another 3 parsecs by the power of the Force to reach the Millenium Falcon. But once there, he refused to pay Jabba the price for it.

Darth Vader had no such qualms about paying the Hut Overlord the 200 Imperial Credits for the Millenium Falcon. In one swift move, he both seized the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs and denied its use to the Rebels! Vader then went on to zoom 11 parsecs further to the Cloud City Carbon Freezing Chamber where he paid the 220 Imperial Credits to get the frozen Han Solo in his control. Then, using the power of his Jedi Mind Tricks, he moved to the Death Star’s Central Core, bringing the 280 Imperial Credits to pay off the rest of the crew and finally making the entire Death Star operational. All that remained was to populate it with fighters, but that would have to wait. The financial resources of the Empire were stretched thin and there was no reasonable prospect that the Death Star would engage the Rebels or Luke Skywalker in the near future. The time would come if Vader could just be patient.

Turn Eleven

Luke saw Vader make his move on the Millenium Falcon and dashed the 6 parsecs to Cloud city Landing Platform, only to find Imperial Storm Troopers waiting for him. It cost him 18 Imperial Credits, but he managed to escape and used a Jedi Mind Trick to transport him to the Endor Forest.

Vader was content to just move his 8 parsecs by ship and 3 parsecs by the power of the Force and collect his 200 Imperial Credit Tribute (Go). Once getting his tribute, he paid to have 2 colonies with their Tie-Fighter defenses installed to defend Coruscants Monument Square and the Imperial Palace.

Turn Twelve

Luke summoned the Tachyons to move him the single parsec he needed to go to move from Endor’s Forest to Endor’s Shield Generator. At last, the entire Endor System was under the complete control of the Rebel Alliance!

Vader sought out instructions from another Imperial Dispatch (Imperial Cards) by moving the 9 parsecs required to be in range of the transmitter station. The Emperor used the might power of the Dark Side of the Force to move Vader into hyper-space so that he could traverse the Galaxy and collect his 200 Imperial Credits of Tribute (Go)

Turn Thirteen

Skywalker felt the need to go at once to Dagobah and see his old friend Yoda in the Swamp there. He moved the first 8 parsecs on X-Wing power but used just the power of the Force to move the last parsec. He knew that Yoda would be pleased when he discovered that the Dagobah Swamp was now in the control of the Rebel Alliance for the paltry sum of only 60 Imperial Credits.

Vader summoned the Tachyons to move him 5 parsecs, where he took control of the Tie-fighter production plant for 200 Imperial Credits. Three of the four Galaxy ship building facilities were now under the control of the Empire!

Turn Fourteen

Luke felt homesick again. Why had he ever left the farm? Was the Lars Homestead on Tatooine really only 10 parsecs away? He moved 7 of the parsecs using his X-Wing, but the last three were by the shear power of the Force.

Vader sensed Skywalker’s movement and summoned the Tachyons to send him to Tatooine as well, where he found himself welcome at Jabba’s Palace. Not many knew that Jabba and all the rest of the Huts stench was the real reason that Vader wore a mask. Most people just assumed his lungs had been burnt by a lava flow or something like that.

Turn Fifteen

Skywalker could feel Vader’s presence on Tatooine, so he left immediately for the Yavin Four War Room, some 5 parsecs away, to confer with the Rebel Leadership. They advised him to try to secure the rest of the Yavin Four system, so he used a Jedi Mind Trick and moved to the Yavin Four Temple Throne Room and secured it at a cost of 200 Imperial Credits.

Vader followed, moving the 4 parsecs to Yavin Four, but missed young Skywalker by landing at the Massai Temple. In a fury, he used a Jedi Mind Trick to speed around the Galactic Rim, collect his 200 Imperial Credit Tribute (Go), and land on Degobah. The Rebels might control the Swamp, but Vader destroyed Yoda’s Hut, denying the Rebel Alliance control of the tiny Degobah system for just 60 Imperial Credits.

Turn Sixteen

Distracted by Vader’s move on Degobah, Skywalker move 7 parsecs to find himself on the Death Star Landing Bay. It cost him a full 44 Imperial Credits to escape. He was very fortunate that there were no Tie-fighters present on the Death Star, or he might not have been so lucky. As it was, he had to use a Jedi Mind Trick to escape, gather another 200 Imperial Credits (Go) and go on to Mos Eisley, where he secured it for 140 Imperial Credits. The Rebel Alliance was moving forward, but just barely.

