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The last thing Kat remembered was the eyes...his eyes, just before a panicked voice in the back of her head began to scream. "He's HERE! HE'S HERE! GET AWAY!"...then nothingness.

Next, was a pounding headache, and a cold floor. The taste of cobwebs thick in her mouth, her eyes began to focus; dim lighting in a stone chamber, she shook her head violently.

"Uhg...gonna be one of THOSE days, now is it?" she muttered.

A low growl felt more than heard sparked her mind to wakefulness, and the panic set in again. She stood carefully, and turned a slow circle. Eyes resting upon an elaborately carved crypt, she closed her eyes and sighed a quick prayer to the gods, the crypt bore the sigal of Strahd.

"Out, Kat. Need to get out NOW." Screamed her mind, she nodded in agreement, checked that she still had her gear and began to run.

At-Will Powers: Snipe Shot, Deft Strike
Daily Power: Riposte Strike
Utility Power: Stealth
Item: Lucky Charm

Turn 1 (HP 8, Time Track 1)

The sun travels through the sky...or is it we that rotate below it?

"Damn!" Kat thought as she dashed down a southern hall, the glow she
thought was torches was not a torch at all, but a flaming skeleton.
"Great, to be sucked to death or roasted, not a great choice." She muttered.

Not wanting to have to run from fire balls, or be forced to fight, she willed herself small and quiet...as the blazing skeleton, thankfully none too bright, marched past her hiding spot.

Turn 2 (HP 8, Time Track 2)

Kat blew out her cheeks with a puff, and continued her way south.
"Time seems to be passing quick," She thinks. "I cannot have much time before Strahd awakes." She skidded to a halt at the sight of a monstrous spider web, complete with monstrous spider. Shuddering, she readied her knives. The spider was quicker though, spitting a wad of webbing, entrapping the rogue. Kat gasped as the acidic strands bit into her flesh, and bound her limbs.

Turn 3 (HP 7, Time Track 3)

With a growl Kat forced her arm free, driving a dagger deep into the spiders skull. She limped on, carefully removing the last burning strands of the webbing, with a deep breath she realized her wounds were not so great. (Breath of Life Fortune, +1 HP)

As she scraped the last of the webbing off, a gnarled old man dressed as a clerk stepped from the shadows declaring: "I watch the master's treasure. At least, I do unless I'm distracted." ...and distracted he was, so much so an amulet fell from his robes. With a smirk, Kat picked up the amulet and donned it (Amulet of Protection).

(Used her Lucky Charm to reroll the Lief Lipsiege event card...to her favor.)

Turn 4 (HP 8, Time Track 3)

After a brief deliberation of West versus South, Kat reasoned South HAD to be the way out. Only to watch in slight dismay as the corridor turned back east, and even more dismay at the ghoul shambling around the corner. The undead lunged forward with frightening speed, but with even greater speed Kat dodged out of the way.

Turn 5 (HP 8, Time Track 3)

As Kat sidestepped the ghoul, she spun deftly, daggers in each hand burying them into the back of it's neck. Felling the foul creature, what luck though!

(Lucky Find) She found a rod shoved into the ghouls back...not quite it's intended usage she discovered, and tucked the Wand of Teleportation into her belt as she followed the passageway west. Kat noted this passage was a bit taller, and a strange, foreboding statue on a ledge...a statue who's wings began to creak and bend, and then float down to her. The creature then burst into a fury of claws and teeth. Kat rolled with the gargoyles assault, with a riposte worthy of a dueling master, spun behind the creature and managed to get her daggers into the beasts neck and twist. With a sigh the gargoyle fell. Kat caught her breath, and became still. Listening for sounds further down the hallway

(Distant Sounds fortune).

"I need to have a little talk with the architect of this place." She thought, and continued on.

Turn 6 (HP 7, Time Track 3)

As Kat wandered further into the catacombs, a lone kobold spotted her and threw it's javelin with frightening accuracy. She danced aside to avoid the deadly missile, but it still tore into her side. Grimacing, she advanced towards the creature.

Turn 7 (HP 6, Time Track 4)

Kat dashed around the kobold, and with a sweep of her daggers, disemboweled the hapless kobold. Kat's actions earned her a Moment's Respite from further attack...for now. Grimly she turned back east and continued down the long hallway, and muttered a curse to the gods as it curved back North. Towards fear...towards Strahd.

Turn 8 (HP 6, Time Track 5)

A crash reverberated throughout the halls, as of something heavy falling onto the stone floor. Mocking laughter echoed through the catacombs on its heels.

Strahd has awoken. Mumbling yet another curse, Kat pushed on North.

"Blood and steel..." she hissed, Strahd had called up his hunters, it seemed to the rogue, as a prowling wolf pounced from the darkness. Knocking Kat down, winding her and tearing painfully into her shoulder.

Turn 9 (HP 5)

Undaunted, Kat kicked at the wolf but missed as it leaped out of the way. Pulling herself up...she slid along the wall, and eyed the wolf warily. To make matters worse, a floating crystal skull floated out of the darkness, maddening laughter filling the hallways.
"He must really like me", mused Kat as she deftly dodges the wolfs lunge.

