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Subject: The Fourth Doctor: Circles (11) rss

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Brian Dean
United States
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Finally free to explore the universe again, the Doctor has set his sights on solving some of the mysteries that have surrounded his recent travels. His first stop is the mysterious and dangerous Hades Expanse, where an ancient enemy will be revealed and a friend will find out who she really is…

The Fourth Doctor
Brains 12, Brawn 6, Bravery 9
Aware, Charisma, Demolitions, Engineering, History, Running, Science, Thief
Equipment: Scarf (+1 Brains for Puzzles; May trip opponent with less than 7 Brawn; Wearer is immune to Bad Weather (e079))

Liz Shaw
Brains 9, Brawn 4, Bravery 7
Charisma, Engineering, Medicine, Science, UNIT
Personality: Dedicated (Science), Quick-Thinking

Professor Bernice Summerfield
Brains 9, Brawn 5, Bravery 7
Aware, Charisma, History, Marksman, Running, Science, Thief, Tracking
Personality: Determined

Starting Luck: 0

Scaling: Three rolls are required for scaling. The results are Enemy Strength (+1 to Enemy Qualities), Master Plan (+1 to Goal), and Deadly Enemy (-1 to DM when Enemy is revealed). This could be tricky!

No vortex encounter this time.

Setting the Controls: An archeological find on Birostris Prime gave the Doctor the opportunity to reach the Hades Expanse on a 9+. He has also been able to install an Astral Map onto the TARDIS, giving him a +1 to any attempts to Set the Controls. With this advantage, he is able to successfully find his way to the mysterious region.

The Hades Expanse (L012):

Benny and Liz kept their mouths shut as the TARDIS whirled along its course. The Doctor had warned them about the dangers of the Hades Expanse and now he was fixated completely upon the controls, moving left and right around the central console in an effort to steer their way through the treacherous region.

A beeping had begun somewhere amid the various controls. The Doctor paused, and then moved to study it more closely.

“Something’s amiss,” he declared. “Some kind of temporal energy spillage. Something is causing a massive power drain as well. Almost like, well, a window into a black hole.”

He straightened up suddenly, his face very severe. A projection came up on the monitor, showing a starship of some sort drifting silently.

“The disturbances seem centered around this vessel.”

Benny stared at it as the Doctor began the preparations to materialize the TARDIS on board the derelict. After so many adventures and so many dangerous situations, why did she suddenly feel so very, very afraid? There was danger here, and her subconscious was screaming at her to run.

She was no coward, however, and when the TARDIS doors opened, she forced herself to be the first outside. It was fairly cramped inside the vessel, which appeared to be some sort of small corvette or fighter craft. The corridor they found themselves in was octagonal in cross-section, with several access panels dotted here and there, including a few placed seemingly out of reach on the ceiling. Everything was dark, either pitch black or deep shades of grey.

To the fore, a closed bulkhead blocked further progress. The aft, the corridor stretched back into the gloom. Benny stepped forward, approaching the bulkhead in search of some way to open it.

“Benny?” the Doctor said gently. “I believe what we need to find is the other way.”

She didn’t want to go that way, she really didn’t. It took a great effort to turn and follow the other two. Liz had realized something was wrong and kept stealing worried looks at her from over her shoulder.

The corridor wasn’t a long one. It ended in another bulkhead. The Doctor manipulated some control off to the side and the doors slowly and somewhat unwillingly parted. Benny’s heart was pounding in her throat as they stepped through into what appeared to be the engine room.

A strange cylindrical structure rested in the center of the room. Its polished white surface was greatly out of place amid all the black and grey. It possessed a single door, of a reasonable height for human-sized beings to move through, but the object itself seemed too small to hold more than a single occupant, and that would require it to be hollow.

“Benny?” The Doctor was holding out his hand. “We’ll need the key.”

“The key?” Benny was confused.

“I think you’ll find it in your pocket.”

Benny groped around and found it: a small object that pulsed curiously in her hand. The Doctor gently took it, inserted it into the door, and then was moving through as the object opened.

Liz followed and Benny heard her exclaim from inside.

“A TARDIS! This is a TARDIS!”

Benny followed on autopilot. The control room was something like the Doctor’s TARDIS but seemed more streamlined in design. Everything was dark, save only for the faint red glow of an emergency lighting system.

“Why doesn’t it look like yours from outside?” Liz was asking the Doctor. He had yet to answer when the figure suddenly appeared from out of the shadows.

