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Subject: Once more, with feeling: Solo E Series, Game 7 rss

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Chris F.
United States
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Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4
Game 5
Game 6
Game 7 - You are here.
Game 8

Game 7 – I carry twelve food from Game 6.

Held Occupations:

Chief: The venerable Chief. But he won’t hang with you unless you’ve got a posh crib.

Lord of the Manor: He’s not demanding, but he is convincing. His very presence says get your ducks in row.

Mason: The Mason is nice, no doubt. The only trick is that if you’re planning on using him to go from 4 to 5 rooms (instead of from, say, 5 to 6), then you may have to renovate to stone quickly to make room for your last family member.

Master Builder: Mason, Part 2.

Clay Deliveryman: I used all the clay last time renovating and building ovens. Maybe this timeI’ll get the pottery.

Conservator: This will free up clay for majors.

Drawn Occupation:

Hedge Keeper: This guy will help me get a little extra wood into the game.


Ceramics: I want to get the Pottery out as early as possible, but the Oven requirement on this card makes that tricky.

Clay Supports: With Conservator, a shortage of wood, and no vp on this card, there’s no reason to play it.

Dovecote: I’ll build a Birdhouse right next to my Fruit Tree.

Feed Pellets: I’m unlikely to use this, but it costs nothing to play – if I have a spare Family Growth minor, I’ll play it.

Fruit Tree: I’ll plant a Fruit Tree right next to my Birdhouse.

Market Stall: If I sow early, tacking this on to a Family Growth will be better than taking a vegetable with a full action.

Writing Desk: With six of seven occupations already played, this will obviously just be a victory point.

I have some wood-saving help with the Hedge Keeper, so I’ll see if I can get four wooden rooms before renovating to stone – that would remove the pressure of having to add a stone room just to grow a second time. Generally, this game will be about how much stone I can use for majors.



fm = family member
occ = occupation; imp = major or minor improvement
f = food; ff = future food; g = grain; v = vegetable
w = wood; c = clay; r = reed; s = stone
sh = sheep; wb = wild boar; ca = cattle
wr = wooden room; cr = clay room; sr = stone room
fi = field; fg = field grain; fv = field vegetable [2(2fg)/1fv = 2 fields with 2 unharvested grain each and 1 field with 1 unharvested vegetable]
us = unfenced stable; fs = fenced stable
pa = pasture [2(1x3)pa 1(1x1fs)pa = 2 pastures, 1x3 each, without stables and 1 pasture, 1x1, with stable]
ac = animal capacity [2(1ac)/4ac = 1 pet, 1 unfenced stable, and either a 1x2 pasture or a 1x1 pasture with a stable]
un = unused space
vp = victory point/bonus point

I’m still developing my notation, and feedback is welcome. Right now my goal is to provide enough information to allow a reader to follow the game without acting it out on a board. Another route would be to provide only the minimum information necessary (like Chess notation), expecting the reader to know the rules (I renovated my 4-room wooden hut, so it must’ve cost 4c 1r) and act out the game on a board (or have an immense memory and a fantastic ability to visualize). While this style of notation might be elegant, Agricola has quite a few more pieces and rules than Chess, so I’ll probably continue providing lots of information.

...and here we go again:

Round 0
[Game 6 Bonus Food (+12f)]
[Game 1 Occupation: Chief]
[Game 2 Occupation: Lord of the Manor]
[Game 3 Occupation: Mason]
[Game 4 Occupation: Master Builder]
[Game 5 Occupation: Clay Deliveryman (+9 future clay)]
[Game 6 Occupation: Conservator]
Personal Supply: 12f
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/1ac/13un

Round 1: Fences
- Occupation: Hedge Keeper (-1f)
- Plow (+1fi)
Personal Supply: 11f
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/1fi/1ac/12un

Round 2: Sheep
- Plow (+1fi)
- Grain (+1g)
Personal Supply: 11f/1g
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/2fi/1ac/11un

Round 3: Sow +/ Bake
- Plow (+1fi)
- Grain (+1g)
Personal Supply: 11f/2g
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/3fi/1ac/10un

Round 4: Major / Minor
- Grain (+1g)
- Sow (-3g +3(3fg) I could take reed here for two rooms, but if I wait for one more, I’ll have the renovation to stone covered.

