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Subject: Checklist of all minis found here. rss

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Booker Hooker
United States
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If I have anything listed incorrectly please let me know and I'll be happy to fix it.

Alliance (by class):

Moonshadow - Cat Form, Rejuvenation
Vigor Darkbreeze - Bear Form, Lacerate
Yanna Dai'shalan - Moonfire, Moonkin Form
Elanna Starbreeze - Call Blinky, Master Tactician
Elendril - Arcane Shot, Call Fury
Grumpherys - Call Bloodclaw, Hunter's Mark
Vindicator Kaustron - Call Old Bones, Distracting Shot
Irana - Counterspell, Polymorph
Jezbella of Karabor (promo)
Lady Jaina Proudmoore - Arcane Blast, Summon Greater Water Elemental
Litori Frostubrn - Frost Nova, Healing Potion
Ruby Gemsparkle - Fire Blast, Ice Barrier
Tinker Timbleton - Arcane Flux, Blink
Graccus - Avenger's Shield, Flash of Light
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon - Bolvar's Retribution, Hammer of Justice
Leeroy Jenkins - Hammer of Justice, Hammer of Wrath
Magdeline Prideheart - Blessing of Might, Signet of Eternal Life
Savin Lightguard - Blessing of Protection, Cleanse
Vindicator Hodoon - Flash of Light, Hammer of Wrath
Anchorite Cristia - Lesser Prayer of Healing, Mass Dispel
Boris Brightbeard - Heal, Power Word: Fortitude
Harnum Firebelly - Doomfinger, Lesser Prayer of Healing
High priestess Tyrande Whisperwind - PW: Fortitude, Searing Arrow
Lorlai Risingmoon - Dispel Magic, Holy Nova
Namrah - Mind Blast, Shadowform
Bregina Stoneshiv (promo)
Dralor - Blind, Distract
Nathressa Darkstrider - Evasion, Sap
Timmo Shadestep - Ambush, Sprint
Umbrage - Mind-Numbing Poison, Sinister Strike
Ixamos the Redeemed - Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros, Magma Totem
Phadalus the Enlightened - Earth Shock, Purge
Prophet Velen - Chain Heal, Wrath of the Prophet
Zaritha - Chain Heal, Healing Stream Totem
Amon Darkheart - Corruption, Summon Hukkrit
Dizdemona - Death Coil, Fear
Marlowe Christophers - Rain of Fire, Summon Piztog
Ryno the Short - Curse of Agony, Summon Jhuroon
Beren Embersbane - Mocking Blow, Sunder Armor
Fillet, Kneecapper Extraordinaire - Heroic Strike, Mortal Strike
Parvink - Hamstring, Intercept
Roria - Dodge, Heroic Strike
Victoria Jaton - Charge, Intervene

Hulok Trailblazer - Mark of the Wild, Tranquility
Morova of the Sands - Moonfire, Moonkin Form
Thangal - Bearform, Starfire
Azarak Wolfsblood - Muti-Shot, Serpent Sting
Celenias Firemane - Hunter's Mark, Multi-Shot
Conqueror Aluna - Master Tactician, Misdirection
Ona Skyshot - Arcane Shot, Call Bloodclaw
Rexxar - Call Misha, Misdirection
Za'zu the Grizzled - Call Old Bones, Serpent Sting
Daelas Firewing - Blink, Mana Potion
Magistrix Enaria - Ice Block, Soulseeker
Morganis Blackvein - Polymorph, Swiftness Potion
Ta'zo - Fire Blast, Flamestrike
Aleyah Dawnborn - Cleanse, Flash of Light
Illiana Sunshield - Blessing of Kings, Crusader Aura
Sidian Morningblade - Crusader Aura, Nightmare Blade
Champion Shadowsun - Mind Flay, Shadow Word: Death
Chancellor Velora - Mass Dispel, Mind Flay
Lotherin - Mind Blast, Psychic Scream
Mojo Mender Ja'nah - Heal, Shadow Word: Pain
Omedus the Punisher - Psychic Scream, Shadowform
Daspien Bladedancer - Expose Armor, Felsteel Boomstick
Delyn Darksun - Cold Blood, Gouge
Ji'lan - Blind, Evasion
Kayleitha - Distract, Sprint
Sha'do - Expose Armor, Mind-numbing Poison
Zomm Hopeslayer - Ambush, Gouge
Haruka Skycaller - Strength of Earth Totem, Earth Shock
Mojo Shaper Ojo'mon - Healing Wave, Stoneclaw Totem
Najan Spiritbinder - Healing Stream Totem, Magma Totem
Warchief Thrall - Chain Lightening, Snowsong
Daxin Firesworn - Incinerate, Soulseeker
Elizabetha Cairnwillow - Silk Bandage, Summon Jhuroon
Magistrix Kiala - Curse of Weakness, Summon Santuria
Mortimer the Malign (promo)
Radak Doombringer - Corruption, Summon Hukkrit
Varimathras - Death Coil, Doom
Amalar Ironhoof - Cleave, Execute
Cairne Bloodhoof - Cairne's Thunderclap, Sunder Armor
Drokkar of the Four Boars, Bulwark of Azinoth, Mocking Blow
Gorebelly - Charge, Execute
Wilton Throne - Revenge, Thunderclap

