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I have been playing this way and its been a pretty fair. I win some and lose some. Its Awesome! try it you will like it. I kind of incorporate the exploration phase into the hero and villain phases.

1. Roll d20 for heroes initiative. highest # goes first and then next highest in consecutive order, ties re-roll. this is just to see Heroes order of play. The order stays for entire game. Do the same for the villains if there is more than one villain. To see what order of play the villains go in. Keep the orders separate.

Hero Phase
2. Normal rules apply (attack then move, move than attack, or move twice).

3. When you reach a unexplored edge and want to continue, lay a tile.

if its a white triangle tile, (Heroes initiative) draw a monster card and place monster on bone pile immediately after you lay the tile. continue movement and attack if you can. depending what you chose in step 2.

if its a black triangle tile, (Monsters initiative) you end your movement after your in the first square of the black triangled tile. draw a monster card and place monster on bone pile immediately after you lay the tile. Draw Encounter card and play it. If its a trap you drawn do roll to hit immediately and administer the damage if hit (Both Heroes and Monsters take damage if in the same tile) Traps do not differentiate. Then that monster drawn gets to attack you first than you get to attack. if you win you continue to move if you lose you stay there till next round.

5. Continue until all Heroes are done with there turn.

Villain Phase.
Draw a Encounter card only if you didn't place a tile or you didn't get a black triangle in the hero phase.
Villain or villains move and attack depending on there order from 1.
All monsters that DID NOT move and attack do so now in the order they were drawn in.

The way I move monsters is bone pile to bone pile. if a monster is occupying a bone pile I place the monster adjacent to the one on the bone pile.

Next Round

I hope you all like it give me some feed back.
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