Andrew Tullsen
United States
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48 hour turnaround time for Prototypes!

The backstory - Aliens are coming, we know they are, so we start preparing and shooting lasers at them. However, some countries seem to think they can get away with building up their cities and not helping the war effort. Some countries think they are doomed, and start building rocket ships to escape earth.

Ease of Printing
A couple of B+W pages. Each page has some tiles on it. You'll also need a way to track different points for each player. I got some 8mm cubes in different colors. Very simple to print out, easy to carry around. Cheapass would be proud to add this to their catalog.

How to Play
There are 4 turns. Each turn you have 3 action cards labeled 1,2,3 - these all have 4 actions you can do (the same actions, just the "3" action is like doing the action 3 times).
You can:
Shoot Lasers - You kill an alien ship and get a point.

Expand your City - You get 2 points.

Build Escape Ships - You build one escape ship

Investigate your neighbors - You can investigate your neighbors to your left and right. You can only investigate escape ships and cities - these effectively take these actions from those people and give them to you.

HOW does it Play?
After 4 rounds:
-If the aliens have even a single ship left, the person with the most escape ships wins
-If all the aliens are gone, the person with the most points wins.

This is a semi co-op, as in you must work together shooting the aliens. However, there will only be a single winner (there can be ties). So you try to work together just enough (shooting the aliens) while trying to get some city points on the side.

The investigations are cool, as they can mess with your opponents. However, if the people next to you put down nothing you can investigate, you're screwed!

Worth the ink?
What, 2 pages of B+W is too much for your printer? Give me a break.

I've played with 3 and 4 people. It technically can play 2-8, but I'm not sure how good it is with 2.
So if you're a solo gamer, this might not be for you.
If 15min is a bit too short for your tastes, this might not be for you. This is definitely a filler game.

This is a really cool game. Took me 5min to make (had to scrounge up 8 colors of cubes!), and we played it 4 times in a row. We did a sample round for new players, and then restarted. It was a very addictive - we kept on saying, "one more game!". You try to second guess what other people will do. There's a "take that" feel to it, but it's over so fast, it's not that difficult to move on.

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Benjamin Hoy
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Sounds like a fun game. I'll have to add this to the queue of games to print. Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful reviews.
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