“Cora!” Liz exclaimed. “How did you get here?”

It was indeed Cora, but she looked different than she last had. Her hair was wild, her eyes even more so, and she seemed to be one step away from fleeing in panic.

“Is that you?” she asked, peering at Benny. “Are you back?”

“Yes,” the Doctor interrupted. “She’s back.”

He laid a gentle hand on Benny’s shoulder and pulled her closer to Liz and himself.

“And she’s brought help.”

“I don’t understand.” Benny’s voice was barely audible, even to herself.

“Of course not, but it will all make sense in just a moment.”

The Doctor turned now to Cora. “Tell me, what happened here? Why did she have to flee? And why would she leave you here?”

“There was no way to bring me with her,” Cora answered the last question first. “She could use the emergency system, but that took the last of the power, and it wouldn’t have worked for me anyway.”

“No,” Benny started shaking her head. “We shouldn’t be here! He’ll find us! He’ll find me!”

“Who, Benny, who?”

“The Master,” Cora answered instead, and began to relate the story. Somehow, it seemed, they had learnt something of the Master’s plans. They weren’t even sure what they knew, only that it had set him on their path with a vengeance. He had been pursuing them for a long, long time now. Even using a randomizer hadn’t helped when it turned out that he was somehow managing to directly track Benny’s biopatterns through the Vortex. Wherever they went, he inevitably appeared. Finally, he had come just a little too close and managed to do something to the TARDIS in which they travelled. It had stopped here, in the heart of the Hades Expanse, and they both had known the Master would find them eventually unless Benny could bring back somebody to help.

“But why Benny?” Liz asked. “And how is it you have a TARDIS?”

“Benny, it’s time,” the Doctor said. “In the same pocket you found the key, I believe you’ll find a watch.”

Mutely, Benny pulled it out. It was just a curio she had owned forever, wasn’t it? She stared at it. She had never opened it. Why was that?

“A chameleon arch,” the Doctor was telling Liz. “It can change a Time Lord into, well, something else. And this particular system could even act as an emergency escape system as well, projecting the individual through time and space.”

“So Benny is… ?”

Suddenly, Benny flipped open the watch.

“Benny is a Time Lord?”

It seemed to take all the time in the world and none at all. When it was done, she remembered everything. She remembered the Master’s terrible pursuit, the desperation with which she had been forced to leave Cora behind, and so much more.

“A Time Lady,” she corrected Liz mildly. “I am a Time Lady.”

When it was all said and done, Cora had been gratefully bundled into the Doctor’s TARDIS under Liz’s care. Benny – and she had chosen to retain that name for now, at least – stayed with the Doctor aboard the disabled time machine.

“There’s no saving her,” the Doctor was telling her sadly. “The connection to the Eye of Harmony has been disturbed, I suspect by the same method that the Master tried to use against my TARDIS. If we are to escape…”

“I know,” Benny said with quiet sadness. “Let’s do it.”

With the damage so severe, it wasn’t hard. They worked together and then fled back to the Doctor’s TARDIS before it was too late.

“Hold on!” he cried, throwing the emergency dematerialization switch. “This could get rough!”

Benny’s TARDIS did not go quietly. The shock waves shook the fleeing TARDIS. The Hades Expanse began to come apart almost instantly, and when the worst of the explosion had passed them by, the team watched via the monitor.

“So, Benny used the chameleon arch to escape the Master’s tracking system,” Liz doggedly continued trying to work it all out, “and wound up on Birostris Prime.”

“Yes, which is when the Master took more notice of us. Remember: it was immediately after we rescued Benny that he attempted to destroy the TARDIS.”

“And the find on Birostris? The mural about the Hades Expanse?”

“Now, that’s an interesting question. It was obviously a pointer, something left by somebody to try and point us here so we could rescue Cora.”

The Doctor began feeding in a set of coordinates. “And speaking of Cora, she’s given us a clue, whether she knows it yet or not.”

“A clue?” asked the young woman. She and Benny had been watching with great solemnity as the Hades Expanse unwound.

“The launch coordinates for a certain stasis pod.”

“The pod! Yes, how did she end up in the pod?” Liz exclaimed.

“Pod?” Cora was clearly clueless.

“That, Liz, is a question I think we should find the answer to. And I suspect that when we do, we’ll also find out a few more answers as well.”

