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Subject: HKSW 2/4/2011 Meeting (at KITEC) rss

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cheuk ki ho
Hong Kong
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For administration purpose, kindly let me know which competitions you will be participating on or before 7/4/2011 and whether you are bringing along the boardgame or not. DBMM Competition, DBR Competition, Memoirs'44 Competition, Command & Colors Napoleonic Competition. Non members can also pay HK$60 to join the Society (HK$50 for the T-shirt, HK$10 for the annual subscription paid up to end of April, HK$40 will be waived as it is the first time to come to the Society under our membership policy) and participate in the competition.

Note that the Competition Day should be 16/4/2011 (but not 21/4/2011 which is my typo)

I. Reminder to pay your foods & drinks
We have found that the money in the cash bar is less than the HITEC's foods & drinks bill by HK$50. Be reminded to pay for your foods & drinks at our HITEC meeting. If you have forgotten to pay for your food at this meeting (probably someone who has ordered the food has forgotten to pay for them), pay them in the coming meeting. Note that the cost of soft drinks and beers charged by HITEC are HK$10 & HK$20 respectively.

II. News of Competition Day (16/4/2011) & AGM (7/5/2011)
The HKSW competition day and the AGM will be held on 16/4/2011 & 7/5/2011 at Senior Officer Mess, Wanchai (yes both days at Wanchai)

The objective of the competition day of this year is not to determine who is the best player, but for our members to get together to play friendly games with each others for fun without too many stress. As an encouragement to their participations, nine trophies will be given to nine different participants.

DBMM Competition: Winner, runner-up
DBR Competition: Winner, runner-up
Memoirs'44 Competition: Winner, first runner-up, second runner-up
Command & Colors Napoleonic Competition: Winner, first runner-up

For Details of the DBMM competition:

For Details of the DBR competition:

The format and details of the Memoirs'44 and CCN competitions competition will be announced by the organiser on or before the competition day.

A member can only choose to enter either the Miniature Wargames competition or the Board Wargames competition (i.e. one but not both). I would suggest the 1st round of CCN competition will be started right after the end of the 1st round of Memoirs'44 competition so that those who have lost the 1st round of the Memoirs'44 competition can participate in the CCN competition and there will be a time limit set for each game.

For administration purpose, kindly let me know which competitions you will be participating on or before 7/4/2011 and whether you are bringing along the boardgame or not.
The Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on 7/5/2011. Scheduled events currently include Prize presentation, Annual auctions and Curry buffet.
Once again, Dragon Painting Service Co. told me that they will donate some items to the Society this year.

III. Photos of our last meeting
Once again we have to thank Christopher Chu for taking the photographs at this meeting for our Society. It really helps us to promote the Society to outsiders and record the games played at the Society's meetings. The full photo album can be found in the following facebook Album: ... aid=288424!/albu ... aid=288433

I have also taken some photos and have kept them in the following facebook Album: ... aid=310967

IV. Event proposal for the coming meeting
Our next meeting will be held at HITEC, also known as Emax or KITEC, (YES, KITEC AGAIN) (7th floor, i.e. same floor as usual) on 2/4/2011 from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Date of meeting in Apr, 2011: 2/4/2011 KITEC Kowloon Bay, Competition Day 16/4/2011 SOM Wanchai, Our AGM is on 7/5/2011).

For indication, we have the following games hosted (subject to amendment and cancellation by the organisers. There may also be other games hosted though it is likely that most of them are not opened for participation):

(A) Board Wargame open for participation
(1) ASLSK/ASL (organiser: Li Tai Wah & Lawrence Ho)
Theme: Chinese vs Japanese
BFP33 Kunlunguan
Brother Wah to bring along the counters and the scenario
I shall bring along the special maps V, 15, 18, 25, overlay Orchard 1
Simon Lai to bring along the rulebook
Participants: Li Tai Wah, Simon Lai

(2) Star Wars- Assault on Hoth (organiser: Angus Li)
Angus will bring along a Star War themed boardgame (Assault on Hoth, for 1-2 players opne for participation) to see if anyone's interested in. Otherwise, he can join other games in the meeting.

(B) Other Board Wargame
(1) "OCS Burma" (organiser: Erwin Lau)
Participants: Lai Lap Wan, Erwin Lau

(C) Miniatures Wargames open for participation
(1) HKSW organised event
(a) 15mm 1,100 pts DBMM Doubles Constantine I's Wars (organiser: James Cheung/Lawrence Ho)
We shall play another 1,100 pts DBMM Doubles with two 550AP armies per side.
Late Roman vs Alan/Visigothics
Participants: James Cheung, Alex Lam, Lawrence Ho, Cheung Kar Fai? as Alan/Visigothics
Ken Chan (Constantine I, Western army), Herbert Wong & George Wellington (western army)
Should you be interested to join us, please let me know. Game set up at 1:00 p.m. game time from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

(D) Other Miniatures Wargames
(1) 15mm 500points DBMM (BOOK 2) ,
Participants: Hermann Ng, Philip Ngo & Christopher Chu

Note: We also have other board and miniature wargames events organised by other members.

So far, the following members/visitors indicated that they will come:

19 Members: Li Tai Wah, Simon Lai, James Cheung, Herbert Wong, Lawrence Ho, Angus Lee, Hermann Ng, Philip Ngo, Christopher Chu, George Wellington, Ken Chan, George Wellington, Lai Lap Wan, Andrzej Cierpicki, Erwin Lau, Andrzej Cierpicki, Anthony Lee, Peter Hunt, Lawrence Hung

Junior Visitor:


HITEC Centre, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
I would suggest you to go to the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Station. Then travel by MTR to Kowloon Bay Station (about 40 minutes). Then you can either go there by the Shuttle Bus at Telford Plaza 2 (next to Kowloon Bay MTR Station) or travel by taxi (should be less than HK$40, about 10 minutes by taxi, about 15 minutes by shuttle bus, excluding the time waiting for the shuttle bus which is free of charge). The transportation information of HITEC can also be> found on its website:
Of course, you can travel by taxi directly. The venue itself (at one of the room at 7/F) is available on 12:30 but we usually arrive at 1:00 to 1:30. You can check the exact room no. upon arrival with the poster stand (we are allocated different room sometime).

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