Session Report – The Demonhead Quakes – Superheroes + villains using The Games of War.
Played March 25, 2011. Start time 3:05 pm, finish 4:10 pm.
Ra’s al Ghul (Zach) has assembled a band of thugs and rogues, a mad scientist who goes by the name Brain Eater (Dan), and an evil mage known as the Seer (Joe). Though an expert in martial combat, Ra’s al Ghul is limited in modern science and has turned to the Brain Eater to build an earthquake creating machine in an underground lab in Hell’s Kitchen.
The prototype finished, Ra’s al Ghul orders its testing on the Fantastic Four’s headquarters in New York. It works wonderfully, bring down the building, but fortunately, no one was in the building at the time and anyone nearby fled.
Pleased by its success, Ra’s al Ghul directs its use against other targets and discovers its weakness, it is less accurate and less powerful the farther away the target. So, the attack on the Pentagon misses the actual building, but destroys the parking lot, bouncing cars like ping pong balls. The White House is targeted, but fortunately for America’s president, a much smaller house a mile away, but also white, is destroyed. Testing its range, he targets the Taj Mahal. This experiences a tremor, but no real damage. Clearly, the prototype, though promising, needs work.
Meanwhile, heroes have not been idle. It takes 2 days between each earthquake for the machine to recharge and Reed Richards has been using the lab at the Avengers Mansion to track down the source of the waves. Wolverine (Kylie) has been using his own methods in tracing the origins of these subterranean attacks. Shaking down the lowlifes of NY, he has a few false leads until he gets one that matches with Reed Richards’ own scientific results, Hell’s Kitchen.
A team is assembled to track down the villains behind these seemingly random and demented attacks. Captain America (Katie), Iron Man, and Wolverine take one end of the suspected block while the Fantastic Four take the other.
The exact location of the villains is unknown and the teams are checking each building out when Ra’s al Ghul, sensing his hideout and lab might be compromised, orders attacks by his henchmen. Being rather wealthy, Ra’s al Ghul actually owns all the property on the block, the better to hide and protect its location. He has three of the Brain Eaters’ experiments, a zombie, a grey skinned mutant, and a Malefic Steamroller (half living-half machine), attack the Fantastic Four while a lab gorilla goes after Captain America and an irradiated zombie attacks Iron Man.
Captain America first protects an innocent woman and her little girl, sending them away from harm. Then he turns his attention to the very large and dangerous ape. Using a metal gate as a club, the ape attempted to take down Wolverine and the battle is on.
Sue Richards uses a force shield to protect a nurse making house calls. The Malefic Steamroller goes full force into the Thing who stops its advance and clobbers it back a good 20 feet! A goon in a protective suit steps out of the building that stands atop the secret lab and uses a special flamethrower to attack the Fantastic Four, accompanied by a zombie created by the Brain Eater. Sue protects Ben from any of its flames while Johnny, who by this time has flamed on, goes to fight fire with fire. The little grey mutant packs powerful weaponry and gives Mr. Fantastic a terrible shock sending him sprawling 30 feet away into a building.
Iron Man, surprised by the grasp of the glowing zombie, uses his repulsors to break free. Clearly though, getting free won’t be enough. He blasts the zombie for all he’s worth, incinerating it. Wolverine and Captain America tell Tony they’ve got it under control and to go help the Fantastic Four which he does. As Wolverine slices and dices the gorilla, an enraged beast, known to its creator, Brain Eater, as Frothweiler, attacks Captain America. Cap stops its attack with his shield and sends it flying across the street onto a car wrecking both.
The Maelific steamroller has butted heads with the Thing and now stands off and fires with its impressive array of 50mm automatic cannon. Mrs. Grimm’s son is not amused (nor seriously hurt either!).
The grey mutant goes after Mr. Fantastic who’s still recovering from his first attack when Sue’s force shield protects him. Iron Man flies over to help out. Meanwhile, the Human Torch battles with the fire wielding goon and 3 local gangbangers who, witnessing the attacks on the heroes, decide to throw in their lot with the bad guys. The goon discovers that while his suit does protect him, it was getting VERY hot. He decides to cool off inside the building. The zombie becomes a crispy critter. Unfortunately for the gun toting gangbangers, two of them were badly burned in the confrontation. They’re gangbangers, not brains! The third one jumped through a window to avoid being barbecued.
While Wolverine takes on the Malefic Steamroller from behind, a multi-armed Carnage-bot attacks Captain America. With his shield as a defense and a weapon, Cap dismantles the Carnage-bot, only to face a frustrated Brain Eater, upset that so many of his creations have met with destruction. Surprised that a scientist would attack him, Cap knocked him silly with his fist and sent him to dreamland. Iron Man had called for backup and Power Man and Iron Fist finally arrived to witness the end of the fight.
A hulking brute, wielding a gigantic steel hammer joined in the fight with the Thing. The Malefic Steamroller was hit from behind by Wolverine’s savage attack and became scrap metal. The Thing has a clobbering time moment with the hulking brute and sends him through the wall of the hideout causing serious structural damage. Ben just wasn’t in much of a good mood.
A muscled thug pops out of a sewer to attack Iron Man from underneath, but Mr. Fantastic stretches his arm and using leverage, twists him around disarming him. Another mutant creation of the Brain Eater tries to join the fray but it’s over. Ra’s al Ghul has decided that it was time to abandon the secret lab and hideout and make good his escape to try again. His minions fled. Surprisingly, the Seer, sat out the whole assault even though his magics might have made a difference. What was he plotting?

The game was played using the Judges' Guidelines (p. 14 with a little help from Cold War, Warm Conflicts, pps. 128-135) in The Games of War.
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