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Subject: Mission 1. Suicide Mission: Zael's Last Stand rss

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+ + Command: Squad Lorenzo, proceed to Launch Control Room. Escort and protect Brother Zael so he can destroy the room with his heavy flamer. Analysis of situation recommends that Brother Deino lead, followed by Sergeant Lorenzo, and Brother Zael. Brother Scipio follows as a reserve. Brother Noctis will act primarily as rearguard, and secondarily to protect the extraction point. Extraction is secondary to the mission's success. + +

+ Sergeant Lorenzo: Squad Lorenzo, acknowledged. +

+ Brother Deino: I've blasted open the door in the main corridor to open up our fields of vision and fire. +

+ Sergeant Lorenzo: The squad is assembled in the first room, in formation and ready to enter the main corridor and the secondary corridor to force entry into the Launch Control Room. Motion sensors show flashes of many contacts ahead, but no genestealers are in sight. Brother Noctis is in position with clear fields of vision and fire through the corridor in our rear area. May the Emperor bless our endeavors. +

+ Brother Deino: Still no sight of the genestealers. I am proceeding into the secondary corridor. +

+ Sergeant Lorenzo: Proceed with caution, Deino. I sense the genestealers are ready to attack. I am proceeding up the main corridor to control the crossroads ahead. +

+ Brother Zael: I shall be ready to follow you, Sergeant Lorenzo, or support Deino should he need help. +

+ Brother Scipio: I'm at Brother Zael's side. +

+ Brother Noctis: I've got movement in the rear corridor! Here they come! [heavy fire] Got two. They're just testing our defenses. +

+ Brother Deino: The secondary corridor is clear. I am set for overwatch. Zael, you're clear to come up here with me. +

+ Brother Zael: Right behind you, Deino. +

+ Brother Noctis: Rear corridor [heavy fire]...-ing in fast and in numbers! [heavy fire] They're still coming, but [heavy fire]... them at bay. Jammed! Scipio! Cover me! Here comes one more [screeching] Got it! Glory to... +

+ Brother Scipio: [heavy fire] Noctis is gone! I knocked off one but two others closed in on him before he could clear his jam. Brother Noctis went down fighting to the last. I'll stay on overwatch here, but we've lost our extraction point. +

+ Brother Deino: They're coming in from the secondary corridor! Zael, [heavy fire] I've cleared the... +

+ Brother Zael: Deino got two of them, but a genestealer burst through the gratings to drag him under. I...I flamed Deino and the genestealer. He was alive...but I had to. +

+ Sergeant Lorenzo: Snap out of it, Zael! Make it to the Control Room, or Deino would've died in vain. I'm at the crossroads. Genestealers everywhere! [heavy fire] and destruction in the name of the Emperor, for I fear not [garbled] +

+ Brother Scipio: They got Lorenzo. I...I cannot hold both ends of the corridor. Zael, get up to the Control Room quick. I can't hold them, but I'll buy you some time. [heavy fire] +

+ Brother Zael: They're everywhere. Scipio! Scipio! [flamer blasts] I think Scipio's gone. There are genestealers coming in from where Scipio was holding the corridor. Another group is coming in the opposite direction. I had to flame both ends of the corridor. The flames won't last, but I must think. I'm just around the corner to the Control Room. Squad Lorenzo's gone. I must complete the mission though my life is forfeit. +

+ Brother Zael: I will flame the corridor as I enter it. The flames will likely kill me, but I may yet survive. This is the only hope for the mission. +

+ Brother Zael: [static] it! My armor is aflame [garbled] grievous pain, but I live, and the mission lives. I just need to turn around and dest...[static] ... Control Room. Squad Lorenzo's [static] be complete, and honor [static] +

+ Brother Zael: [static] ...y God...they still come. Through the flames [static] ... still coming. Two creatures are writhing. [static] No...wait... one approaches through the flames. He is coming for me. For the [static] ... st time in my life, I truly fear. +

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