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Panzerschiffe's TG-3 (specifically the 1983 version which I found at a used game shop) is my rules system of choice for tactical naval miniatures gaming. It's a very simple system with only a few variables--speed, armor value, weight of shell, and rate of fire. These are enough to render a reasonably accurate simulation of a battle without bogging things down. We played a lovely German-Japanese war scenario which took place near Tsingtao with over 20 combatants on either side. The game was done in under five hours.

The game does not model factors such as mines or coastal forts or aircraft. As such, this really limits the scope of the game to the 1890-WW1 era. One can probably import rules from other games, however. I certainly did that with weather cribbing from Seapower II, a game I don't like as much.

The game uses cards for determining damage and random events rather than dice. This was a response to TG-2's excessive randomness. (The designer explained to me that a close friend rolled poorly no matter what so he designed TG-3 to ensure that the odds eventually balanced out).

TG-3 does require a bit of math savvy or a spiffy calculator. I've found that the calculations are very easy to make but newbies may find them cumbersome. Protractors and rulers are a must. I like the 1/6000 Hallmark miniatures though the game was originally designed for Panzerschiffe's 1/2400 line.

Rating: 4 out of 4 stars!
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