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Subject: Tyranids vs Orks 3K rss

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New Zealand
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Epic Armageddon Tyranids vs Orks 3000 points

Note: Ork objectives are wrecked eldar vehicles and titan parts, Tyranid objectives are unpainted spore mines.

Turn One

A top down view of the battlefield.

The main Tyranid attack is poised to charge the ork right flank before moving into the centre to seize the blitz objective. The Ork Great Gargant is building up steam before moving diagonally across the board to scrag the enemy leader, a Dominatrix bio-titan.

The Ork Centre and left flank. Great gargant, big mob with dreadnought support garrisoning an objective, backed up by a big blitzmob and a Kult of Speed (8 warbuggies).

The speed bump. A super stomper (small gargant) and a handful of stompers, all decked out for hand to hand combat. Again, backed up by a big Blitz Brigade and a Kult of Speed.

The main Tyranid assault force: a Dominatrix with carnifex escort supported by two Hierophant scout titans and a swarm of Tyranid infantry.

The swarm is a mix of Tyranid warriors (synapse creatures that hold the units together), close assault infantry (hormagaunts), and tank-like bio constructs bred to fire anti-personnel spines.

On the Tyranid centre and right are another two swarms of infantry and a small cluster of organic mobile artillery. The two slugs are actually burrowing along deep below the surface of the battlefield until they are in position to burst out and assault the enemy blitz (baseline objective) in turn 3.

The two forces begin to advance…

The Tyranids win the initiative and a Hierophant doubles forward (move twice and fire at -1– a serious penalty when most weapons hit on 4+ or 5+).

The Orks are ready and waiting. The scout titan takes a point of damage it is able to open fire on the Super Stomper. Unfortunately its bio-cannons fail to do much damage, as do those of the Dominatrix, who doubles forward to prevent the Heirophant from isolated and overwhelmed.

The Orks respond by assaulting the two bio-titans with a rag tag assortment of armoured vehicles (a gunfortress, six gunwagons, a flak wagon, and an odd boy tower). The bio-titans suffer serious damage in the firefight that ensues but manage to win the assault despite the supporting fire of the Stomper mob.

This combat was made especially interesting by frequent rules errors and an extreme number of critical hits. The Gunfortress exploded and the Dominatrix was lucky to survive the two additional points of damage caused by critical hits.

Combat Res
Casuaties inflicted +5
Outnumber +1
Highest roll 6

Casualties inflicted +5
Inspiring x 2 +2
Highest roll 6

The Tyranids win combat 13 to 12, breaking the Blitz Brigade, causing one extra casualty, and putting an additional blast marker on the Stomper Mob.

The Orks push all their chips into the centre of the table and go all in when the Stomper mob attacks the Dominatrix in an attempt to kill off the enemy commander while he is exposed. Unfortunately, the death or glory attack achieves neither and the Stomper Mob is trampled underfoot by the two bio-titans.

The combat looked good for the Orks at first as the Super Stomper’s mega chopper caused a point of damage that doubled to two thanks to a critical. One Stomper landed another hit but the other members of the Stomper Mob swung wide with their combat ‘ammers. Spewing ichor from massive wounds but still in the fight, the dominatrix was left with a single DC remaining. Combat res was an edge of the seat affair again with the Tyranid monstrosities causing just enough damage to completely destroy the enemy formation.

The speed bump had been bulldozed at a heavy cost.

After the combat had been resolved the Tyranids had almost cleared the left flank of the table of Orks (only the Kult of Speed remained to fly the Orky colours). Unfortunately, the Tyranids strike force had exhausted itself. The Heirophant was seriously weakened and the Dominatrix was one shot away from death.

To try and prevent the Great Gargant from finishing off their critically wounded leader, the Bio-artillery swarm activated and the Dactylis lobbed globes of corrosive excretion at the giant ork warmachine hoping to place a blast maker in order to increase the chances of it failing to activate. This plan failed miserably as the Gargant’s power field absorbed the hits. No blast markers were placed… (Rules question 1: if a power field absorbs all of the incoming fire, is a BM placed for being fired on?)

Next it was the Orks’ turn to make incredibly stupid tactical choices. Almost certain of finishing of the Dominatrix, the Great Gargant selects advance orders and promptly fails to activate. Double orders should have been used in order to trade a little firepower for the activation bonus. Supreme commander reroll – fail again! This leaves the hulking war machine just a few centimetres out of range and only able to move or fire. The Great Gargant admits defeat and trundles forward 15cm.

Combat does not begin immediately on the right flank. A little bit of overwatch fire and some AP fire from the Tyranids spread a few BM around and does one DC worth of damage to the second heirophant. The Tyranids are left in a good position to assault the Ork mob if they can win the initiative again next turn (which is unlikely due to their poor strategy rating).

