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Subject: Historical Campaign: September 21, 1944 rss

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Jim Dietz
United States
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Weather is overcast. The one Allied air point took out a step of the 2/1035/59 north of Uden.

XXX Corps: Bridge engineers moved to fix the bridge over the AA west of Veghel. Most of XXX Corps is stuck in place waiting for the panzers to be cleared. A heavy attack went in against Veghel resulting in two steps lost from a motorized battalion of the 50th Brits. The attack was ineffective, only disrupting the defender. More Brits will cross the river next turn so that by nightfall the panzers will be isolated (it may be the 22nd before XXX Corps is rolling again because of that)

101st: B/501 missed the unit disrupted by the air strike while 1/506 took out a step from 16/7F east of Veghel. By afternoon, the German Fallschirmjaegers will be isolated. The rest of the 101st is waiting for bridges to be cleared and the temp boats to be issued for crossing the Zuid-Wilhemina.

82nd: Units are moving to counter the threats to both flanks as Germans approach. What looked like it was going to be easy a couple turns ago now will be a pain, though morale was heartened by joining up with A/501 and B/501 from the 101st near Uden. The attack on the unit blocking the road was a total failure, costing one step from 3/504/82. (A roll of ‘1’)

1 Airborne: One unit moved to Oosterbeek from the hills off to the west, leaving a single battalion on the heights near Doorwert. On the north end of the salient defending the supply drop point, I moved a unit with Heavy ZOC forward to disrupt German movements, moving a partial glider infantry (Kab/1a) to the far northwest flank.

1st Parachute Army: Multiple units of different commands appeared south of St. Hubert (near box e8) advancing through Mill (where American flags were hastily pulled from windows). A couple of cheeky Germans are in travel mode moving towards the bridges east of Grave and towards Grave from the southeast.

2nd SS: The ad hoc units in the west advanced cautiously and in cover, not advancing into the clear ground for an attack quite yet while a second battalion of motorized infantry moved adjacent to the hills by Doortvert. Otherwise, there was no movement. 2nd SS’s artillery shifted targets, striking the prepared positions in 8116 and he was rewarded for the switch inflicting a step loss. I had to take it rather than retreat due to stacking limitations in the surrounding hexes. The ad hoc units near Doorwert launched an assault, but it was broken up (he suffered a disruption, so did the defending battalion). An assault on the north end of town failed as the defenders disrupted two units before the attack struck home.

15th Army: Infantry of the 9th appeared by Ravestein (box w8) supported by two batteries of artillery. They are facing a single step (E/504/82) of infantry though there are a couple of other 82nd units that can be routed towards the new threat. 2/1306/59 advanced to contact north of Uden in support of its sister battalion, making it difficult for both sides to know which is the front and which is the rear. 2/1306 attacked the 101st’s A/501 and was repulsed.

XXX Corps: Infinite
101st: 12 (+3, though in contact with XXX Corps, they’ll receive +6 for the duration)
82nd: 9 (+3)
1AB: 3 (+4)
1P: 7 (+3)
15th: 12 (+0, was maxed out)
2nd SS: 14 (+6)

10th SS: /13 9th SS:8/10 59th:1/9 84th: 0/5 85th:0/4 180th:2/4 7F: 2/4
Gds: 6 /16 43rd:0/11 1AB:8/15 82nd: 2 /14 101st: 4 /14


Weather is overcast. The 16/7F is on the receiving end of the only Allied air point and is eliminated as an effective fighting force.

XXX Corps: The attack on Veghel goes in again and, as tradition dictates, I rolled a ‘1’. Veghel is disrupted, but the road remains jammed. The defending panzers will now suffer from isolation, so XXX Corps should be rolling within a couple turns (how often was that said in real life, "Hey, it’s just a ten minute/one hour/few hours delay?"). The lead motorized infantry of the 32/G reached Uden’s outskirts. Three battalions have moved to the rear as Erick has placed a couple of Germans in the w1 Tactical Reserve box (which closes in two turns)

101st: The 101st moved to help isolate Veghel and also attacked the 2/1035/59 with no effect. Otherwise the western flank of the Allied advance remains quiet.

82nd: Battalions of the 504th and 505th with artillery support dislodged the 9th SS battalion blocking the road--Erick chose to retreat past a disrupted American rather than suffer a step loss. 2/505 launched an ineffective attack against a motorized battalion in travel mode while more units of the 82nd started back towards Grave as threats to the flanks began to appear urgent.

1 Airborne: Didn’t move, but I fired my artillery, hoping to disrupt a stack approaching Oosterbeek. That was too successful (my only roll of a ‘6’ for the turn)and burned two supply points.

1st Parachute Army: Units swarmed forward into the flanks of the Americans fighting the 9th SS while others are on the road east of the Raam stream heading for Grave. The 3/405 and the 100th independent battalions reached the American artillery, but a low roll meant no casualties for the Americans, only a disruption result. (Man do I want XXX Corps to advance....) 2/505 was caught in the open by massive German artillery and armor. Erick rolled a 1 which was still a potential step-loss, but 2/505 retreated back towards Grave’s intact bridge.

