shane dunlop
Perth W.A
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ok this is my variant

i didn't like the randomness and memory aspect so i change it

now you have to pick a colour team. Red Blue green or yellow
a team has 3 traitors of the same colour. I put the orphan sly and shadow in the middle so anyone can use them.

Each team gets 7 tokens of the same colour. I have made it like city of thieves where you place tokens on the traitors of your team to activate and play. to play a traitor you must pay 2 tokens. You can only activate one character per round and on your turn in the round.

you can chose to activate shadow or the orphan but need to pay three token on it. If the dice doesnt have your colour you cannot drop cargo but can use the traitor that you activated that rounds search and (ability (optional)

Using an ability only last per round or turn. So if you use an ability it will last until you have to activate your second traitor. You can only use an ability once unless it specifies until end of turn or says anytime that a player.... You must activate a different traitor in the second round and cant use the ability of the first. at end of turn ( so 2 rounds) all tokens on characters reset and can be used again.

so a turn goes like this for a 2 player game.

the player going first rolls the 3 dice. If it rolls a colour that no one is playing you have to re roll it.

1 first player activates a character from the three and places 2 tokens on it and follows its search writing on its card.

2 if it has no restrictions in doing so take a card and a coin

3then if you special ability

4 then throw cargo if its your colour on the dice.

second players turn

decides not to play one of their three coloured traitors and plays shadow in the middle by putting 3 tokens on it. Now he is not allowed to draw a card or get a coin because of shadow but chooses to mimic first players colour to drop cargo and mimic their ability

decides to drop cargo but not use mimics ability

goes back to first player for another round then first player changes to the next person and turn ends Starting a new turn. Second player now gets to roll the dice.

ONE TURN IS 2 ROUNDS. THEN NEXT PERSON TO THE LEFT ROLLS DICE. Roll dice at beginning of turn and not rounds.

you can only play 1 of the same cargo per round. You can play more than one cargo but they must be all different level cargo.
eg: can play level 1 with 2 but not 2x level 2 cards in one round.

After you play a card to throw overboard (LEVEL 4 cards do not get thrown overboard) you must place a token you have in a pile in the center of the table. The token can be from a traitor you have played or playing. After you pay to activate it it doesn't matter.

Make three piles one for level 1 another for level 2 another for level 3

at the end of the game when someone hits 20 points in the cards you count the piles of tokens in the centre. Who ever has the most tokens in a pile gets points. if its a draw no one gets points. Level one pile gets 5 points to the player that has the most. level 2 gets 10 points and level 3 gets 15

add up points from cards and token piles and who ever has the most wins.

My friends and i love his variant and it takes out allot of random luck from the game and encourages allot more strategy as you can see all the traitor cards. deciding when to drop cargo becomes important as you only have 7 tokens to spend and if you drop one level 1 cargo you have to lose one token to the middle. By nearly the end of the game you might only have 3 tokens and must really plan to get that final cargo down to win.

If you use a ability that affects someones traitor put one of the tokens from the traitor you played on that players traitor as a reminder. eg Pay two tokens on traitor to activate them then take one of the tokens and put it on the player who is affected by the ability.

please give me feedback if you enjoy my variant and ask me questions if a question arises that you don't understand.
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Robert Kuster
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Sounds interesting, may give this a try soon and will update if we do.
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