Still dreaming of first turn victory, the Kult of Speed lurking on the Ork’s right flank activate and double forward hoping to finish off the Dominatrix. The dice run cold and they fail to inflict a single DC of damage despite having eight shots needing sixes. A few more Tyranids scuttle into position before the Blitz Brigade, a medium sized Ork armoured formation goes berserk and kills all three carnifex shielding the Dominatrix. This breaks the Dominatrix, which roars with relief as it retreats out of line of sight of the Great Gargants mega-heavy weapons. The second Kult of Speed redeploys and the turn ends.

The end phase starts well for the Orks when they rally the broken Blitz Brigade but then turns to custard as each successive ork unit fails to remove any blast markers. All of the Tyranid units with BMs manage to remove them.

Turn Two

“Get that ‘uge one” bellows the Warboss from his perch atop the Great Gargant. Learning from his mistake in turn 1, the Warboss orders the Great Gargant to double forward and attack the Heirophant in the centre of the table. Chunks of carapace, meat and muck fly as the Tyranid warmachine is raked with fire. Death comes suddenly however, as the lifta-dropper locks on to the beasts armoured skull, and with a sudden jerk, tears it free. The beast falls silent and collapses to the ground, its link to the hive mind suddenly severed.

The Orks attempt to retain with the Kult of Speed but fail miserably. The surviving heirophant mimics the Great Gargant and fails to activate. Instead of moving it takes it BM and shoots up a Blitz Brigade a little bit. The Tyranids then retain and assault the Ork infantry mob in the centre of the table and pull in the Great Gargant using the intermingled formation rule. The carnifex run in hoping to tickle his tummy and cause a few criticals.

Combat happens as follows:

5 casualties +5
Outnumber by double +2
Highest roll 3

6 casualties +6
No BM +1
Opponent has more BM +1
Highest roll 6

Tyranids win by four but the combat is so vicious that both units break and double back toward their own baselines. Only the fearless Great Gargant remains in the centre of the table.

Now that the lead actors have played their roles (or exited the stage permanently), the pace of the play slows somewhat. The previously broken Blitz Brigade advance to take a shot at the heirophant and although the odd boy tower misses, a regular gunwagon inflicts one more DC worth of damage. Last but not least, the Tyranids break a Kult of Speed when Tyranid swarm on the right flank successfully assault the formation of warbuggies closest to them. The warbikes that had bunched up to take shots at the Dominatrix are bombarded by the dactylis swarm and flee back towards the Ork baseline objective.

In the end phase a bunch of units reduce their BMs but both the Ork infantry mob and the Tyranid swarm that assaulted it fail to rally.

Turn Three

Lightning strikes twice! The Orks win the initiative and the Ork warboss remembers his winning plan from two whole minutes ago. He orders the engine rooms to fire up a few extra cylinders and double over to take a shot at the last surviving heirophant. The lifta-dropper’s TK firepower does the job and the hierophant become a heap of bio-mass waiting to be recycled or run over depending on who is driven off when the battle is decided.

The two surviving war buggies open fire on the trygons that have burrowed up to seize the blitz objective. The trygons respond by assaulting the Blitz Brigade lurking nearby. They break them easily and advance back towards the Blitz Brigade only to realise that it is still contested by the two bloody warbuggies that shot them up earlier. A Tyranid swarm activates and wipes out a Blitz Brigade that is driving around aimlessly. The last significant activation of the turn sees the Kult of Speed motor forwards and open fire on the Tyranid mob that has just seized an objective. The Orks roll hot and all five shots hit (some should have been suppressed but the BM got lost along the way).

All of the synapse creatures are killed and the malefactors break and flee. The Dominatrix sneaks forward to hoping to put an end to the Great Gargants reign of terror and the remaining Tyranid infantry swarm advances.

Nothing incredible happens in the end phase.

Turn four

The Dominatrix’s dreams of glory are dashed when the Orks win initiative again. The Gargant doesn’t hesitate to use advance orders to move away and open fire on the last surviving bio-titan, inflicting two points of damage (luckily it has regenerated a few points of damage so it is still doing ok health wise). This leaves the Dominatrix likely to survive the game but unable to assault the Great Gargant (which probably wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway but could have potentially killed the enormous warmachine).

The only troops in range to assault the Great Gargant are the leftmost infantry swarm. They are immediately thrown into a very one-sided battle.

The assault goes hideously wrong for the Tyranids when the Great Gargant simply stomps them all to death.

The entire swarm is kicked to death and the Ork player quietly begins to gloat – no one has enough objectives to win and he is definitely ahead on points.

A few units maneuver around to prevent objectives being claimed by either side. The game does not go to the judges however as the Ork player is not as gifted in the strategy department as he is at squashing bugs. A flaw in his plan allows the Tyranids to claim the Blitz objective when the Trygons drive of the handful of vehicle mounted hooligans assigned to guard this key objective and the Dominatrix saunters across the table and claims another objective to lock in a win as no un-activated Ork remain to contest either objective.

The purple peril claim their first win.

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Stephan Tourville
United States
San Jose
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Excellent report man. The nicely painted armies and generous use of photos made it a real pleasure to read.

Hope to see many more! laugh
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Life and death come and go like marionettes dancing on a table. Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble.
What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face.
How many memories!
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