Brains 9, Brawn 4, Bravery 7
Charisma, Computers, Engineering, Science, TARDIS

Actions: Military Fighter (L012a) : Abandoned TARDIS : Cora : Time Lord Quest : The Master Reborn

Current DM: 0
Current Luck: 14

Setting the Controls:
Cora’s launch coordinates are actually defined in game terms as a random destination followed by a roll on e005. The TARDIS lands on Earth in the year 40 BC (a428). The first Event (1 or 2) will be Sunstroke (e121). The Time Lord Quest result was You Are Not Alone, which led to Benny being revealed to be a Time Lord.

Turn 1:

Sand stretched out in every direction. The sun was blinding. It had been tempting to split up to cover more ground but, knowing as they did that the Master quite possibly awaited somewhere out there, the group opted to stick together for the moment.

After what seemed like hours of trudging through the sand, they finally spotted something in the distance. It appeared to be a group of people who were bearing one of their number upon a platform chair. As they approached, it became obvious that this was no group of worshipful priests or the like. The battered condition and simple clothes pointed out that these people were slaves, and the figure they were forced to carry through the blazing desert heat was their master.

“We should talk to him,” the Doctor advised. “Slave-keeper or not, he may have valuable information for us.”

And so they approached with some caution. The sun prevented either side from getting a good look at the other until they had moved quite close to each other. The figure on the chair wore some sort of massive crown-like headdress with two great wings. At first, they could not see his face, but then it became clear. He was certainly not Egyptian. The neatly trimmed goatee and hard but brilliant eyes were unmistakable. It was the Master himself.

“You!” He rose, standing on the brief platform located in front of his chair.

“You!” Benny found herself overcome with fury. This was the man who had pursued her over countless millennia, who had forced her to go through the pain of the chameleon arch, and who had forced her to abandon Cora just to try and save them both.

She took off running, charging through the slaves to try and get at her former pursuer. The Master groped at his costume, apparently trying to draw forth some manner of weapon, but then his platform chair went tumbling as the confused slaves milled about. He toppled as well, vanishing amidst the crowd.

“Benny!” The Doctor was racing after her, but it was too late. The slaves parted, scrambling for safety from this apparently crazed stranger who had appeared out of the desert. When they had gotten out of the way, the Master had somehow vanished.

Actions: Explore : no effect
Encounter: Enemy : the Master (v523) : May not Talk : Fight : Flees

Current DM: 0
Current Luck: 16

Turn 2:

Benny hung her head slightly as she watched the Doctor interviewing the slaves. Once they had learned that the newcomers meant them no harm, they had calmed down considerably. A few jelly babies and they were quite willing to talk about their master and his mysterious ways.

The first thing they had learned was that the Master was building a substantial power base for himself in this time and place. He was preparing for something, and that effort had involved the construction of several installations around the area, the purposes of which were completely lost on the workers he had enslaved to perform the labor.

Reversing their earlier plan to stay together, the Doctor had sent Liz and Cora out to investigate the nearest of these structures. They had found something that had resembled a mastaba at first, until one noticed the flat roof was lined with solar panels. Forcing their way inside, they had discovered a series of capacitors and connections to a buried power grid. Whatever the Master was planning, he seemed to require a lot of power for it.

They set out to follow the line indicated by the power grid, hoping to find out what it was all connected up to. The desert stretched out for miles, however, and the heat was truly merciless. Several times, one or the other of them stumbled. Finally, just as they were beginning to worry, Liz spotted another low building on the horizon.

“Even if it isn’t related to the Master,” she told Cora, “at least we can use it for a bit of shade while we rest.”

The Doctor, meanwhile, had been investigating the Master’s fallen sedan chair. He was surprised to find a small video screen located in the arm. On a whim, he sat down and fiddled with the controls. A small click, a moment of humming, and suddenly the Master’s face was staring back at him.

“Doctor,” the Master said with a certain grave formality.

“Ah, I see you are using a wrist-comm! Doesn’t your arm get tired, having to hold the camera up in front of your face like that?”

The Master’s moustache twitched slightly in irritation. “I find one must bear these minor aggravations if one is to achieve one’s ultimate ambitions.”

“And what might those be? Fame? Fortune? The finest pyramid in the land?”

The Master laughed.

“My objective is much, much grander, let me assure you.”

