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Subject: Diaries of Lt Monk USMC Officer 1950-1953 Chp2 Turning Up The Heat rss

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The story so far....

We had a number of false starts. Especially in regards to actual scenario rules and interpretation. Thanks to all those who chipped in to resolve, Lee, Rick, Ethan, Lehr and others.

After a reset Lt Monk and A/B Companies headed into the fray to be ambushed again. This time however I elected to use the original NK forces - just 3 platoons and a handful of MG units.

I did this a: so I can get thru a full scenario quicker and find problems with my play b: after seeing the first ambush I didn't think the NK was going to need 6 platoons!


This time the crafty NK setup closer to the road and was determined to get a good first shot off.

The USMC adjusted their entry putting most mortars in the rear.

The ambush struck on a OW action right at the bridge that crosses over the paddies heading into Changchon.

The NK end up with a +9 shift:

+4 for crossfire(no crossfire for OW, but NK would get 2 OW fires when crossing the bridge.) +2 for road +1 for range +2 for open. With 21 factors. (UGHGHGHG-Overwatch is for one stack on units, not combined like an SFA..I knew that) 9 factors...rolls a 64....thanks for coming! 8 steps. 4 steps. The platoon is eviscerated. That’s a 5 step unit: The NK is 1/2 way to a minor victory.
Good news is we have 1 step left, he is gunna sit tight, and flip to fire.

Well Lt Monk swings into action!

Units dive for cover, the mortars in the rear move off the road and stack, the tanks pull up. The 2nd platoon from Able tries to get off the road but is suppressed. Some MG's make it to the buildings in Foksan don...well huts really.

One mortar unit stays on the road at range and pops smoke for the Marines.
New turn:

Good shoot result

Monk calls in arty fire this turn, and a sortie. its 1420. He uses Fast Fire and consumes 3 HE ammo. He has 9 left. Battery counter is a good shoot, strength 12 x 4. 48- Paralysis sets in for the bad guys. (why 4 arty counters? Dont I just need the battery coounter?)

I like this shit!

The sortie is deadly. NK lose 5 steps....hmmm ok. Now that was cool.

NK has init but sits tight waiting for OW's and units to get in range.

USMC take some more OW fire, one Marine SYRs into cover. More smoke is sent to the NK.

Meanwhile Bravo company has come in thru the swamp and is headed towards Changchon. They go up 1 contour and BOTH stacks become suppressed on morale rolls..sigh. (pic shows paralyzed, I did the calc wrong but caught it)

The tanks now sit in front of the village and are ready to pound some lead into the NK on the hill.

Great stuff. Stay tuned.
EDIT game technical corrections see erasures.
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Rick McKown
Spruce Grove
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Hello Kevin,

Nice job! Good to see SF and TCS getting so much attention! Posted some technical observations re OW over on ConSim.


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Corrected close assault:
Rick re close Assault calcs

Rick after reading your posts here I started correcting the attacks and reposting over on BGG for the AAR. I realized then, wouldn't the same benefits accrue to each side on the A-Fires? i.e. the Attacker would earn an Inf Firepower bonus in Atk Str, + the stacking benefit etc. Therefore I was incorrect on the Attacker as well as defender. This is actually a good thing, as now I believe the 2 attacks in this close assault look more 'realistic'. If you have the patience to follow m math, formatting and assumptions then look below: From BGG
"Marines and tanks approach units on the hill outside of town.
Able co and 2 M-26 attempt an assault (gotta learn sometime!)
Defender is suppressed with 7atk str but 6 steps remain, units are dug in.

Attacker has 2 PT stack points. +10 steps of Inf. *correction 5 steps inf 6 steps of mg.
Both units fire simultaneously.

Area Fire (AF) 7 (5+2)Inf str + 6*correction 4(inf unit has 1 hit) steps for Inf Firepower @ range 0, = 11 AF strength
+3 for area target stacking (10 enemy steps) we don't count tanks (P-fires).
+4 Inf fire range
+ 2 Open terrain
-2 P2 in hex = 11 strength with +7 Column move.

AT fires With 6 steps in the ring, firing at 2 steps (units) of tank.

16.0 each step of the firing unit can make one AT roll against one vehicle. The target step can only be attacked once in a given AT Roll atk. 2 steps of tanks therefore: 2 steps atk the tanks with AT Roll. ??? Not sure of the best way to handle this is.

Attacker A-fires:
AF 10 str points (1 squad +3x mg 4+2+2+2 atk strength points)
+11 5 inf. firepower steps (5+2+2+2)at range 0
(*5 steps mgs dont count)
=21 15
*correction 15 a-fire strength.
+ 10 atk str points from 2 steps of tanks
Grand Total 31 25 A Fire strength.
*correction 25

+3 +0 Area target stacking 11 7 steps
*7 I see I used their Afire strength) +0
+4 Area Fire range @ 0 range,
-2 dugin =
net 31 25
*25 str points
with +4-2= +5+2
33-40 col.

51-54 rolls 3 step loss
USMC lose 1 on Inf Platoon, NK allocates 1 to Inf platoon and USMC applies the last to a MG squad.
Net 3 steps left for Inf platoon.
Net 5 steps of MG

33-40 col rolls 1 step loss that goes on Inf platoon, which is not down to 3 steps, +2 Mg steps.
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Morale check from last round Def: Suppressed
Atker ok.

Round 2:
7 atk str.
3 inf steps
total FP=10
Area target: enemy has 8 steps
Area Fire Range
+0 Attacker flipped to Fire ( I did not know you could do that at anytime during a close assault.)
Firer Suppressed
Other P-2
A-Fire =10 +1 column shift.
AT rolls -

10 Atk str
3 inf steps
5 mg steps
total FP =13 +10 tank =23
Area Target 5 steps
Area Fire range
Other Suppressed
-2 but not at range 0!
23 +2

Defender : Result Morale Check = OK
Attacker : inflicts 1 step loss, morale check for NK is suppressed again. He executes a SYR at this point.

The stack retreats 6 hexes and is subject to overwatch fires from eligible units.

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