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Subject: Two games with Sarah rss

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Merric Blackman
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Ramping up my reviewing.
Happily playing games for many, many years.
Sarah and I played two games of RftG yesterday, using the first two expansions, goals but not hostile takeovers.

Game 1
The first game saw Sarah choose the Damaged Alien Factory as her homeworld, whilst I took the Separatist Colony.

It was not a good game for Sarah: of the six goals available, only the 3 Uplift Worlds one was not taken, and I took the rest: eight cards in play; every phase bonus; 3+ novelty/rare worlds; first to discard; and most (6+) military. Sarah got out Galactic Imperium quite quickly, but then couldn't draw Rebel worlds.

Merric: 47 (17 cards, 2 vp chits, 9 major-dev, 19 goals)
Separatist Colony, The Last of the Uplift Gnarsh, Expedition Force, Genetics Lab, New Survivalists, New Galactic Order, Runaway Robots, Space Marines, Lost Alien Warship, Public Works, Rebel Miners, Comet Zone, Imperium Blaster Consortium

Sarah: 30 (14 cards, 10 vp chits, 6 major dev)
Damaged Alien Factory, Public Works, Space Marines, Rebel Fuel Cache, Galactic Imperium, Alien Toy Shop, Interstellar Bank, Rebel Symphathizers, Deficit Spending, Deserted Alien Colony, Blaster Runners

Game 2
We reshuffled the cards, dealt out the possible starting worlds, then watched me absentmindedly shuffle my worlds into the rest of the cards. After I recovered them, my Alpha Centauri was going to face off against Sarah's Earth's Lost Colony. A production/consume cycle seemed to be on the agenda. Unfortunately for Sarah, she never quite got the hang of the consumption side of things. It took me a while as well, although I picked up a very large number of trade bonuses.

Goals proved to be my joy and Sarah's bane again, although at least she picked one up: every resource type. I meanwhile gained 4+ production worlds, 4 goods, 5 VP chits and every phase bonus.

Merric 57 (16 cards, 15 VPs, 12 major devs, 14 goals)
Alpha Centauri, Hive World, Comet Zone, Bio-Hazard Mining World, Prospecting Guild, Spice World, Investment Credits, Space Port, Galactic Salon, Terraforming Robots, Galactic Studios, Dying Colony

Sarah 33 (26 cards, 4 VPs, 3 goals)
Earth's Lost Colony, Destroyed World, Plague World, Separatist Colony, Space Marines, Rebel Underground, Mercenary Fleet, Lost Alien Warship, Pan-Galactic Research, Aquatic Uplift Race, Rebel Stronghold
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