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We played our first session with IN, also used the pegasus board and cylon fleet.

3 regular players and 2 newish players with 1 to 2 games under their belt.

Admiral Gaeta (me)
President Foster
CAG Adama

We had a rag tag fleet led my 4th rate choices other than CAG.

A few interesting things happened.

Humans lost 2 turns after cross roads, Cylon fleet location, raiders damage galtactic hit our last fuel.

No one got boxed at the cross roads although one revealed cylon picked up 5 additional token and a human 3. (opera house)
No had any tokens left after the 2 discards.

Good combination of characters although slightly weak on green, but 3 characters choose 2 as part of their set. Lots of blue.
Foster was a monster, powered with quorom cards and yellows, and players preventative maintenance and the yellow 6 3 times....
Gaeta was average didn't use his powers. Got killed early.
Starbuck didn't use her powers and didn't manage to start in space, before revealing at 4.
Appolo was the super cag and passwed Starbuck after a quick visit to the brig.
Dee revealed before anything bad happened

The 6s.
I built a nuke, the yellow 6 got played 3 times (paired with preventative thingy got to love drawing 3 yellows, we scouted for fuel twice, the others only showed up in the checks.

Crisis cards
We had so few jump markers, we had two lots of 7 cards in a row with jump markers.
Dee got killed as a cylon as the pres/admiral foster had a choice of giving up her power or killing the current player (Dee) this being one turn after the sleep phase she went for it and outed a newly turned Dee. The human player was a bit hungry and was about to be taken out when both cylon revealed.

The allies
Very interesting. we had Tigh pacing command from the start so no one went their either didn't want to be brigged and we had no clear target to brig. After the sleeper phase we needed that location back. As non Admiral Gaeta (Foster took the title) I went there as I could use my OPG to get out of jail.
BOOOM. Angry Tigh shoots me in the face for being the traitorous dog I am.
At this point there are 3 humans and 2 revealed cylons. I return as boomer, get out out of the brig (surive 2 tokens and meet Six) and end up in sick bay boom.I die on the table. I come back as Adama, and draw 2 red trauma tokens.So much for good hand management earlier. We tank a 22 skill check on my turn and and pass it by 4 points (we are desperately short of cards as I keep dieing. I sweep up the hand including some yellows and blues which we are short of, Thanks for spiking the skill check cylons I like blues now we don't draw any.
At one point all of the allies we in locations like the brig of administration so safe for the humans and the two revealed cylons.

I think we activated about 4 allices, 2 got damanged from locations and we cycled through a further 7 as they were either active or my previous bodies! A lot got locked in administration or the brig so were out of bounds, but we one in comms and command, but in coms I had placed her so I knew she was safe

The curse of me being always cylon

In about 12 games I have been cylon 11 times always from the start. This game I beleive I held a total of 9-10 loyaly cards, Starting + dealt one (Ally)+ plus all the hand offs + plus dieing twice + boomer 100% smiling Baltar!

Good game Allies is intersting and thematic, but did make the game last 4 hours our longest yet, but having no jumper markers and 2 new ish players didn't help.

We wished we had held on to a red trauma token each so we could have spiked the cross roads cards or atleast thought about it. I think we would play it again on a weekend rather than an evening! Also I don't think we would to do IN and CG at the same time.

Apologies this hasn't only been reread once. I will edit it again later for other typos.
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