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Jennifer Casperson
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The world of the Arabian Nights is cruel, and unforgiving, but there are times when fortune smiles upon you, and it seems that your destiny is written in the stars, for no harm can befall you. This is just such a tale.

A young Ali Baba, blessed with good looks and humility, intelligence and good fortune was the prize of his father's eye. Much the the chagrin of his brother's, Ali Baba received the best of what his father could offer. In an effort to gain more of their father's favor, Ali Baba's brothers sold him into slavery to a local ship captain. They watched as their brother sailed away with the hope in their hearts that they would never see him again.

But Ali Baba had been blessed by Allah as a child. People tended to like him. This was no different for the gruff Slaver captain who soon softened his heart and released the young man from his service. Ali Baba was free, but he could not return home, not until he had made something of himself. Ali made his way into Africa, where he promptly stumbled upon a strange ring partially buried within the sand. Brushing it off, he inadvertently summoned a marid, a demonic djinn, who was angered by his awakening. The marid exploded with anger, but Ali, with his quick wits, began to tell a story, a story so boring, that the marid fell asleep. It returned to the ring, and became the treasure of the fortunate Ali Baba. He was weary of summoning the djinn again, as he had not the knowledge to control the creature.

The young Ali continued his journey, making his way to the orient, when suddenly he found himself embroiled amidst some strange sorcery. No matter which direction he turned, a strange river blocked his path. The young Ali, remembering a tale of just such a river from his childhood, decided to jump into the water. Surprisingly, Ali found himself on dry land, with the river nowhere in sight. He had broken an ancient sorcery, and was blessed by Allah for it.

Allah's blessing weighed heavily on Ali's mind. He decided to use it to aid him in dealing with the Marid, trapped in the ring in his possession. The marid granted him many skills, ones Ali decided he would dedicate to serving Allah. Little did Ali know that such a declaration would soon be put to the test. While sailing to the shores of Asia, Ali encountered a whirlpool. There was nothing he nor the crew could do. As the ship was being destroyed, Ali prayed to Allah and Allah heard his prayer. The whirlpool dispersed and Ali was saved. In giving thanks to Allah, Ali decided to go on a pilgrimage.

Allah, in his journey, encountered a strange palace, one that a forlorn prince standing outside identified as the Palace of 100 Closets. He informed Ali that his lover was being held within by a djinn. Ali agreed to help him. Ali entered the Palace and spoke with the powerful djinn. He bargained his own life for the life of the princess and the djinn, seeing the fates smiling upon this young man, agreed. He put Ali under a geas and Ali again set out upon his quest. Ali, while traveling to his pilgrimage's first destination, found himself upon a boat. A bloodthirsty enchantress attempted to ply her trade upon the young man, but Ali would not stand for it. She attacked and Ali struck back, but she was better than he was. She revealed herself to be a Magian, a fire worshiper. She and her compatriots took the young Ali to the top of a volcano. Before she could throw Ali within to please her gods, Ali prayed to Allah. Again, Allah heard his prayer, and the volcano miraculously burned the Magians, leaving Ali unharmed. He turned around, free now, to find himself in a strange valley. The Valley of Diamonds.

Ali Baba had heard of this valley, that it contained incredible wealth, but was dangerous to travelers. It contained giant Rocs and poisonous snakes which guarded their precious diamonds. Ali felt the impression to charge into the valley and clear it once and for all of the vile snakes which had killed so many men. Others tried in the past and failed, but Allah's blessing was upon Ali. Ali cut through the snakes with glorious fervor; he was protected by Allah. Finally he arrived at the largest of the snakes. It's silver scales glistened in the sun. Ali had not the power to slay it, but Allah protected him. Allah summoned a Roc which carried the snake away. Ali had cleared the valley and became greatly renown. Ali left the valley with princely riches and the respect of the people of India.

In his return to town, the first stop of his pilgrimage, Ali purchased a strange brass horn which had the names of prophets scrawled upon it. He was then approached by an old friend from his childhood. How surprising to run into him here in India. He said that he had been framed by a wicked Vizier for a robbery. Ali could not allow his dear friend to suffer unjustly. He decided to investigate. The brass trumpet lead him to where the Vizier had kept evidence of his guilt, but a magic alarm forced Ali to flee. Without evidence, Ali had little power to stop the Vizier but his word. Ali went to the Sultan and plead his case, but without evidence, there was little he could do. That is, until the brass horn revealed the Viziers guilt. The sultan thanked Ali for his work and made him the new Vizier as a reward.

Unable to remain there because of his Pilgrimage, Ali promised that he would return. Ali made his way to Mecca where he encountered another Vizier. This one asked for his aid. The vizier's plan involved using a maiden as bait to lure out a criminal. He asked Ali to kill the maiden, claiming that she was wicked. Before he could do it however, the brass horn sounded once again, revealing that in fact it was the Vizier who was truly wicked. Power, as evidenced, truly corrupts. Ali slew the Vizier and the people around him commended Ali for his bravery.

Finally, after becoming Princely in wealth, a Vizier in Arabia, widely respected as the hero of the Valley of Diamonds in India, favored of Allah, a powerful sorcerer, and the wisdom of Solomon, Ali Baba returned to Baghdad and confronted his brothers. The brothers bowed to him and his father rushed to fall upon his neck and offer kisses of a joyous father. Ali forgave his brothers and brought his family to live with him in his palace, rich and favored for the rest of their lives.

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