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Subject: Hellcats set now available for download! rss

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H.C. O'Neill
United States
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Download the new set here:

Hellcats introduces 51 new cards, free for download. It introduces 3 new Bastet groups: the wyrm tainted Hellcats, the Simba, and the Bagheera.

Black Tooth was king of the Amadu’o Simba, the more violent and warlike of the two Simba lineages. He used his enormous pride of werelions, The Endless Storm, to try and drive the Wyrm from Africa.

Black Tooth could devour others to steal their power. Black Tooth tried to steal the Wyrm’s power by devouring it... but the Wyrm that endlessly devours itself devoured the Endless Storm instead.

The Ahadi formed to put an end to the mad king’s rule. When they killed Black Tooth, his last roar created a horrible storm that set loose many Wyrm spirits to plague the land. Black Tooth was dead, the Endless Storm was breaking apart, but there were new terriblethreats on the horizon…

While Black Tooth was going mad, the Caelican tribe of Bastet gathered for their great meeting in Scotland. Unfortunately, the Black Spiral Dancers were waiting for them. When the Caelican started their rituals, the Black Spirals descended on them and either killed them or dragged them beneath the earth to make them dance the black spiral and join the forces of the Wyrm.

What few survived the forced conversion weren’t great fighters. They were sly, devious creatures. Most other shapechangers had thought they’d been extinct a long time. Now, what few had thought they were alive now thought they truly were dead. Not dead, just waiting… building power… searching for allies…

Black Tooth’s death gave them that chance. Black Tooth himself was too great a megalomaniac to approach, but the remains of the Endless Storm who were now fighting off the Ahadi on all sides? The Caelican provide the trickery, the connections, and the sheer deviousness that the lions of the Endless Storm need to take back their territories. The corrupted Simba provide the raw muscle and unbridled fury that the Caelican need to survive. Together they make up the Hellcats.... but that’s the real trick. Nobody realizes yet that they’re fighting TWO enemies now made one... and they will devour any who find out the truth.

Special thanks to all the artists that worked on Hellcats!


Alec Tanner

A. Holzendorf

Amanda Johnson

James P. Mullen

Wes Jones

H.C. O’Neill

Roz Gibson

Hannah Mericle

Joshua Germain


Tala Anita!/victimtattoo

Ira Martin

Meredith Bain

Jenny Helleiner


Filip Cerovecki

Silent Ravyn

Tiina Kaakkuriniemi

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