Monsters (alphabetical):
Archmage Arugal - Counterspell, "You, Too, Shall Serve!"
Bleakheart Hellcaller - Demonic Curse, Shadowburn
Blindlight Murloc - Ice Barrier, Mana Potion
Bloodscale Wavecaller - Frost Nova, Kelp Net
Bog Elemental - Elemental Charge, Entangling Roots
Bogstrok Razorclaw - Crab Walk, Silk Bandage
Boulderfist Warrior - Boulder Toss, Breakthrough
Chen Stormstout - Care for a Pint?, Scroll of Strength
Crashing Wave Spirit - Death Blow, Ice Block
Crushridge Ogre - Boulder Toss, Healing Wave
Dagg'um Ty'gor - Kick, Sinister Strike
Death Watcher (promo)
Deathwhisperer - Curse of Culuthas, Nightmare Blade
Ethereal Crypt Raider - Disarm, Felsteel Boomstick
Ethereal Priest - Energy Leech, Shadow Word: Death
Enraged Fire Spirit - Flamestrike, Quick Reflexes
Felguard Legionnaire - Avoidance, Curse of Culuthas
Frostmane Troll - Chain Lightening, Grounding Totem
Frostsaber Prowler - Bestial Fury, Cornered
Goblin Shredder - Buzzsaw, Scroll of Strength
Grimdron - Avoidance, Flame Wave
Harvest Golem - Fear Generator, Swiftness Potion
Helwen - Dark Portal, Healing Potion
Ironfur Bear - Bear Necessities, Death Blow
Lady Vashj - Static Charge, Wrath of Air Totem
Marsh Murloc - Dodge, Mighty Gurgle
Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider - Arcane Blast, Kael'thas's Flamestrike
Ras Frostwhisper - Frostbolt Volley, Blink
Razaani Nexus Stalker - Arcane Blast, Spellsteal
Rethilgore - Lycanthropy, Quick Reflexes
Sarmoth - Demonic Curse, Demon's Last Stand
Sethekk Talon Lord - Intercept, X-52 Rocket Helm
Shienor Sorcerer - Rotten Eggs, Wrath of Air Totem
Skeletal Priest - Gaze of Dread, Shadow Word: Pain
Slitherblade Tidehunter - Kelp Net, Serpent Sting
Storm Rager - Air Drop, Chain Lightening
Sunscale Scytheclaw - Bestial Fury, Rip to Shreds
Tempest-Forge Destroyer - Arcane Infusion, Fog of War
Warp Stalker - Fog of War, Warp Strike
Wrathguard - Blood Bond, Flamewave

A couple of additional promos include:
Fleetmaster Seahorn (npc questgiver)
Bear Form (not a character... just a Tauren bearform mini)

Craftable cards include:

Battlecast Pants
Belt of the Guardian
Boots of the Crimson Hawk
Boots of Utter Darkness
Bracer's of Nimble Thought
Deep Thunder
Drakefist Hammer
Foreman's Reinforced Helmet
Hood of Primal Life
Red Havoc Boots

In addition, there were also some foil promo ABCs:
Attack of Opportunity
Blessing of Kings
Viper Sting
Wound Poison
(There were other foil promos that were just copies of existing ABCs)

There were also several maps (hard maps, paper maps, and vinyl) that were released. Here is a list from the other thread:


Ruins of Alterac

double sided:
Ashenvale (came with core starter)
Tanris - Dune Maul / Winterspring - Ice Thistle Hills

single sided:
Tanaris - Thistle Shrub Valley
Tanaris - King of the Hill
Winterspring - Darkwhsiper Gorge
Winterspring - Dun Mandarr
Ashenvale - Forest Song

Judging by this list I'm assuming there were at least 5 more paper maps. Anyone fill me in?
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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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Battlecast Pants:

edit: oh, awesome, is online and has loads of info. Missed it since went down. Heh, there is quite a lot of easy GG, upload the images.
Might end up doing it
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David Vanden Heuvel
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Gaamessz... need more Gaammesz...
and I suppose you can't get the crafted items anymore ?
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Booker Hooker
United States
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Only on the secondary market. Upper Deck lost the license to the game so you can't redeem mats for crafted items any more. The crafted item cards show up on eBay here and there, but they usually go for several dollars each. Some of them are pretty nice though...
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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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Deep Thunder
Foreman's Reinforced Helmet

I printed mock ups for use, works fine.

edit: Belt of the Guardian, that´s the last one. Will post some images of map and cards later.
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Stefamo de Gemmis
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Some of us are still waiting for you By the way, the cards that you mentioned are promos? The links dont work
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Fede Miguez
Capital Federal
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If you are referring to that 6 year old post, all I have is in the files section
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Stefamo de Gemmis
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Oh nice! I was waiting for a link to that section
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