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Subject: Playing with the rules rss

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Ben Wilhelm
United States
San Mateo
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This game has turned into a staple with my group of friends. But, as many people have noticed, it starts getting a bit dull after you've played it a lot. So what do you do with it? You start adding new rules.

First off, we very rarely play with the "race" rules. Everyone puts down one red card, and we wait until everyone's put one down. If someone's taking a long time we'll start heckling them, of course, but we want people to have a chance to *think*.

Second, the dealer always puts in a random card, unseen. Every once in a while random wins a hand. Once, random won an entire game. We felt very stupid.

Third, and the most important - the Dealer is God. The Dealer can make spot rule changes at will. If the Dealer wants a race, then a race ye shall have. And if the Dealer wants a different win condition, the Dealer can specify. For example . . .

Negation: Your goal is the reverse of what's shown on the green card. Cold becomes Hot, Dangerous becomes Safe, and Sexy becomes Janet Reno.

Disconnected: Your goal is to play something that has nothing to do with the green card. Cold? Assembly lines! Sexy? Telemarketers!

That's really all you can do with *one* green card . . . but who says you're restricted to one green card?

Conjunction: Two green cards. Your goal is to play something that is both of them at once. "Dangerous" and "Sexy"? Whips. It's all about the whips.

Disjunction: Two green cards. Your goal is to play something that is either of them. (Bonus points for both, but it's not necessary - being really funny with regards to one is more valuable.)

Exclusion: Two green cards. Your goal is to play something that is one, but not the other. "Cold" and "Dangerous"? Not icebergs - those are cold *and* dangerous. Try "The Inside of the Sun".

You can keep going with lots of combinations. "Must not be either of these cards." "Must be this one, but not this one." Remember, the Dealer's job is to make sure a pairing isn't too hard but isn't too easy either, and to provide humor value. Your job just got a lot harder!

Why stop at two *green* cards?

The single best idea we've had so far is to allow played pairs of red cards. Obviously this means you can't shuffle them up quite as well - each player puts two cards down on top of each other, and you end up with a bunch of pairs on the table. The cards must must must be related. Example: "dangerous". The winning play? "AIDS" and "My Love Life." (Another play: "Britney Spears" "Assembly Line".) "Testy"? "Albert Einstein" "Barbed Wire". Yes, you need a bit of an imagination for this - but suddenly you have 21 possible plays instead of just 7.

Another good one: Antipode. Play two red cards, one which must be the green card, one which must be the opposite. "Cold": "Icebergs" and "The Inside of the Sun".

Don't let your imagination be limited by my ideas, though. Make new ideas of your own, and let us know which ones work!

Be warned, though: some of these can create horrible horrible jokes.

"Okay, play something that's both Colorful and Chewy".
*play proceeds*
"Beauty and the Beast? How does this fit?"
"One of them's colorful, the other one's Chewie!"
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Charles Parcell
United States
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You have some good ideas here. I like the double green card ideas.

Here is another idea we use. Flip it around and deal out green cards. While there are less green cards this tends to make games shorter for larger groups. I suggest getting all the expansions for A2A if not only for the variations, but also for a large number of green apples too.
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