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Subject: Death Angel, well worth the effort to put this one together. rss

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I like .PDF published or "Print-and-Play" games quite a lot. I print them out and take them to my gaming group and we play them as though they were any other game. Some are better than others obviously but that's true of a fully packaged game you buy of any sort.

Given my love of horror Death Angel is a game I was very interested in playing and I'm glad I took the time to create this little game. I printed out the stuff and then with cutting board and razor knife in hand sat in front of the TV watching the Firefly DVDs and whacked out the pieces and I was ready to play.

Now this is a free download so I'm not going to spell out the mechanics and rules of the game in this review as you can easily click the link above get them for yourself. (Not to there are already two reviews written for this game that do a very good job of just that sort of thing.) Instead I'll let you know how my experience went with playing the game.

The thing I like the most about Death Angel is that it really creates what playing in a horror movie should be, and that's next to impossible to survive! The goal is not survival it's points. If you die you get to start again (just like in video games) and continue to rack up points, but living to see the end of this horrific night is not a players main objective and truthfully is difficult to do. Angel runs around beating the crap out of you and recovering hit points left and right...there's a 3 out of 6 chance that every single round she will recover life points. The makers of the game added the "fall factor" as I call it that if you try and full out run from Angel you will freak out and land on your face in the dirt left helpless to her attacks. All things are not stacked in her favor such as can jump through a window (if you are not directly adjacent to it you will suffer damage if you are adjacent you have the time to carefully climb out of it and not suffer damage) whereas it's considered a blocking feature of Angel. I'm guessing this is because she is sort of haunting the buildings and can not go outside or something but it's never fully explained.

The thing I like least about Death Angel is the limited number of cards. This is a game with a lot of theme that is screaming (pun intended) for lots of creative writing. Now don't get wrong the cards that are there are very well written out but there are only a handful of each of the cards. 3 total "Running from Angel" cards actually 3 or 4 total of every type of card there is except "Angel Attacks" which has 6. Granted there are a lot of different kind of cards and this makes it very well suited to play two or three games but after that the cards are pretty well predictable, taking away from replay value quite a bit. This isn't that hard to fix you have some creative bones in you, just make more cards that suit your needs. I like that kind of variety and feel it helps the game out a lots.

Now on to the expansions. You simply must play the game with the 2nd expansion in it. The new rules and victim types really adds a lot of depth to the game. Well the rules actually just fix some of the broken rules from the core game but this expansion is much more than just some rules changes. I wonder why they don't just release a new ver. of the core game with the new rules worked in already.

The first expansion however I'm not too fond of. It is only 2 pages to print, and that includes the rules for these new things so give it a shot if you are printing this game out anyway as you might like it. The goal of this expansion is to make survival more obtainable. There are more ways to escape or get help by adding this. This gives the player some real fighting chance to survive and for me changes the play of the game quite a bit in a direction I didn't like. It's not impossible to survive with the other rules after all, just very improbable. On the rare occasion that you did it was sweet sweet victory! Now, with these rules it's just "eh...another character escapes." kind of a situation.

All in all as other reviews have said you have nothing to lose in downloading this freebie and having a good time with it. Check it out soon.
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