2nd SS: The independent units west of Oosterbeek are squeezing the supply drop site. It will have to be moved. One unit has moved via ferry to the southern side of the Neder. Erick intends to use its heavy ZOC to isolate Arnhem and cut it off from the supply head (which will be forced to relocate regardless). Someone in 1AB will be cut off soon enough. On the west, three independent battalions failed to inflict damage on Kab/1a. I didn’t defensive fire, fearing the loss of a supply if I rolled a ‘6’. Nearby, the other ad hoc German units attacked 3GP/1. I fired at motorized infantry in the open and disrupted a unit, but suffered a disruption in return. One German supply was spent. 10/4P suffered a step loss in an attack northwest of Oosterbeek. I couldn’t retreat due to stacking limits (but can now that I’ve lost the step). The attack put 1AB more than 50% towards catastrophic loss. Erick then launched a massive artillery bombardment on the positions in the wood in 3116. He rolled a ‘6’ using six supply points. I had the option of retreating to 3115 (since that is occupied by a British unit), but chose to suffer the step loss and hold onto the hex. I don’t want more Germans with access to the inner hexes of Arnhem.

15th Army: More of the 59th moved onto the board, streaming towars Nistelrode, partially blocked by a 1-pt battalion of glider infantry in hex 4908. The advance further north near Niftrik went nowhere though the artillery support is deployed for firing. The attack disrupted the defending Americans, but without causing casualties.

XXX Corps: Infinite
101st: 11
82nd: 8
1AB: 1
1P: 6
15th: 12
2nd SS: 4

10th SS:6/13 9th SS:8/10 59th:1/9 84th:0/5 85th:0/4 180th:2/4 7F:3/4
Gds: 6/16 43rd:0/11 1AB: 10/15 82nd: 3 /14 101st: 4/14


XXX Corps: I almost swore. I know its just a game but I intend to melt the d6 I am using. The Guards have isolated Veghel so the attack there inflicts casualties on anything other than a ‘1’. Yup, rolled that again. The Bridgelayers are heading to replace the destroyed bridges on the minor road by Tactical Box w6. That’ll allow some XXX Corps units across. 5CG/32/Guard rolled through Uden and is in contact with the 82nd. It’s wondering where everyone else is.

101st: With the help of the Guards HQ, units are starting to cross the Zuid-Willems. Anything to get more men forward and into the fight. Other units crossed the repaired bridge west of Veghel on the Aa. The3/506 and C/501 are heading towards the east of Zeeland towards the advancing 1st Para Army units. Maybe if I get lucky and XXX Corps advances, I’ll catch the Germans in the open.

82nd: The 9th SS unit is isolated again. The 1/504 struck the 100th Motorized for a step loss and a retreat, defending the divisional artillery (the 100th was out in the open). The comment about the road from Grave to Veghel being hard to keep open is absolutely right.

1 Airborne: Consolidated positions some. I’m going to lose the supply head tonight. It’ll keep all but one of my units from becoming isolated. At least 1AB is currently a viable fighting force. I’m hoping it stays that way a little longer.

1st Parachute Army: Six battalions advanced adjacent to the 2/505/82 south of Grave. The 505th is hurting because 15th Army has units directly west. Isolation will be difficult to avoid. In the attack, two steps were lost by the 505th even though they disrupted one attacker and defensive artillery struck another (and if I reversed the rolls, I would’ve taken out two steps...ifs and buts...)

2nd SS: Motorized infantry captured the 1AB drop site and advanced into the positions given up by the airborne forces. A unit on the far side of the river (2/21/10SS) has inconveniently started exerting heavy ZOC--light ZOC across the river which will make a mess of my situation by tomorrow afternoon. By the supply head, heavy fighting disrupted two British units though no steps were lost (or inflicted by the defensive fire). Northwest of Oosterbeek, the Germans drove back a British unit as I chose not to suffer the step loss. The attack was a ‘6’ which sent 2SS’s supply level to zero. Erick chose not to risk attacks in Arnhem, meaning the city has been quiet now for sixteen hours.

15th Army: Battalions of the 59th continued to advance against the glider infantry screen of the 82nd east of Heesch. The follow up attack overwhelmed the Americans who scattered into the woods and eventually into POW camps or back into replacement depots. Other units marched into Reek while the forces in Niftrik stayed put. Their bombardment of E/504/82 was ineffective, which will allow the Americans to back up out of artillery range as they continue their delaying action.

XXX Corps: Infinite
101st: 11
82nd: 8
1AB: 1
1P: 5
15th: 12
2nd SS: ZERO

10th SS:6/13 9th SS:8/10 59th:1/9 84th:0/5 85th:0/4 180th:2/4 7F: 3/4
Gds: 6 /16 43rd: 0 /11 1AB: 10/15 82nd: 6 /14 101st: 4 /14
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