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Subject: Let's play Memoir'44 (23/172) - Breakout to Lisyanka rss

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Let's play Memoir'44! An attempt to play every scenario I have within one year

Scenario overview

Breakout to Lisyanka is another scenario I have not played before. At first glance it reminds me of Breakout at Klin a lot. Both scenarios have a large axis force trying to break through a Soviet position and escape over a frozen river. The major difference, I think, is that in this scenario the Soviets are armed to the teeth.

In addition to having a very well placed artillery unit, the Soviets also have a large force of reinforcements waiting on the left flank, ready to attack the flank of the advancing German army. The axis forces are slumped together in the middle section. They have two elite armor units as well as two squads of engineers.

I took the role of the axis commander and I took the role of the Soviet defenders (ie. this was a solo game).

Turn 1

The axis opened the game with possibly the best card imaginable - infantry assault to the center section. This card allowed them activate a massive seven infantry units (two of which are engineers), move them two hexes and still battle. The infantry sweeped forward and drove the Soviet defenders from the woods and trenches and established a great line of infantry.

The Soviets played an attack card to the left flank. They activated the artillery and their two elite armor units. The armors were positioned pretty badly behind other units, woods and towns so it was prudent to get them into fray from turn one. One of the tank units and the artillery fired at the advancing German infantry, but despite rolling five dice, they only caused two casualties.

Turn 2

The role of the axis infantry line was understood as the axis commander played a firefight card. The infantry units opened fire against the Soviet defenders and destroyed one infantry unit. Another infantry squad was almost finished off but their Soviet tenacity kept them in the battle.

The Soviets played a counter-attack and fire(fighte)d back. They, too, managed to finish off one enemy infantry unit and badly damage another. At this point the score was tied with both sides having one medal.

Turn 3

Deciding to keep the pressure up, the axis commander played an assault to the center section. All forces advanced forward to the best of their ability (except the artillery). The axis forces took the right side of the long hill line and in the process of doing that eliminated one infantry unit and weakened other nearby enemy units.

The Soviets had their finest hour as they performed an effective attack on the axis forces. Their elite armor formations rumbled to take back the hills and drove back the axis elite tank units. Their attack also severily weakened several of the axis infantry units but failed to score any medals. The score was two to one at this point.

Turn 4

The German forces in the center section continued their breakthrough with an attack card. Two infranty units supported by the elite tank unit did some damage against the enemy tanks but other than that performed very badly.

The Soviet infantry attacked back with a move out card, inspired by the ineffectiviness of the German forces. They took down one of the engineer units evening the score and nearly destroyed the other engineer unit as well.

Turn 5

The axis force was losing much of its effectiviness in the center and neede reinforcements. That is why the axis commander played an assault card to the right flank and moved forward with the four infantry units there. None of them could fire on this turn however.

Soviet forces reconed in force (?) and brought forward two new tank units - one from each flank. These new units fired at will and with the support of the Soviet artillery, managed to take down the remaining engineer unit and force the elite armor unit to retreat back to the hills.

Turn 6

The axis played another attack card to the center. The elite tank unit was supported by two infantry units and together they performed a well-timed armor overrun that earned the axis army two medals by destroying one of the Soviet elite tank units and one infantry.

The axis victory was shot lived though, as the Soviets played an assault to the right flank. Their single tank unit there managed to eliminate two axis infantry units bringing the score to five to four for Soviets.

Turn 7

It was the axis' turn to recon in force. They brought two armor units forward from the rear and managed to do, well, not much else.

The Soviets played a probe to the center and attacked the axis elite tank unit widly. Half of the armors were destroyed but the unit remained capable of continuing the battle.

Turn 8

The axis commander decided to play their finest hour. All three axis armor units managed to activate and attacked the Soviets. In a flurry of awesome dice rolling, great armor overruns and everything being where it should be, the axis forces scored a massive three medals in a single turn bringing them up to seven and victory (they eliminated one full strength armor unit, one full strength artillery unit and one half-strength infantry unit).

Thoughts and scenario rating

This was a very exciting battle. Despite the fact that the axis side had great cards, I did not think they would win until they did. This scenario seemed really balanced and now that I've checked Memoir' the odds really are 48-52 - it is an exceptionally well balanced scenario.

The big Soviet force on the left flank is a very interesting decision point - when do you bring it out? Do you wait for the Germans to close in or get them out as fast as possible? Both are valid choices. Next up, more overlording in Prokhorovka (though I might play River Bug first, we'll see).

I rate this scenario 4/5 (good).

Scenario results:

Soviets: 5 medals
Axis: 7 medals
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