Field: (-3fg +3g)
Feed: (-6f)
Breed: ()
Personal Supply: 5f/3g
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/3fi/3(2fg)/1ac/10un

Round 5: Stone This is a good start. If I can get R10 stone as well, that’s 15s – enough for both Ovens, the Well, Basketmaker’s Workshop, Dovecote, and the renovation.
- Wood (+10w)
- Reed (+5r)
Personal Supply: 5f/3g/10w/5r
Other Stats: 2fm/2wr/3fi/3(2fg)/1ac/10un

Round 6: Family Growth + Minor
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
- Build Room(s) (-10w -4r +2wr)
- Family Growth (+1fm ) + Minor: Fruit Tree (3occ +7ff)
Personal Supply: 5f/3g/1r
Other Stats: 3fm/4wr/3fi/3(2fg)/1ac/8un

Round 7: Renovation + Major / Minor
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
- Family Growth (+1fm) + Minor: Market Stall (-1g +1v)
- Major: Fireplace (-2c)
- Sheep (+6sh)
[Cook (-5sh +10f)]
Field: (-3fg +3g)
Feed: (-10f)
Breed: ()
Personal Supply: 5f/5g/1v/1r/1sh
Other Stats: 4fm/4wr/3fi/3(1fg)/1ac/8un

Round 8: Wild Boar
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Clay (+8c)
- Plow (+1fi)
- Wood (+6w)
- Fences (-1w +1(1x1)pa (Hedge Keeper))
Personal Supply: 6f/5g/1v/5w/9c/1r/1sh
Other Stats: 4fm/4wr/4fi/3(1fg)/1ac/2ac/6un

Round 9: Vegetable
c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Stone (+5s)
- Renovation (-1r -4s -4wr +4sr (Conservator))
[(+1sr (Mason)]
[(+1sr (Master Builder)]
+ Major: Clay Oven (-3c -1s)
[Bake (-1g +5f)]
- Family Growth + Minor: Ceramics (1Oven -1c +2f)
- Starting Player + Minor: Potter (free (Ceramics))

Field: (-3fg +3g)
Feed: (-13f)
Breed: ()
Personal Supply: 3f/7g/1v/5w/5c/1sh
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/4fi/1ac/2ac/4un

Round 10: Cattle This means I’ll have to drop a major or Dovecote, and Dovecote has less vp than the lowest stone major on my list - Stone Oven. It may be that I couldn’t have everything I wanted anyway because that would’ve meant taking stone from both spots in the last round.
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Vegetable (+1v)
- Sow (-2g -2v +2(3fg) +2(2fv)
+ Bake (-1g +5f)
- Reed (+5r)
- Fences (-5w +3(1x1)pa (Hedge Keeper))
- Major: Cooking Hearth (-4c) This might be the first Cooking Hearth I’ve purchased in 30+ solo games. I have a lot of clay, and more coming.
Personal Supply: 9f/4g/2c/5r/1sh
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/4fi/2(3fg)/2(2fv)/1ac/4(2ac)/1un

Round 11: Stone
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Stone (+2s)
- Major: Basketmaker’s Workshop (-2r -2s)
- Wild Boar (+4wb)
- Plow (+1fi) At this point I was swimming in actions, waiting for resources to build. I usually Plow + Sow for my last field, but there was just nothing left to do.
- Fishing (+11f)

Field: (-2fg -2fv +2g +2v)
Feed: (-15f)
Breed: (+1wb)
Personal Supply: 6f/6g/2v/3c/3r/1sh/5wb
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/5fi/2(2fg)/2(1fv)/1ac/4(2ac)