Turn 10 (HP 5, Cackling Skull environmental)

"I hear you, I hear your heart, your blood"
"Damnation and fire!", growled Kat as she backed up further. The wolf sensed it's masters presence and was distracted long enough for Kat to throw one of her daggers at it, catching the beast behind the ear. With a whimper, the wolf died.

Kat pulled out her short sword from the scabbard at her waist, "That was one of my better knives too."

She turned North, knowing Strahd was on her heels, perhaps impressed by
her handiwork so far as she again hear a mocking laugh...not far behind her.

(Dazed was the treasure and played upon Strahd, so he moved no further this turn.)

A shriek brought Kat up short, as a ghostly apparition wandered the chamber ahead. It lunged at Kat, who neatly sidestepped the attack, but the chill of the dead seeped into her.

(Black tile drawn, XP used to cancel the event)

Turn 11 (HP 4)

With a shout of triumph (and a natural 20) Kat forced herself forward, driving her short sword into the wraiths form. It screeched, but did not stop.

Depending upon some saying about discretion and valor, Kat ran. North,
always North.

Wary of the wraith, she begins to run...however Strahds voice rings out "Kill her!". The wraith surged towards Kat...raking her, attempting to rake her with it's claws, but again missing. Kat stumbled out of the way, but again the chill tears through her body, and falls flat...as the ghoul behind her swings.

Turn 12 (HP 2)

In desperation, Kat threw her other dagger at the wraith. Catching it directly in what would be a normal persons head. The apparition faded in a screech. In horror, Kat scrambled back away from the ghoul...to the sounds of clattering behind her. She glanced back in horror as a skeleton pulls itself from a dusty pile of bones, and lurched towards her. Too slow, the ghoul clawed at Kat...forcing her to the ground, the skeleton charged, driving her further down.

Turn 13 (HP 0...Healing Surge...HP 4)

At a low chuckle Kat opened her eyes...to find the Count himself, striding towards her around the corner. "Up, Kat...need to move, got to move NOW!" her inner voice screamed. Desperately, Kat searched for another dagger but pulled out the stick from earlier and pointed it at Strahd. Screaming...the vampire disappeared. Not trusting her luck, Kat scrambled to her feet avoiding the ghoul and skeleton and ran back South. She nearly cried with relief as a set of stairs revealed itself...climbing up. In her relief, Kat nearly forgot about the ghoul. It charged and slammed her into the ground again.

Turn 15 (HP 3, Immobilized)

Desperate, Kat lashed out at the ghoul, removing its legs. The ghoul toppled over backwards. With a surge of energy, Kat felt a bit better...calmed down, and was ready. (LEVEL UP Fortune...paid for, and picked up Deep Cut, HP to 5). The skeleton charged, but missed, flailing about wildly.

The hairs on Kat's neck raised, Strahds chilly voice called from nearby

"Now...where were we..." and dove upon her, biting her wrist...

Turn 16 (HP 3)

Kat kicked the count in the face...freeing herself long enough to run to the stairs, finding a loose dagger and throwing it at the vampire. The blade buried itself in the counts chest. Bemused, Strahd removed the blade grinned at the bloodied rogue, "Now, only if I had a heart..." and ran to her, but Kat had climbed up the stairs enough and out of the vampire's reach...as well as his skeletal minion. At his urging the skeleton attempted to follow Kat, but the stairs proved to be too much. (Strahd's Trick event...skeleton missed the second attack as well)

Turn 17 (WIN)

Kat burst out of the crypt, weeping with relief...as there was just enough daylight left that Strahd would not follow her. On she ran, away from the crypt, vowing to return to Ravenloft to destroy the monster.

End of Action Report:

This was probably the 6th time playing the Escape the Tomb adventure, 3rd with the rogue. Previous attempts taught me a few things about what abilities to choose, and when to fight. Surprisingly, things went fairly smoothly in my favor this time around, all things considered. Things became tense when Strahd made his second appearance. I imagined the shock and surprise on Strahds face when Kat teleported him back, and no little confusion on his part either. Burning stealth early on was a tough choice, but I knew that Kat would have a devil of a time taking out those blazing skeletons, and with solo play,there usually is not enough room to maneuver. The timely leveling was nice, though. Granted, with the Crackling Skull in effect, any daily power would be
of minimal use at best that late in the game, however the extra HP's were not.

Very thematic ending, with the vampire on her tail, taking a chunk out of her at the last minute, but missing just as she scrambles out of the crypt. All in all, Kat handled herself well, taking each creature out one at a time until the Wraith that is. I was pretty sure she was done for, when she fell back, revealed a ghoul...managed to stay out of range of the wraiths death shriek and then reveal a skeleton shortly after that. With Strahd breathing down her neck.

Edit: a few glaring spelling errors, and a random "D" that seems to follow "ghouls" in my writing, and tenses. I really shouldn't try to proofread my own work at midnight.

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That was an excellent way of merging story with game play! The game is only as good as you allow your mind to have fun with it.
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I always have fun writing these up in prose form. Gives me an excuse to exercise my creative writing. Besides, for me at least, if the game does not tell a story it is not nearly as fun.

That looks like fun, Pete. Definitely a multi-chapter event!
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