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Subject: Let's play Memoir'44 (34/172) - Japanese Counterattack rss

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Let's play Memoir'44! An attempt to play every scenario I have within one year

Scenario overview

Japanese counterattack is a scenario that follows the previous one, Guam Landings. It is a sequal so to speak. In this scenario a big force of Japanese infantry attacks the marines who beat them back in the previous scenario. The marines have a varied force of infantry, armor and three units of artillery. They are at a disadvantage in the beginning though because night attack rules are in effect.

The night attack rules basically mean that at the beginning of the game you can only attack to an adjacent hex. The visibility will go up randomly at the start of the US players turn and you can start attacking further. This rule is especially damaging to the artillery since they are pretty much useless in the beginning. The Japanese player will hope that it stays dark for as long as possible while the US player will want the sun to rise up as soon as possible.

This scenario was played solo.

Turn 1

On the first turn the visibility stayed at zero.

The US commander played an attack card to the left flank to improve his positions. Four units moved forward into defensive positions to welcome the Japanese infantry.

The Japanese decided to try and strike as early as possible since they would be at a disadvantage once the sun rose. They played a recon in force and charged into close assault with three units. Despite rolling a good amount of dice against three US infantry units, only two casualties were inflicted.

Turn 2

The visibility rose by one notch at the beginning of this turn. Units could now fire up to two hexes away.

Deciding to counterattack and bring his units into range the US commander issued an assault order to the right flank. All units moved forward and some even got into range. Several infantry units fired at the Japanese infantry and inflicted several casualties. A US armor unit made its was next to the river and fired at a Japanese unit on the other shore, scoring two hits.

The Japanese had really bad cards at this point. Things such as barrage (that cannot be played until visibility is restored) and several recons. They chose to play a probe to the right flank and keep on attacking there. Two full strenght infantry units surrounded the foremost US unit and fired. The Japanese scored their first medal.

Turn 3

The visiblity got up one step again. Units could fire up to three hexes away now.

The US commander decided to stop fooling around and issued a general advance. Several units around the board fired at the Japanese attackers. One of the artilleries was already used as well. This resulted into the US scoring two medals and bringing one enemy unit down to one figure on the left flank.

The Japanese keep pushing on the right flank as they play an attack there. Their units march forward and attack the defending infantry units but despite rolling as much as four dice during one attack not a single hit is scored. Several flags were rolled however, pushing the US units back a bit.

Turn 4

No change in visibility.

The US commander decides to keep protecting his right flank and plays a probe there. Two infantry units advance and fire but fail to do much damage.

Finally deciding to use it, the Japanese play an assault to the center flank. All three infantry units there attack near the close by bend in the river. Despite having a strong chance to take out the enemy armor unit the first attack results into a hit and a flag, forcing it to retreat. The second infantry unit could not attack anymore because they moved two hexes and were not in close combat anymore.

Turn 5

No change in visibility.

A devious plan in his head, the US commander play a probe to the center and moves his armor unit off the rice paddies next to to the Japanese units. The artillery roars, inflicting two casualties to the already damaged unit, leaving only one figure left. (I know I could not have attacked with the armor unit as it left a rice paddy this turn - I played it wrong) The armor unit prepared to perform a delicious armor overrun attack but none of three attack dice hit.

The Japanese infantry move out! With the visibility this high they have little chance unless they keep pushing forward. The infantry achieves spectacular results. In addition to doing some damage to US infantry they also manage to take out both enemy armor units! Two more medals for the Japanese side.

Turn 6

No change in visibility.

US counterattacks the move out order and activate four of their infantry units. Their infantry does not lose to the Japanese as they too take down two enemy units. One Japanese infantry unit on both flanks is lost and the score is now four to three for the US.

With orders direct from hq, the Japanese are ready to do some damage. Their infantry keeps on pushing on the right flank. One US infantry unit is taken down and the Japanese take on a desperate gamble. They attack the two artillery units with three and four dice respectively, hoping to score some easy medals. However luck is not with them as both units make it through alive.

Turn 7

The visibility goes up two steps allowing for attacks up to five hexes away.

Ready to finish the game the US commander plays an attack to the center. Both artilleries and one infantry are activated. With two single figure infantry units in range, it looks like the game is about to end here. Not so - both artillery units miss on all of their dice. Still, the activated infantry unit takes down one of the damaged Japanese units scoring the fifth medal for the US.

The Japanese know that this will be their last turn for better or worse. But they still have a chance to win. They play an armor assault and activate the full strenght Japanese squad near the artillery units. If they can destroy the artillery unit and take ground into the supply tent they will score two medals and win. Did not happen.

Turn 8

The US end the game by playing an attack to the right and firing away.

Thoughts and scenario rating

This scenario is on the borderline on how much complexity I want in a standard Memoir scenario. You have Marine rules, three Japanese command rules, rice paddies, HQ tents, supply tents, fordable streams, night attack rules and engineers. It was certainly playable and enjoyable but I do prefer scenarios that are a little simpler.

Still, this scenario was a nailbiter and was not decided until the end! The fact that the visibility got up to three so early really hampered the Japanese as that meant that the enemy infantry and armor units were fully functional. It was an exciting battle.

I rate this scenario 3/5 (adequate)

Scenario results:

Axis: 4 medals
Allies: 6 medal
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