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Subject: Siegfrieds doom: or the search for the Dwarven Crown. rss

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Geir Erik Ø
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This session was meant to be in the spirit of my earlier “one turn one picture” sessions. This game does not support that kind of session, so one picture represent many turns. Afterwards I regret I didn’t take more notes turn by turn to get a more mechanic report. Instead I have focused on the narrative aspect of the game, and maybe it makes it more interesting?

Siegfried the Priest of Sigmar had been told in a dream to venture to a labyrinthine burial ground near Karak Izor, to bring back the true crown of the realm to the dwarf king. Along with him was Friedrich von Hochspringen, a restless noble who had taken the life of adventure instead of joining the secure universities in Altdorf, Karl Rohe a pit fighter who agreed to join with the promise of gold, and finally Karduk a Giant slayer who seek glorious death for reasons only he knew.

As Karduk was used to moving underground, he was carrying the lamp. He led them into the dark halls of Tomb.

They went deeper into the dungeon. Nothing was seen or heard.
“the silence makes me nervous” said Friedrich.
In a harsh whisper Karduk replied ”you’ll soon enough regret those words.”

They came to a room, and it was empty. Except for a beautiful chest. Friedrich went to open it, when he heard a crack from the ceiling. He heard it early enough and managed to leap aside from the giant stone block that came crashing down.

Karduk laughed ”Enough noise for you lad?”

They tried to open the chest with prayers and force but it couldn’t be opened. Karduk told them that the dwarf magic ensured it could only be opened with the right key.

They went to the next room in the search for the key. Karduk was attacked by five tiny snotlings. The last snotling went for Friederich.

Karduk and friedrich slew them all, but Karduk was bleeding from his many bite marks. Sigfried prayed for Sigmars help, but Karduks pain was worse (The Priest failed his fumbled his healing rolls). Karduk found a healing potion in the room and took some bites from his dwarven bread.

When the party left the room and entered a T junction, seven skeletons rose and started shooting with their bows.(I’m not sure the placement of the Archers are right as I put them in two different rooms. Still I found it to be the most dramatic solution.)

After a bitter fight the warriors once again was on their way. The priest was chanting his prayers causing Sigmars wrath that damaged the Pitfighter further. But soon after Sigmar found mercy in him and healed him back to full strength.

After a while they meet a gold digger who refused to let them pass.
“Give me 100 gold” he said.

The party collected the coins and the gold digger went into the darkness.

The party followed trough another T junction and took to the left. It was a dead end.

While moving for the next room Sigfried suddenly felt a stinging pain in his back.He turned and saw into the face of a man like rat dressed in black clothes and cloak.
“A skaven” Karduk screamed. “A what?” Karl replied.

When the gutter runner fell, Siegfried fell with him. Karl took a potion from his belt and took it to the priests lips. “Drink this he said” is will make you well. Sigfried choughed but was soon on his feet. He had emptied the potion.

Then arrows started to fly over their heads again.

“More skeletons? “ Karl screamed.

“No. Goblins!” Karduk screamed as he ran down the hall against the goblins. Karl and Siegfred pulled back to secure the back and still remain in the light of the lamp.

As Karduk fought the goblins he felt something toughing his feet.

“Heeeelp me!” a weak voice said. Karduk took a quick look down and saw a filthy pox ridden man toughing his left foot. He pulled away and continued his fight with the goblins that soon fell to his axe.

The filthy man was beyond help so they left him there and went into the t-junction again.

As they went for the unexplored door the heard cracking noises again. More skeletons arouse around them. And more was down the hall.

After the 3 skeleton warriors was dealt with the party rushed down the hall towards the skeleton archers.

The skeletons were though and Friedrich fell to the ground.

Sigfried chanted his prayers and a miracle occurred, Friedrich stumbled back on his feet and continued the battle.

But one of the skeletons was on him again and he was getting a strong blow on the warriors neck This time Friedrich couldn't be saved from the realm of Moor.

The warriors covered Friedrich among some rocks. They had to take him with them when they left the dungeon. Siegfried chanted some blessings before they left.

Karduk felt a rash on his left foot. Blisters? What was that filthy man carrying?

The three remaining men went into the unexplored room to the left. It was a large tomb chamber. If the key was to be found it was here. But first they had to survive. Giant rats, spiders and bats fell upon them, and the warriors had to struggle to come out of it alive.

The blood and other fluids was filling the room as the warriors smashed through the critters.

Sigfried was badly hurt, but couldn’t chant any prayers as the spider web filled his mouth. (I was unsude if he could cast healing as long as he was webbed, I decided that he couldn’t) Siegfried fell to the ground.

Karl and Karduk did well but the strength was soon gone. The next to fall was Karduk. He had sought a glorious death, but instead he found his end caught in a spider’s web.

Karl was also stuck in the Web. He couldn’t move at all! The spiders crawled over him, and in the end there was nothing.


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