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Subject: A nail biting finish for a first game rss

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kieran martin
United Kingdom
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I have been rather eager for this expansion. Chaos is one of my favourite games, and the level of detail gone into this expansion seemed like it would extend the games life span considerably.

The skaven figures look nifty, and for the most part I am happy with the game as it stands, although its kind of infuriating how poor the rules wording is. I took the skaven in the first game, and for the life of me I can't work out what the intent of the "single one player" is. We played it as exceeding one player in that region. We also played clan rats+grey seer as getting three rats.

We had all 5 players, and ended up, with lots of draws for first place, going for a victory point dominated game. I managed to get 21 points in the first three turns with good use of doomwheel, but realised to win I had to get my skaven across the map to where the corruption was. A warp token cache helped for that goal, but it was tough going, and, even worse, Tzeentch ruined a region without anyone noticing, that sly old chaos god! Still, it looked like it would be between skaven and nurgle for the win, and we poured into the region with the most corruption. Then khorne played two of the 0 cost card which produced corruption for kills, managed to roll 4 kills on 5 dice with a bloodthirster which

a)stole first place from tzeench by producing 8(!) corruption in a turn
b)managed to kill just enough of myself to mean I didn't even get second place

5 regions were ruined, it was time to look at the score.


Khorne, thanks to his bloodletters and an audacious amount of corruption stole the game. Very nice.

Some thoughts based on this:

-skaven are a lot of fun to play, but vp is always going to be hard work- going into a region early is an invitation to get killed, and even going into a heavily corrupted region can tempt players to just leave and waste your power.
-khorne, with a hideous amount of zero cost cards is going to be a LOT harder to deal with
-With so many new upgrades you really need to pay attention or be surprised by a double tick, or a card cancellation
-gleam+skitterleap is hilarious. Sadly tzeentch cancelled my skitterleap, otherwise I'm pretty confident I would have won that turn...
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Warren Denning
United States
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I agree the Horned Rat is a tricky god to play. I too tried to enter regions that were about to be ruined and either was foiled because Khorn drew cultist aways OR he and the others entered the region and proceeded to pound me into the ground.

I think its better for the HR player to dominate via figures and cards for a little while to build points and dial ticks, then maybe after collecting a few upgrades and maybe once one region has been ruined, go for the VP win via stealing.

Of course I was playing a four player game without Tzeentch, so I think I would have had more luck on VP if it was just Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slannesh and HR.
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