Round 12: Plow +/ Sow
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Major: Fireplace (-3c)
- Sow (-1g +3fg) + Bake (-1g +5f)
[Cook (-4wb +12f)]
- Sheep (+5sh)
- DL (+2f)
- Vegetable (+1v)
I earned 1vp for all five of these actions. Without more stone, I can’t think of what else I could’ve done here.
Personal Supply: 26f/4g/3v/1c/3r/6sh/1wb
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/5fi/3fg/2(2fg)/2(1fv)/1ac/4(2ac)

Round 13: Family Growth w/o Space
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+1f (Fruit Tree)]
- Wood (+10w)
- Build Stable(s) (-8w +4fs)
- Stone (+3s)
- Major: Well (-1w -3s +1ff)
- Starting Player + Minor: Writing Desk (-1w)

Field: (-3fg -2fv +3g +2v)
Feed: (-15f)
Breed: (+1sh)
Personal Supply: 12f/7g/5v/2c/3r/7sh/1wb
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/5fi/2fg/2(1fg)/4fs/1ac/4(4ac)

Round 14: Renovation + Fences
[+1c (Clay Deliveryman)]
[+2f (Fruit Tree, Well)]
- Cattle (+5ca)
- Reed (+4r)
- Clay (+6c)
- Stone (+3s)
- Major: Stone Oven (-1c -3s)
[Bake (-1g +5f)]
Field: (-3fg +3g)
Feed: (-15f)
Breed: (+1sh +1ca)
Personal Supply: 4f/10g/5v/8c/7r/8sh/1wb/6ca
Other Stats: 5fm/6sr/5fi/1fg/4fs/1ac/4(4ac)

The final board state.

Fields: 5 = 4vp
Pastures: 4 = 4vp
Grain: 11 = 4vp
Vegetables: 4 = 4vp
Sheep: 8 = 4vp
Wild Boar: 1 = 1vp
Cattle: 6 = 4vp
Unused Spaces: 0
Fenced Stables: 4 = 4vp
Clay Rooms: 0
Stone Rooms: 6 = 12vp
Family Members: 5 = 15vp
Points for Cards: 18vp (Fruit Tree 1vp, Fireplace 1vp, Clay Oven 2vp, Pottery 2vp, Cooking Hearth 1vp, Basketmaker’s Workshop 2vp, Fireplace 1vp, Well 4vp, Writing Desk 1vp, Stone Oven 3vp)
Bonus Points: 19vp (Chief 6vp, Lord of the Manor 7vp, Pottery 3vp, Basketmaker’s Workshop 3vp)

Total: 93vp (target 66vp)

Bonus Food for Game 8: 13
Held Occupation: Hedge Keeper

I realized too late that using larger pastures to keep a full set of animals and having only three fields would have gotten me one victory point over the configuration I actually built. Normally the 22w to build such pastures (with stables) would be hard to come by in solo, but the Hedge Keeper made it possible.
I don’t think adding a stone room would’ve helped – the 5s alone would have cost me a few majors. I wondered about whether adding a room in clay would’ve worked – it would’ve been 4c and 1r to renovate to clay, then 5c 2r to add the room, and an additional 1s to renovate to stone, for a total of 9c, 3r, and 1s. While most of these resources were in my supply at the end of the game, using them for a room build (presuming I could even fit it in at the right time) would’ve cost me more vp than the room would’ve added.

As always, suggestions and comments are quite welcome, and if you see any accounting errors, please let me know.

Thanks for reading and thanks to Play Agricola for allowing me to link to their card scans!

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Jason Weed
United States
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how sweet the sound...
Fear The Hat !!!
I enjoy the solo game and believe it is one of the better solo games out. Many people shy away from solo games, but this one will help you learn how to better play the multiplayer game, especially early on. Nice step by step sequence.
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