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Subject: BSG Variant: Super Cylon Fleet rss

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Frank La Terra
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BSG Variant: Super Cylon Fleet
By Frank La Terra

This variant assumes you have all 3 BSG expansions, and are using the “Clyon Fleet” option from Exodus.
Its purpose is to reintroduce the Cylon Attack cards (specifically their special rules) to the game.

Setup Changes:
1. Do not remove any “Cylon Attack” cards from the decks. Add “CAG Chooses” cards as normal.
2. Do not remove any Vipers from the reserves. Add the new Vipers to the damage box as normal (ie, play with all plastic ships available)
3. Leave the “Mining Asteroid” Destination card in the Destination Deck.

New rule: Heroic Sacrifice.
When the Cylon Pursuit marker instructs the CAG to place one or more Civilian ships on the board, he may instead destroy a Viper (of any tpe) from the reserves and not do so on a 1-for-1 basis. For each Viper he destroys he does not need to place a Civilian ship.

Drawing Cylon Attack Cards
If a Cylon Attack card is drawn from the deck, perfom the following:
1. Treat the “Activate” section of the card as you would treat as normal – in other words ‘activate’ any ships listed.
2. Advance the Cylon Pursuit marker 1 step. This is in addition to any move it made in step 1.
3. Ignore the “Set-up” section of the card (as well as the diagram.) It has no effect with this variant.
4. Look up the card’s title in the below list to see if there are any changes to how the “Special Rule” works in this variant.

Super Crisis Card
When a cylon plays a super crisis card, perform the following:
5. Treat the “Activate” section of the card as you would treat as normal – in other words ‘activate’ any ships listed.
6. The Cylon Pursuit marker moves immediately to the ‘Auto Attack’ space.
7. Ignore the “Set-up” section of the card (as well as the diagram.) It has no effect with this variant.
8. Look up the card’s title in the below list to see if there are any changes to how the “Special Rule” works in this variant.

The rest of the game is played as normal. Enjoy.

Crisis Card List

Ambush: No change.
Boarding Parties: The viper navigation system malfunctions. All unmanned Vipers are immediately returned to the hanger deck.
Cylon Swarm: No Change.
Besieged: Place 4 raiders from off the board straight onto the main gameboard in the ‘4’ space.
Dogfight: Keep this card in play until the fleet jumps. Each time raiders are activated launch 2 raiders from each base star on the main board (do not activate these new raiders).
Heavy Assault: Galactica is immediately fired at by 2 basestars, even if there are not 2 basestars on the board (they are using long distance weaponry.)
Jammed Assault: No Change
Raiding Party: No Change
Scar: Place scar on the Cylon Fleet board per the normal rules. Keep this card in play until Scar is destroyed. Whenever raiders are activated, activate the Scar raider twice. Scar may only be destroyed on a roll of 7 or 8.
Surrounded: No Change.
Tactical Strike: No Change.
The Guardians: No Change.
Thirty-Three: Keep this card in play until a civilian ship or Base Star is destroyed. The pursuit track will automatically move up 1 space each turn when it otherwise wouldn’t.

Super Crisis Card List

Lured into a trap: No Change.
Boarding Parties: No Change.

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David F
United States
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Luck in games, in measured doses, is the catalyst which enables shocking game-changers that you'll remember and talk about forever.
Let the Lord of Chaos rule.
Looks good. The only suggestion I have is to make all the Attack crisis cards have jump icons, because your rules make the game more difficult.

Also, another idea for Besieged is "All raiders not in a space area with vipers or civilian ships immediately activate".

EDIT: Or make these crises have jump icons, since they have abilities that persist even if the jump icon triggers a jump.

Boarding Parties
Heavy Assault
Tactical Strike

That's 7 out of the 13 that have jump icons.
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Matt Vollick
St. Thomas
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Mr. Skeletor lives!

Interesting approach to including the Cylon Attack Cards into a Cylon Fleet game, but you're still adding 13 crises that will activate Cylon Ships, move the pursuit track and create a bad "Special Rule" for the humans. I'm not sure the "Heroic Sacrifice" and the additional Vipers would make up for it.

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Frank La Terra
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Thanks for the feedback guys.

David - the problem with your besieged rule is that it wont do anything if there are no ships on the main board it wont do anything. I tried to design everything so an event will take effect even if the card is drawn when there is no fighting on the main board.

I'm surprised you guys think this variant makes the game harder for humans. I'd argue the cards actually aren't very bad at all.
They activate ships, but all crisis cards do that. So unless it activates several ships that 'effect' doesn't actually do anything.
It advances the pursuit track, but that's not nessasarily a bad thing if the cylon board doesn't have much on it. Better to get those ships out than let them build up.
The last thing it does it create a bad 'special rule'. But this special rule effectivly takes the place of another type of crisis, meaning no eating up resource cards that turn nor any 'Player X choses which bad shit is going to happen'.
So in general I'd probably prefer to have one of these cards then a normal crisis - except for the fact they don't have jump icons of course (and you always want those).

Still, I'm not opposed to the jump icon idea, especially if its only on 7 of the cards as David proposed. I may try that out next game.

BTW "Heroic Sacrifice" is to counter situations where you have to place civ ships (due to the pursuit marker moving) and the board is already crawling with enemies.
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Ian G
United States
Menlo Park
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I really like this variant, I fleel that the Cylon feet board makes cyclon ships too derpy. I'm going to have to try it out.
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