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Subject: Game 1: Brother Zael against the Swarm rss

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Paul S
United Kingdom
West Yorks
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First game tonight. Never played Space Hulk but am familiar with the general idea (and there's a neat freeware PC version that's been disguised as something else, now; it's worth a go). What follows is a session report with some general review-like observations.

The Rules are pretty good. I had to resort to these forums once, to check what happened at the end of travel; there's a useful thread that points out that the German version says you continue with the phase you were about to start, which accorded with my instinct, much though I would've liked to start the Round over... On the whole the Rules read well, although the layout is a little odd. There are obvious places where a rule might be expanded, but instead you see "refer to p.20" - maybe that is designed to make later quick reference easier, but it seems strange at first. Still, I felt that I had a fairly good idea after a careful read.

I played solo. Green, Purple and "metallic" for want of a better description. I agree with the posters here who have said the colour choice is a shame - took me a few minutes examining the cards to work out what was what. What was up with a decent yellow/orange/black to go with green/red/blue? Still, not broken, by any means.

Setup takes a while, first time round, but I am guessing it will be pretty quick once you know the score.

Then AP sets in, since you have 3 teams to play, each with 2 Marines, and each team has 3 actions. Taking into account possible movement, facing and range for weapons, there's a good bit to think about. But after a couple of turns it gets easier.

Life is made trickier because you can't take the same action in consecutive rounds. So attack after attack is out. I like the idea; more thinking needed.

I screwed up pretty badly in the first 2 rounds. 2 Marines already dead. A combination of misreading ranges, bad choice of cards, and a bad die roll or 2.

By about round 4 I was seriously thinking of starting again. The odds looked insurmountable. I decided I was still learning, best to press on, and you never know.

I think I was lucky in my (random) choice of Locations. Loc 2 was the teleporter. Second round and we're out of there, and all survive. But one of the swarms is now a hellish 7 strong. Unless I'm mistaken, that means insta-death for the adjacent marine absent some special ability. And BGG forums tell me the next phase has to be the GS attack, as above.

Loc 3 is the Temple (love that theme) - give me that artefact! There are 3 Marines left, but I'm able to slot the artefact against the 7 swarm and that gives me an auto-miss for the bad guys. Phew. But still, 3 more rounds and I am a gonner, for sure.

More GSs spawn. 2 more marines bite the dust. Bro Zael has broken a sweat, at last. Next round and he's giblets. I get an event that lets me discard the last card in one blip pile. The left pile has only one card left, so bring on the travel.

Final Loc = Launch Control. I play all the terrain cards. I have one action left, then the 10 GSs (4 left now, 6 right) are going to be tearing me limb from limb.

Nothing for it. Zael leaps through the air, flailing through the massed chitinous ranks of claw and teeth, arm stretching for that button...

No time to put any tokens on the Panel. Less than or equal to zero and the Marines win but it's ummm... not good odds.

Zael's hand stabs down.

I roll a zero.

The crowd goes wild.


Loved it, though I reckon this was altogether more luck than management. A few early mistakes and some unlucky dice, and really I was destined to be toast. But a lucky set of Locs helped (or not - but I doubt all are as helpful as the ones I drew, at the times I drew them).

But of course sometimes those games rescued from the mouth of defeat are the most satisfying of all. For a first game, this rocked.

I think I played it by the rules, but a few more games should have those down pat. I'm a bit unclear about which cards "Shift" and how, when a Marine dies, but I'll post separately about that.

Really good solo game. Would play with more, though my gut reaction is that there'd be too much downtime with 6. Still, after 1 game, I'm no expert.

An 8 or a 9, I'm thinking.

Good old Bro Zael cool

Edit: I meant Green, not Red
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