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Subject: Drafting with three rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
Rich, Sarah and I sat down to two games of Race for the Galaxy last weekend. Both games involved drafting the cards, which extended the set-up for the game somewhat - significantly in the second game where we included the first two expansions.

During the first draft (Base set + The Gathering Storm), I looked towards running a military strategy. There was just one problem with this: it seemed that both Rich and Sarah had the same idea! In fact, it may have been just Rich, but I wasn't drawing many of the military bonus cards, and so my dreams of running a Big Military strategy were quashed.

However, I did draft two Improved Logistics, so I went for a Fast Military strategy instead, with the homeworld of New Sparta.

This worked extremely well: neither Sarah nor Rich were prepared for the speed with which my deck worked, and though I didn't play a 6-cost development, I ended the game very quickly. Final scores saw Sarah and I tied on 26 points with Rich slightly behind on 21, but I had 3 cards in hand to Sarah's none and won on the tiebreaker!

Merric: New Sparta, Space Marines, Rebel Fuel Cache, Improved Logistics, Rebel Sympathizers, Deserted Alien World, Lost Alien Warship, New Survivalists, Rebel Miners, Outlaw World, Investment Credits, Rebel Base, Hive World (23 cards, 0 VP, 3 goals, 0 major developments)
Sarah: Separatist Colony, New Military Tactics, Star Nomad Lair, Alien Robotics Factory, Trade League, Galactic Survey: SETI, Space Port (10 cards, 3 goals, 13 major developments)
Rich: Epsilon Eriadni, Expedition Force, Drop Ships, Rebel Outpost, The Last of the Uplift Gnarssh, Rebel Colony, Aquatic Uplift Race (15 cards, 1 VP, 5 goals).

The second game added in Rebel vs Imperium, and here Sarah was at a disadvantage, not having played with the cards before (and Rich likewise was less familiar with them than I was). I thought I was drafting a mining strategy (picking up both 6-developments related to such), but upon play, discovered that such was not the case: I had a produce & consume deck. Rich was likewise playing a consume strategy, whilst Sarah started with an Ancient Race and then went for military.

Sarah should have won this game, but decided to be greedy and delay a turn to play an additional major development. Unfortunately, Rich and I produced that turn and consumed in the final turn very effectively - and I consumed really, really effectively for the win. Sarah didn't even play her major development!

Merric: 59 - Old Earth, Secluded World, Deserted Alien Colony, Diversified Economy, Space Port, Consumer Markets, Plague World, Gene Designers, Mining World, Interstellar Prospectors, Volcanic World (21 cards, 27 VP, 11 goals)
Sarah: 54 - Ancient Race, Imperium Blaster Gem Consortium, Rebel Fuel Cache, Imperium Troops, Rebel Warrior Race, Galactic Salon, Alien Robot Sentry Ship, Galactic Imperium, Rebel Outpost, Rebel Symphathizers, Rebel Miners, Rebel Homeworld (27 cards, 8 VP, 6 goals, 13 major developments).
Rich: 44 - Earth's Lost Colony, Galactic Studios, Space Marines, Prosperous World, Spice World, Lost Species Ark World, Galactic Renaissance, Refugee World (12 cards, 22 VP, 3 Goals, 7 major developments).
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I wish Keldon's program supported drafting. My group isn't that fond of drafting, but I'd love to explore RtfG from a drafting perspective to see what archetypes are viable etc.
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