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Magnar Sveen
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Barbarians versus Chris Farrel's dragons: We used the Chimeras (8 total), 8-cost Lairs and 4-cost Red Dragon with my proposed Silver Tongue (see below). We used two maps each, 100 gold starting armies.

RED DRAGON Silver Tongue: roll 1d6. With a roll of 1-4, a non-Wizard enemy unit of your choice is beguiled. It switches sides for duration of battle and is then killed. On a roll of 5-6, the targeted unit is enraged and fires immediately at +1 Strength (+1 die) targeted at the dragon.

Early game. The western entrance to the desert was attacked and won by the barbarians (on the map with a large desert surrounded by mountains) - a cold drake, a cave worm and a chimera was promptly beaten by a viking, two horsebows and three harpies. The barbarians secured a city on the other side of the sea, and transported in sixteen spearmaidens by boat. East coast, the dragons attack. A Dragon Lord at full power, accompanied by two ancient dragons, two red dragons, two manticores and three cave worms crush twelve spearmaidens. While the barbarians stationed at home try to delay the rampaging dragons, six vikings, eight spearmaidens and a runemaster attack an important city in the west. It is guarded by a Dragon Lord and two cave worms, all residing in their lair. The vikings, sure of victory, rush the lair screaming. But the Dragon Lord is not intimidated. The barbarians rear back in terror as the Dragon Lord changes shape into that of a terrible ancient dragon at full strength. A long battle ensues, but the vikings are unable to kill such a powerful dragon in its lair. Beaten, bruised and bleeding the vikings retreat.

Midgame. The barbarians press their advantage in the desert, while the dragons reign freely in the east. The dragon army, however, is not able to garrison the conquered cities because of a lack of troops. Their best hope is to conquer large, important cities - and that's what they have in mind. Their goal; the large city of Redheart on the island of Dragonia. The local barbarians, while horribly outpowered, keep harrassing the enemy armies. Spearmaidens, with the help of a band of mercenary minotaurs, chase after the Dragon Lord and his army - securing the cities, and delaying their journey towards Dragonia.

Endgame. The dragons tear down the castle in Dragonia, and claim their old throne. Nevertheless, they have lost too much ground to the too numerous barbarians. The barbarians have secured the desert, and they've reclaimed the cities lost on the dragons journey to Redheart. The Dragon Lord, secure in his lair on Dragonia, can only watch as the barbarian army razes his cities.

Read my thoughts about the dragon army here:
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