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Subject: First session - with nongamers rss

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M. S.
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Hey all,
I wrote this into another thread into the "recommendations" section, but I think it became a little session report
So I thought I will post it into the right place

Its also my first session report (and quite fast written, so sry for language, eng isnt my home language)

Have fun reading it

A friend of my gf asked me before christmas, which electronic game I could recommend for her. She isn`t a gamer, but she played King Arthur and liked it. All I could recommend for electronic games were more children games like Wer war's?: Mitbringspiel ... -> and she bought it for christmas and she really liked it. As I mentioned I got Wer war's? Löst das Rätsel von Schräghausen! to christmas from my gf`s parents.
And my gf really loves this game.

And 3 weeks ago, I "remembered" Space Alert, cause I already recognized this game in the beginning but never read more about this, because I am realy not in space/alien/ sci-fi theme.
But now I thought it could be a hit for my gf`s friend.
So I read a lot about it and finally bought it.

For yesterday I organized a gaming day with Space Alert. I was frightened about the Sci-fi theme and the fact that it was Vlaada Chvatil (would my gf recognize that its the same designer as Dungeon Lords - her most hated game but my most loved game^^?)

So all I said 1 week ago to the others was: Its an electronic game, its 10min real time, its cooperative, and we need a lot of time to get in but when we are in, one game will be over in 30 min.

O man I was so excited!!!

And who were we?
Me, a little gaming freak
my gf - becoming a little gaming freakdevil
gf`s friend which loves Wer wars, but never played sth. deeper than Risk
gf`s friend which plays games in family ( Risk, Settlers,)
a friend of me which never played any games expect from The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow and some lighter card games

--> 1 freak and his gf and 3 newbie women

Ok we wanted to start at 16:00 - at 16:30 one friend still was missing...
We phoned her and she somehow thought we woluld start at 18:00 surprise
--> I started to think, this evening will fail.

Ok so we waited until 18:00 and in the meantime we playedCafé International.
..and people started to get tired snore....cry

Finally at 18:30 we could start a 5 player Space Alert game -... well start reading the rules^^

I already read them, to get sure we don`t have any problems in understanding.

As they saw the thick handbook they were a bit shocked. surprise
I suggested them to do it like it is suggested in the rules - read the book together.
(Again: All were tired, me too, I was doing party last night, slept 4 hours....) ( And my gf was a bit like gulp cause of the theme...)

So I started to read, and they often laughed cause of the well written rule book.
But it was a hard and long time still we got to the first training simulation^^, so just before the first training simulation I still didnt think it was a good choice trying this game with the others...

Ok, so we started our first training mission...and, OH MY GOD, it was my best gaming experience ever!!! It was so chaotic,lot of shouting, laughing , problems with the time pressure, we didnt realy know where to start... (but all in a positve way)

The 7 min were much too fast over....and after the 7 mins we could see what we did x) - a bunch of crap - SO FUNNY

ok after our first simulation , we decided to organisate more in the 2nd --> before we started, we planed that 2 will go blue, 2 red, and one white. Ok after the start, me and her friend went to one side, quickly loaded the shields, and fired with 2 canons all in turn order 1-3 and realy fast in the first 2 min^^ --> ok so we decided to take the phase 4-7 cards. after ca. 3 min. we realized that there was no threat coming in our zone : - while there were one mid and one on the other we fired in the open universe xD...- and of course couldnt change cause we already took the phase cards 4-7.....

ok in the resolution in the end we could see how much we failed -> indeed we failed more than in mission 1! Why? -> me and her friend, as I said fired into nothing, prob was that we took al the energy from the reactor, and on the other side, while the 2 other player fought against a threat, there was no energy left for them.... so they also couldnt fire DD

We made another 2 training missions but just with this ruleset until the first training mission. And slowly we got better^^.

So in the end: They all realy enjoyed it, and asked if we could to this every Sunday
It was fantastic, and I cant wait to do the next mission with C Buttons, variable damage tokens...
And my gf said it was a good choice that I didnt show her the game before this gaming evening -> she wouldn`t wanted to play it then. But right until now she loves it too! Yeha laugh!

Thank you for reading
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Mike Smith
United Kingdom
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Great session report - I have this and am waiting for the right time to get it out. Your report gives me hope.

I have found over the past coupel of months its better to start a new game in afternoon as people can concentrate more. At the age I am and my friends once it starts to get to 8pm our brains start slowing and taking on new information is a difficult thing and I can often see them shutting down.

I am sooo looking forward to this game.

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Bill Kunes
United States
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Thanks for sharing your excitement and experience. I recently bought this game myself and introduced it to my wife and a few friends who are not keen on the space theme either... but loved it!

Lots of chaos, lots of laughs, lots of fun. They are all looking forward to the next time we bring this one out!

meeple Keep playing...
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Cameron Chien
United States
Rancho Cucamonga
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The nice thing about Space Alert's tutorial mission system is that you can easily get the first three or four tutorials done within an hour. Then, if you think the crew is ready, try a "real" mission.

There are lots of games where the first game is really just a learning game, and are well over an hour!

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