There was a long pause as the Doctor seemed to be musing about something. The Master shifted slightly and finally declared: “You’ll never stop me! You’ve arrived much, much too late!”

The Doctor looked startled and then seemed to pull his attention back to the conversation. “Oh, I’m sorry! I got distracted thinking about you jogging through the desert, staring at your wrist and posturing.”

The Master made a furious growl and the connection went dark. The Doctor grinned a wicked grin.

“It’s important to keep one’s enemy a bit rattled,” he declared. “The fact it is so much fun is just a bonus!”

Actions: (Doctor/Benny) Seek Information (History) : Goal : Secret Manipulations (e240)
(Liz/Cora) Investigate : Plot event : +1 DM
Encounters: (Doctor/Benny) : Enemy : Talk : +1 DM
(Liz/Cora) : Event (1) : Sunstroke (e121)

Current DM: 2 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 17

Turn 3:

Believing the Master had only intended to stall the Doctor with his communication and that he was also intending to return in force, Benny and the Doctor left the area with all due speed. They decided to head back to the TARDIS, as they had told Liz and Cora to meet them there when they had finished their own investigations.

Those investigations were still underway but were baring some interesting fruit. Liz and Cora had gained access to the small building they had uncovered in the desert. There, they found a bank of computer equipment. They had quickly turned their minds to figure out the purpose of it all.

“It looks like some kind of routing routine,” Liz declared after an examination of the software. “This building is some sort of control hub, coordinating all the power-gathering systems and funneling their output down a central pipeline to this point here.”

She tapped on the screen, where a large, vaguely circular icon marked some kind of central focus for all the activity.

“Can we do anything to disrupt his plans?” enquired Cora hopefully.

“Well, let’s see. First, I need to figure out exactly how all of this fits together…”

Actions: (Doctor/Benny) Return to TARDIS : success
(Liz/Cora) Plan (Computers) : success (Liz gains Computers)
Encounters: (Liz/Cora) : none

Current DM: 2 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 17

Turn 4:

The Doctor was pacing around the TARDIS control room. Benny leaned against the console, watching him pass over and over again.

“Clearly, his final objective is not here on Earth. He’s not building any kind of long-term power base or trying to affect any kind of sweeping historical changes. Instead, he’s merely manipulating things on a local basis, trying to get the people here to act as his labor force.”

“It looks like he’s done a good job there. They were carrying around like a king, remember.”

“Indeed. He’s brilliant, Benny, as you well know. He’s obviously succeeded in building what he needs. Now, all we can do is try to prevent him from reaping whatever final reward he hoped to gather here.”

“We may be able to help with that!” Liz and Cora, both beaming triumphantly underneath their new sunburns, came in through the TARDIS doors.

“The Master was careless,” Liz told the Doctor. “He has only token protection on his power network out there. We should be able to tap right into his computer system and shut the whole thing down!”

Actions: (Doctor/Benny) Plan (Brains) : success (Doctor gains +4 Brains)
(Liz/Cora) Return to TARDIS : success

Current DM: 4 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 17

Turn 5:

It was another hike through the desert but they made it back to the computer hub. There, the team installed a simple program Liz had concocted. When activated, it would spread like a virus through the system, shutting down the entire power-gathering grid.

With a flourish, Liz set it into motion. There was a brief humming noise as, oddly, the power flow seemed to spike for just a second. Then, the lights dropped and only emergency power flowed through the room. The noise of the power transmission ceased completely.

“All across the desert, the same thing is happening,” Liz proudly declared. “We’ve stopped him!”

Suddenly, a monitor snapped to life. The Master was there, apparently seated in some sort of control center.

“Ah, why am I not surprised?” His tone seemed more mocking than defeated. He raised an eyebrow at them and continued: “Oh, but you look surprised! Well, you see, as I told the Doctor earlier, you’ve arrived too late. I’ve already stored all the energy I need for my operation. The transfer shall take place right on schedule.”

“Transfer?” demanded the Doctor. “Transfer of what? To where?”

The Master shook a finger at the camera. “Oh, no! My secrets are not that easily discovered. I shall enjoy picturing you scrambling around after I’m gone, trying to piece the puzzle together! And still too late – yes, much too late!”

His cruel laughter filled the room.

“Oh, no,” came the Doctor’s voice in response, his tone calm and mild. “It’s never too late.”

This lack of dismay obviously frustrated the Master. He stopped laughing and instead slammed a fist down onto the console in front of him.

