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Subject: Question about creating physical cards from virtual expansions rss

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Exceptio probat regulam
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Has anyone had experience making real cards from the virtual expansions? I've used MtG cards made of printed copies of OOP cards glued onto old commons played in thin transparent sleeves. You can feel (if it's your deck) and see (as opponent) when such a card is next in the stack, drawn, or used. I can't see it working well for NR.

I always play with sleeved cards, so the printed cards have to be "good enough" rather than perfect. I live in a smallist European country so I don't have convenient access to "retail-biased" professional printing like a Kinkos.

Can you get playing cards of the correct size printed at a reasonable cost?

Can you use heavy sleeves with colored backs and one-sided printouts? If so, do you need to be careful with the weight of the paper it's printed on?

Print on a very thin material with an adhesive back and glue each card to an old common?

How about splitting a normal card and glueing the front side of a printed card to it (to get the right thickness and feel in thin transparent sleeves)?
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Ludovic schmidt
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Hi again

First cards need to be printed 8,8 / 6,3 cm ( don't know the size for US/UF measuring system sorry)

the way i handle proxy cards is this way :

if i need a large amount of cards ( when printing a new set several times like i did recently with the newest Open War or Deep run) i print online or in "prainting store, but to me the cheapest way is printing online.

2 options for printing, choose the biggest paper available in order that you do not need to add another card behind but you have to be careful when mixing proxy and real cards, there is often a difference SO the best option is to print in the thinnest paper available and sleeves that with a common behind. The sleeves have to be the darkest possible to not see the back of the cards used ( if it netrunner common no problem anyway but personnaly i use magic basic land so i have to play with dark sleeves .

Don't spend time or loose common to glue proxy on common/land card leave the common/land always in sleeves and just remove the nonglued proxy and replaced as you want this is the better i've found ...

Did you find the links to download Open War ?

it is a pdf files a=in the good format u've just have to print/cut sleeves and enjoy ;^
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