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Subject: Tuesday night game rss

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John Poskin
United States
Sauk Village
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Dungeon Lords game of 2/8/2011

The players

The first year went really well for most of the time. The random event came up first and pay one gold for each monster and it was the first one up. Then came the taxes and finally the monster payday.

John got plenty of food as he had a Troll, and Slime to feed. He didn’t grow his dungeon at all; pick up 3 traps, and the mushroom bed room. He paid his taxes and paid the monsters. John also managed to be the nice dungeon lord for the entire first year

Mike had trouble with gold most of the first year. He only picks up a Vampire for a monster but got two traps as well. He expanded his dungeon by adding 4 tunnels and a gold producing room. The down side for him was he didn’t have enough gold to paid 1 tax, and was the most evil for two turns so he got some of the tougher adventures.

Frank was battling for the imp lord and ended up with six imps at the end of the first year. He expanded his dungeon with three tunnels and added the tunnel room as well. He had the money to pay his taxes, and pay his monster which was a slime and added two traps as well

Johnny was the hard luck kid of the first year. On the second turn he went for a room right away but so did John and Frank so he was out of luck there. Then all four of us went for the Troll with Johnny getting lock out of that. Johnny went for Imps as well and expanded his dungeon by 3 tunnels and the trap room but he got the room early and had to put it as the first step into the dungeon. He had no gold for taxes and pick up two tax notices.

Year one Combat:

John had an easy time with his capturing all three adventures using both of his monsters and one trap but lost one tunnel

Mike only got two of the adventures and lost a room and 2 tunnels

Johnny: got all three of his adventures and it cost him two tunnels

Frank was the best as he had traps that keep the conquering down and got all three of his adventures and lost no room or tunnels

Year Two: Random event was first again and the one where unworked imp leave you! Then taxes and payday.

John had a very good second year, he pick up a goblin and another troll, and managed to keep them feed, but had no food left to add to the Trolls combat at the end of the year. He expanded his dungeon with 4 tunnels and the VP bonus room for Troll’s and Goblins. John lost no Imps to the random event, made nice to the villagers to keep his evil down. Paid his taxes and monsters, but only managed to pick up one trap.

Mike second year could have been better. He pick up a Golem, added 2 traps to his collection, but didn’t have enough for his taxes and pick up a second tax letter. He did pay his monsters climbed up to second on the evil track. He added the trophy room to his dungeon.

Frank turned really evil on us. He got the third spot for food picking up 2 evil twice. Then went out an got a dragon and then the demon, forgetting he had to pay him as well so lost both his Slime and Dragon to the demon. Then he saw the Paladin come is way as well. He lost one imp to the random event. He did pay his taxes and gained a couple of traps

Johnny just had a bad game. He added to his dungeon, and then didn’t use his six imp on the second turn losing them all to the random event. Because he couldn’t dig gold he couldn’t pay his taxes adding two more tax letters. He did pick up a Golem as his monster but only had one trap left for the adventures

Combat Round Two: (note one of the spells allowed two conquering phases)

Frank lost a room and four tunnels his only monster the Demon kill one adventure.

Johnny was the only one to have a good second combat round capturing all three adventures and only losing two tunnels.

John had a bad round losing three tunnels and a room but getting all the adventures.

Mike was doing well he had only lost one room and captured two of the adventures when the Paladin switched over to his dungeon, costing him two more tunnels.

Final Scores

John 16
Mike 13
Frank 4
Johnny -5

Fun game we will play again soon
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