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Subject: Splitting the party rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
One day, we decided to all go insane. Knowing that the best way of doing that was to visit a haunted house, we looked in the local newspapers and found that there was a JOB OFFER for visiting a haunted house. Hooray! We could go insane and get paid for it!

Doesn't look too bad!

We wandered our separate ways. I, Harvey Walters, ended up in the kitchen cupboard and found NOTHING OF INTEREST. Not even a jar of pickles. I like pickles.

Meanwhile, one of my companions, Kate Winthrop, got attacked by a MANIAC! I thought it was a haunted house... what's a maniac doing here?

Look behind you!

"Tommy-Gun" McGlen ran to defend her, slaying the Maniac. "Can you hear laughter?" he asked her. She just went into hysterics for a bit.

Down in the cellar, "Two-Gun" Joe Diamond discovered there were maniacs there as well... and they wanted his hair! We didn't want to be attacked by madmen, we wanted to become madmen! Didn't anyone understand this?

Suddenly, a roaring sound could be heard from deeper in the darkness. "Two-Gun" Joe Diamond looked up to see a Shoggoth bearing down on him. Now, this was more like it! Since he only wanted to go mad, not die, he pulled out his guns and shot at it again and again... for little effect. This proved to be too much for his sanity and he surrendered it gladly.

"Tommy Gun" McGlen ran to his aid, only to see that the horror of it all was too much for Diamond: he pulled a pistol and put it to his forehead, pulling the trigger. McGlen was left with a maniac and the Shoggoth for company. Kate pressed something into my hand: "You might need this," she said. It was an Elder Sign.

As I didn't want the world to be eaten by a Shoggoth (or even Arkham: friendly place. Nice pickles.), I stood in the foyer of the building, waiting for McGlen to fall.

As it happened, he didn't, although his inaccuracy was legendary (needing a 7 for success on a d10, he failed it four times in succession). The Shoggoth escaped past him, tearing out a fingernail or two for its own dark purposes, and lumbered towards me. I presented the Elder Sign and it paused and ran back the way it came. McGlen limped out on his broken leg and engaged it in battle as the clock struck two and the entire cursed building fell in upon itself.

I only just escaped myself, although my hair had turned completely white. (No, no peroxide was used. What do you mean, I was white before? Impudent whippersnapper!) What happened to Mike McGlen or Kate Winthrop is a mystery - I can only presume they were sucked down into the depths of the earth along with that dark creature.

To make matters worse, I'm still sane! Another haunted house next week for me!
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Phil Crompton
United Kingdom
St Helens
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That's a great report ! Does nobody ever remember the lesson from all Horror Movies ...Don't Spilt Up !!

I played as the Keeper last week and did scenario/story 1. Our Harvey Walters player shuffled off away from the other investigators and was set upon by maniacs. After cutting him up until near death (I chose to keep him alive) he finally managed to shuffle back to others and had become a gibbering wreck.

Love this game. Again, a great review.
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