Darth Vader moved 7 parsecs to the prison to yet again torture Jake the Jailbird for information about the Rebels, but then found himself compelled by some strange Jedi Mind Trick to go to Tatooine and the Lars Homestead. Once there, he was presented with the local Storm Trooper Division’s bar tab. 10 Imperial Credits later, Darth Vader went to have a word with the Division commander about paying his own bills!

Turn Seventeen

Skywalker felt the need for a break from the constant action. He summoned the Tachyons and moved to receive a Rebel Dispatch (Rebel Cards). It was good news. He had won a game of Sabacc and enclosed in the Dispatch were 20 Imperial Credits!

Vader was now directionless. Skywalker had eluded him yet again. Perhaps if he retraced his steps and moved the 7 parsecs to the Massai Temple on Yavin Four, he might pick up the trail again.

Turn Eighteen

Luke was just deciding what to spend his 20 credits on when he felt an incredible stirring in the Force (triple 2s). The entire universe went out of focus for a moment and the next thing he knew he was on the other side of the Galaxy collecting his 200 Imperial Credits for the cause, but it seemed as if no time had been lost by this jump across the Galaxy! He pressed on to the safe haven of the Hoth Echo Base, and then, as if some cosmic balancing act was being done with him, he felt a Jedi Mind Trick move him Tatooine and Jabba’s Palace, where he had to pay the Hut 12 Imperial Credits just to get out alive!

On the other side of the Galaxy from Luke, Darth Vader wasn’t fairing any better with the tidal wave in the Force. He moved 6 parsecs to Cloud City’s Reactor Core Room and then felt a Jedi Mind Trick transport him to Endor’s Forest. It cost him 52 Imperial Credits to get a map, some basic supplies, and a guide to get out of the teddy-bear infested arboretum.

Turn Nineteen

Once out of Jabba’s Palace, Luke knew that he would need the help of R2-D2 and C3PO if he wanted to make any progress. The bad part was that they were being held in the Imperial Impound and according to the Imperial Intelligence report (Imperial Card) he had moved 8 parsecs to intercept, it would cost him 75 ICs to get the droids out of Impound.

Vader returned t Coruscant and the Imperial Palace some 8 parsecs away, after escaping from the Forest of Endor. There, he brooded and waited for his opportunity to strike.

Turn Twenty

After getting the droids, Luke sped them all off to the Forest of Endor to show them how close they had come to getting Vader. Then, he used a Jedi Mind Trick to try to move them to a safe haven…but something went terribly wrong! Instead of a place of safety, they found themselves right in the Coruscant Monument Square! It took them 200 Imperial Credits to escape. It was a terrible blow to the Rebel Alliance.

Vader, having struck the Rebels on Coruscant, pressed on to Hoth to try to defeat them there as well. But Hoth was well defended by the Rebels. First, on the Frozen Plains, he suffered the destruction of 30 ICs worth of AT-ATs and then on the North Ridge, he took the loss of another 40 ICs worth of Imperial Walkers. 70 Imperial Credits were lost in just one battle due to a Jedi Mind Trick that moved him from one Rebel stronghold to another.

Turn Twenty-One

Luke summoned the Tachyons once more to move him from the Monument Square of Coruscant the 4 parsecs it took to get to the Degobah Swamp (double 4s & bus). On his way, he collected another 200 ICs for the Rebel cause…enough to keep them going for one more round with the enemy. But just when he thought he was safe, yet another Jedi Mind Trick transported him to the Reactor Core Utility, which was under the total control of the Dark Side. It cost the Rebels 110 ICs.

For his part, Vader shot around the Galactic Rim, moving 14 parsecs (double 6s +2) to the Cloud City Freezing Chamber. He gloated over the frozen form of Han Solo! Then, he moved 10 more parsecs to intercept a Rebel Dispatch. On his death, Obi Wan had left him 100 Imperial Credits. Now why would his old master do that? Even beyond the grave, Obi Wan was playing mind games with Vader.

SUDDENLY, the clock on the wall revealed that the time was up. The war to see who would control the Galaxy was over, but who had won?

After the cash, colonies, and properties were all tallied up, the final score was 3,388 Imperial Credits for the Rebel Alliance and 4, 472 Imperial Credits for the Empire.

The Empire had won! The Galaxy was under the power of the Dark Side. The Rebel forces were scattered for now, but Vader knew they would try again.sauron

The End
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