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This game is interesting because I've heard it's both analysis paralysis, a good gateway game, and lacks depth and/or excitement.

Now, one thing to be clear here is that the real answer for me, personally, is just to buy it and give it a shot. I'm out a whopping $10 if this turns out bad for me.

However, for me, this game has turned into a sort of enigma I don't often see. You hear about wargames, gamer's games, gateway games, games you can play with your kids, games you can play with your wife, games that there's no way your wife will play, games that play with the right crowd, games with a pasted-on-theme, games that will destroy friendships....

Quite often you hear about complaints about a game having a certain negative quality, but there's usually more associated with it that doesn't get brought-out. In this case, I don't hear often about a game that lacks depth and is yet prone to analysis paralysis. This also has the unique 'problem' where everyone says, "You know, this is a good family game, but there could have been so much more here..." like, they forgot about us, the boardgame geeks---and should have known better.

So, to recap:

1.) I don't often hear about a game with no depth but yet pretty prone to AP or taking long.
2.) I don't hear "it's a good family game" as a negative, but that could also be due to the theme.

1. What would you rate this as a family game?
2. Would this game make it on your shelf as the go-to gateway game?
Absolutely, this is a great gateway game.
I'm covered on my 'go-to' gateway games, so no.
I would prefer something else as a gateway game.
3. If you had to tick some checkboxes on the proverbial "complaint form" about this game, what would you check? (select all that apply) (Some of these are more or less duplicates and not mutually exclusive with other options. I was just trying to brainstorm what I've seen about this game)
The theme is good, but it's pasted-on.
The game is unexciting.
It feels like there should be some special abilities or some rules exceptions in different circumstances.
The rounds take too long with 2 players.
The rounds take too long with 3 players.
The rounds take too long with 4 players.
The rounds take too long with 5 players.
I keep playing with the ships.
I was really hoping for something with more depth, in whatever way it could have it.
I was really hoping for something a little lighter.
I really need some repeated plays to get the nuances of this game, and for a gateway game that doesn't often happen.
Other (thumb the post that makes the option, to vote for it)
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