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Subject: Power Of The Day -- Plant rss

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Gerald Katz
United States
New York
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PLANT Launch/Expert

Accumulates Opponents' Powers

You have the power of Grafting. As a main player, after the defensive player has been determined, if you have a colony in another player's system and that player has not lost his power, use this power to steal that power until the end of the encounter. You use that power as appropriate while the player may not. If you lose your own power, you may not graft any power until you get your own back.

HISTORY: A species of Plant combines the longevity of the redwood, the persistence of the weed, and the delicacy of the fern. Slowly grafting to themselves the traits of others, they can afford to wait quietly until their enemies grow tired, then spread their tendrils unopposed throughout the Cosmos.

Do Not Use With Schizoid Or Wraith


Wild: As a main player, after allies are assigned, you may steal the power of any ally (yours or your opponent's) for that encounter. You have the stolen power instead of your own, and the affected ally does not have the power, until the end of the encounter.

Super: If you have your own power and have a colony in the system of any player who wins the game, the win is ignored and instead you win alone.

Commentary: This is a meta-power. We all know by now Fantasy Flight screwed over Plant. By making the phase to use it Planning, Plant had become almost useless, way too dependent upon what powers other players have. I changed the power back to the phase Mayfair had it, clarified from Eon. Now Plant will function properly.

Ever since my Eon college days I found Plant to be a very cool power, fun to have. Unlike Insect, it adds insult to injury by not only using another player's power but preventing him from using it as well. Though most often you would graft a power available to use as a main player, it is an effective strategy to take a non-main player power to prevent the original owner from using it such as taking Parasite as offensive player when he has 4 foreign colonies or Demon, Diplomat, etc.

Because Mayfair clarified the phase to Launch, Plant can graft but can't use Regroup and Destiny phase powers. It might be possible to make Plant's phase Destiny if you consider that before a player can Launch he has to know whom to attack, so technically the defensive player is determined before Launch. This allows Plant to use Destiny powers, such as Dictator and Changeling. (Actually not Dictator, since Dictator would have to determine the defensive system first before Plant could graft after knowing who the defensive player is.) Use timing conflict rules to determine whether Plant gets to graft before a player can use his Destiny/Launch phase power or the Destiny/Launch phase power is used before Plant can graft it should it matter.

Grafting Changeling is intriguing. Suppose Plant grafts Changeling from player A. He uses Changeling and exchanges powers with opponent player B, say Warpish. At the end of the encounter, player B keeps Changeling and Warpish goes to player A. However, there is an alternative interpretation. Plant grafts Changeling. When using Changeling, Plant player gets opponent's power card. Opponent gets Changeling and Plant power card. At the end of the encounter, original Changeling owner gets Changeling back. This interpretation holds that Plant's grafted power is inseparable from Plant until the end of the encounter, akin to Pentaform.

Grafting Filth is a lot of fun.

Gerald Katz
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