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It doesn't exactly jump out at you like a facehugger that's had a few cups of coffee, but every user on BGG has a personal image gallery that they are the boss of. To find it, go to any of your geek pages and click the "Gallery" tab. This section will usually be initially empty, except if the server is haunted or a previous user left a bunch of pictures of dismembered bodies in basements or something, but that's very unusual.

To upload any pictures you have on your hard drive to this gallery, press the "[Upload image]" link, click the "Select Files" button, pick your files in the file selector, enter any descriptions as appropriate (these can be changed or added later using the unobtrusive "Edit" link that's found at the top of each individual image page), then click the "Upload File" button.

The crazy thing is that there's no real limit to how much you can cram in there. It's like the BGG admins flipped out and said, "Let's take a load off the other image hosting services on the webz and give every user free unlimited unmoderated server space for whatever! WHY NOT." Obviously such a generous policy is not sustainable and you should probably go stuff your personal gallery with pictures before they revoke it!

So what should you fill it with? There are so many options. You could fill it with pictures of cheese. You could fill it with stills from your favourite movies. You could fill it with pony macros. Don't fill it with pictures of dismembered bodies though because the next user who moves in won't like it.

This picture is in my personal gallery.

Here are some particularly board game-related suggestions on what to use your personal gallery for:

* At the last meet-up, did you take three dozen slightly grainy photos of people playing quite widely popular games and can't think of an informative caption for a single one? Check if any of those games are actually short on people pictures (say, not even two full pages) and submit a few pics if appropriate, then confidently upload the rest to your personal gallery.

* Do you have a score of images for a war game session report that are quite distinguishable if you just squint at them at full size from an oblique counterclockwise angle? Again, check if that game is short on gameplay pics, submit a varied selection of your best ones if so, then put all the rest in your personal gallery. Linking to them from your session report works so splendidly, you'll wonder how you ever did it any other way.

* Similarly, are you making an unboxing post and taking fourteen highly distinct pics of a box insert from which you are sequentially liberating cards in shrink, dice, minis, and dismembered body parts? Your personal gallery is screaming out for these things.

* When you got your last game in the mail, were you so happy that you took a shot of the box as seen from an angle, with a bluish-white glare over half of it, somewhat underexposed and in need of colour correction, and also belonging to an edition that is already amply represented in the game's gallery? No one will complain when it's taking centre stage in your personal gallery.

* Board shot for a game that already has 10 pages of board shots in its gallery? It may very well be easier to find in yours.

* Did you accidentally photograph a hundred painted miniatures one at a time, each of them from the left, right, front and back? Good news: your personal gallery will swallow all that right up.

* Do you have pictures of a cat or a dog sitting on a game box or swatting at a game piece? Did you pour a jug of hamsters over your copy of Khet: The Laser Game? They will all look swell and highly cute in your personal gallery.

When your cat pictures grow up they will want to be like this cat picture which is in a personal gallery.

* Do you have photographs from a famous historical location or battlefield? Do your have photos of yourself or someone else posing in such a location, maybe even holding a game-related item? Have you marked such locations on an image showing a satellite map? Have you found images that are thematically related to some game you know of, such as beer adverts for a beer-related game, tournament posters for a football-related game, or Elvis album covers for an Elvis-related game? Your personal gallery will hold all of that shiznit.

* Oh, and the picture you took from a distance of that publisher's booth at that convention when they were previewing that game and maybe there was a sign and a stack of boxes or someone who may have worked there or something. It fits into your personal gallery like there was a custom-made slot for it.

* Do you have pictures of people in game-related situations but not actually playing games, like holding boxes, lined up at a table, huddling around a game that is not actually visible, randomly brandishing a component, doing a celebratory victory dance, or wondering what that stranger is doing with that camera? Display them proudly in your personal gallery. They're not the bosses of it, you are!

* Are you dissatisfied with the quality of some game components in your possession and want to show off at high resolution such details as width or height discrepancies, ink smudges, cardboard warping, semi-light-beige colouring that should have been medium-off-white, mould stains, or mould monsters that attacked your cat just as you were about to take a picture of it sitting in a box? Put those pics in your personal gallery and link to them from an angry post! It'll show those sloppy manufacturers!

* You know that "storage solution" you came up with that amounted to getting a box of some kind and then putting some pieces in that box? And you were pretty happy with it because even if the picture was slightly indistinct it clearly demonstrated that that box was storing the heck out of those pieces? And then you looked at the public gallery and you found that three other people had stolen your idea and posted before you with slightly different kinds of boxes? If you put it in your personal gallery, it'll be the only storage solution there; visitors will know it was your idea.

* Periodical pictorial game commentary or satire? It's like that's the reason they came up with personal galleries; in case of doubt, imagine everyone doing it.

* Pictures rejected by geekmod for whatever reason? You could just force them through by re-, re-re- and re-re-resubmitting. But as they say, revenge is being happy without you, and no one's going to hit that pesky "Vote to Decline" button in your personal gallery!

These are just some of the possibilities. Just as your gallery space is endless, so is its potential. Pony macros! Just think about it. Take advantage of your personal gallery today, before somebody else does. Mmmm... bodies.

Next week on Feature Spotlight: That Little Button with a Lightning Bolt On It that Says "Zap User" and that You Always Thought You Were Kind of Imagining.
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