Impressions of the new, Exodus reveal powers ("move jump prep marker back by 2" and "place centurion on start of boarding party track")?

It seems like these were powers that could've been introduced during the base game/Pegasus. The pros of that are they're pretty straight forward. Granted, what we ended up with wasn't exactly rocket science/engineering either.....
-- -1 morale was easy, but it confused many newbies initially not in function, but practicality as it didn't seem to be much good
--send someone on Galactica to Sickbay and that person discards 5 skill cards. Most situations of doing something wrong for many games (including when I taught BSG and when I was learning it myself) usually are a product of "did you read the card?", but it seems the "Galactica" part has gone so far as to elude some vets. Also, this one also didn't seem to be that useful to newbies.
--Brig one was really nice, but again... only someone on Galactica.
--draw 5 damage tokens, resolve 2 of them. NICE!

... the cons are, it may make newbies too depandant on such standard and conventional powers, instead of making them more hardened unrevealed cylons.

Pegasus only one... naturally, they wanted more tie-ins with Treachery, so something bad for all humans and and an extra bonus for the revealer. It's an odd one. I wouldn't say it's a useless one, but I would typically rather have any of the other reveal powers. That, or be anal and make sure everyone's discarding 1 skill card randomly.

However, I suppose it may have been "unbalancing". Massive Assault already has an effect of -2 on the jump prep track, not to mention another cylon attack for -1. For centurions, there's Cylon Intruders super crisis, but any cylon attack card can start off cylons with a path towards centurion win. With the CFB hocking the cylon attacks at least, holding off on those 2 Exo reveal powers seems to be to keep these effects reigned in, if not arbitrary.
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