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Subject: Playtest - Vampires vs Vampire Hunters rss

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__Shad: Shroud and Buries tagteam__
Banana Split
Shroud-of-Night *

__PaF: Shenebti's Recruitman Campaign__
Michael the Lost
Johnson P Donnovan
Shenebti *
Sequenere *

_Turn 1_
Michael starts with a shotgun.
Shroud starts with a Night Terror. That should slow me down a little.

Sequenere gets a Shotgun, and a Flak Jacket thanks to Johnson, as well as a Ghouled Bubasti Kinfolk. Wyldkin Kami and Redcap Raiding Party enter the hunting grounds.

Shad notices that Buries-the-Dead can't use the Anubis stone. Doh! Shroud gets the Mantle of El Dorado though.

After some thinking, Shad lets Shenebti Sneak Attack the Redcap Raiding Party. Cub's Cry brings in Sequenere and the kinfolk. Two Fast Strikes in round 1 (with an Evaded Hot Lead), followed by a Stunning Strike and a Pistol Whip (the latter cancelling a Fast Strike) leave one dead faerie.

The only alpha fight sees Buries-the-Dead tag up with Shroud, who both frenzy against the Bubasti Kinfolk. The fourth damage card was Taken by Michael the Lost, and Murgatroyd returns his shotgun to the deck.

-Turn 2_
I can't draw. Two vampires come down, Shroud gets Dam the Heartflood * and Rite of Scarification, Buries borrows a Ka Spirit.

Shroud declines to attack Johnson P Donnovan, instead attacking an elder vampire. Shroud Shrieks at it while Buries frenzies. Two Crushed Septums and it's still alive to Fancy Footwork through the next round (seeing annoying dodges from the other side). For kicks, Shroud frenzies and in the next round, the vampire does Strike Buries Stunningly, but too late.

_Turn 3_
I get to draw, Shroud Banishes Cahlash's Brood on the Ghouled Kinfolk, then uses Babel's Curse * to stop pack actions for the turn. Booo. Shenebti uses Feline Wiles * to find the Oracle of Sobek, who gets Shad to discard his Friends in High Places. A Dream Court Guardian * arrives with a Shotgun, and Johnson gets hold of a Sports Car.

After I discard all my useless Cub's Crys, Shroud plays Lord of the Jungle to attack Shenebti, and of course Buries gets to come along too (and frenzy. Where are my New Moons?). Scholar's Friend * puts another on top of his deck, just to rub it in. Shenebti however runs away to the Umbra. Shroud follows him, but when his packmate's frenzy ends, he is forced to withdraw.

With one of his combatants away, Buries-the-Dead nominates the Ka Spirit to take the flak, stepping in to defend the Wyldkin Kami and taking a Fast Strike before it can do a thing.

_Turn 4_
The next turn is greeted with a Night Terror. Shenebti finds a Dream Court Guardian, then another with Feline Wiles, also taking up residence at The Descending Eerie *. Shroud becomes best friend with Lord of Nightmares, and points out another Elder Vampire.

Shroud and Buries try to attack an elder vampire, but it has friends. Dream Court Guardian, as the Walid Set alpha, declares a Lynch Mob on the Wyldkin. Wisely, Shroud decides to stay at home as the Kami is ripped to death as it tries to run away.

After all that, it turns out Shroud was holding something back from the Oracle of Sobek (who has been steadily removing Friends from the cat's hand). Shroud Sneak Attacks the vampire elder, and of course Buries-the-Dead joins and frenzies. You can't take these wolves anywhere nice. The elder tries to Stun the Strider to his senses, taking five damage in the process... six, because Shroud plays Backbite * to protect him the next round (and draws a card from Lord of Nightmares). With only two cards left, Buries tries an Entrail Rend, but a Crushed Septum draws him short. Shroud, however, wins the game with a Dry Gulch on the vampire.

Shad: 21 VP (2x Elder Vampire, Johnson P Donnovan)
PaF: 18 VP (Red Cap Raiding Party, Wyldkin Kami)
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