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Thomas Eastside, Esq.
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Richmond Hts.
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Well, as stated in my review of Anagrams is, in my opinion, the most over-looked of word games. Scoring Anagrams is the same game mechanically; however, as the title suggests, each tile has a point value assigned. The values for ach letter are the same as in Scrabble.

Please note, this review is based on my copy which is Selchow and Righter's version of Scoring Anagrams. This version also came with 180 Scrabble-type tiles.

To start, each player draws a letter. The closest to "A" begins the game. All of the letters chosen by players are now placed in the center. Then, the beginning player pulls letters until a total of 10 are in the center. All of the remaining letters from the pool.

On each players' turn, they draw a letter from the pool. With their chosen letter, they have the following options:

1. Combine their letter with at least 3 letters in the center to form a word. All words must be 4-letters minimum.
2. Add their chosen letter along with any letters in the center (if possible) to enlarge or change their own previously played word.
3. He/she may steal a word previously formed by an opposing player by adding their chosen letter (along with any letters in the center, if possible) to form a new word. However, in order to steal a word, all the letters in the word to be stolen must be rearranged. For example, if a player gets the letter "S" on their draw, and an opposing player has the word "CARE". You could not steal the word by making "SCARE", but you could by playing "RACES".

The game continues until one player has 10 words in their play area, or all tiles have been drawn. Once the endgame condition is reached, players will total the value of their words. Each word will be totalled by adding the value of the letters involved. Then the total of all 10 words for each player will determine the winner.

Regular Anagrams has become my favorite word game due to its purity. Scoring Anagrams is interesting; however, I do not like the inclusion of the point value for each tile. In my opinion, this tends to make the game a bit too luck based. This luck factor can be mitigated because you can steal your opponents' words, thereby taking the high value letters. This is my favorite aspect of this game because, in Scrabble, you cannot do anything about your opponents' words when they gain the high value tiles. All in all though, I would prefer to play regular Anagrams without the scoring option - it seems purer to me. But, Scoring Anagrams is still a solid word game.
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