“You have no chance! The conjunction occurs in just three hours, and then I shall be gone!”

“Conjunction?” The Doctor raised an eyebrow. “So, you plan to perform some sort of transfer when, as they say, the stars are right? Hmm, how interesting!”

The Master fumed. “That bit of information means nothing! It won’t help you now!”

The link was suddenly severed.

The Doctor laughed. “Three hours, is it? Well, then, ladies, we had better get moving.”

“Where are we going, Doctor?” asked Cora.

“Why, to the heart of all this, of course!”

Action: Defeat Enemy : -1 DM
Encounter: Enemy : Talk : +1 DM
Goal gives -1 DM

Current DM: 3 (Goal 4)
Current Luck: 14

Turn 6:

The central point turned out to be a village, at the center of which rose a completely anachronistic metal tower of some five levels. Villagers scurried in every direction on a variety of errands, many of which seemed to involve bringing crates and other containers to the base of that tower.

The Doctor and his friends did not exactly blend in, but the cowed people around them did nothing more than give them the occasional terrified glance from the corners of their eyes. It seemed that the Master’s harsh treatment of them had made them too afraid to tamper with anyone or anything that might be a part of their overlord’s plans.

Underneath the tower was an equally out of place structure with glass windows and a series of stout cables that ran from its base, through the streets of the village, and out into the desert. They had found the central point of the power grid, it would seem.

The Doctor, however, was peering at the top of the tower.

“Temporal transmat,” he gasped. “That’s not even possible – or is it?”

“Temporal transmat?” asked Cora. “I’m not sure I’m familiar with that one.”

“A system through which material, even people, could be projected through time and space to, well, to anywhere or anywhen!” the Doctor told her.

“It’s only a theory,” Benny added. “And one that’s never been tested as it would be extremely hazardous for living beings to use. Well, unless the Master has somehow managed to perfect it.”

“But why would he need such a thing?” Liz demanded. “If he has been chasing Benny and Cora all over time and space, surely he has a TARDIS of his own, in which case, why does he need some kind of alternate technology?”

“That’s an interesting question.” The Doctor pondered for a second. “Perhaps he needs to go somewhere a TARDIS cannot, or maybe somewhere where a TARDIS would be noticed or stopped.”

He gestured to the windowed building. “He’s probably still using his TARDIS as a guidance system though, and I suspect it is in there.”

Liz squinted at the tower. “Maybe we can knock the tower over and squash it!”

“No, a TARDIS can handle more of a beating than that. Besides, I think it would prove rather a challenge to knock that particular structure over.”

The Doctor knelt down and inspected one of the cables. “It won’t do any good to cut one of these either. They’re dead now, all power shut off. He must have stored enough energy in some kind of capacitor to use his temporal transmat. He’ll probably send himself, his TARDIS, and whatever that is that these poor people are loading up all in one go.”

He stood up again and watched as the villagers continued to assemble goods on the low platform that was placed besides the low building between the widespread legs of the tower.

“He’s got a lot of mass there, doesn’t he? It will take an impressive amount of power to send that off to its destination.”

Benny glared up at the broiling desert sun high above them. “I’m sure his system gave him all the power he’ll need, and quickly. He had a lot of solar collectors out there, and that sun is putting out a lot of energy.”

“Yes, indeed, a lot of…” The Doctor stopped, and then grinned his huge grin once again. “Great Scott, Benny! You’ve got it! Liz, can you modify that program of yours?”

“Modify? Yes, I’m sure so. It’s very simple.”

“Can you reverse it?”

“Reverse? So it…?”

“So it turns on the power grid to maximum instead of shutting it down.”

Liz gasped and then laughed a laugh almost as diabolical as the Master’s. “Yes, that will be very simple! I just need access to one of his computer panels for a few moments.”

“Then there’s no time like the present!”

Before anybody could react, the Doctor had marched right up to the windowed building and thrown open the door.


The Master was inside along with several of his slaves. To his left was what looked like a sarcophagus, its lid slightly ajar to admit a thick mass of cables that ran from a complicated looking control panel on one side of the room. On the other side, immediately beside a strange circular portal, was a more familiar panel: one of the Master’s power grid control computers.

“You again!” The Master stood up, his eyes wide with rage.

“Well, well, well, it looks like everything is going splendidly in here!” The Doctor met his archenemy’s sputtering fury with a charming smile and polite tip of his hat.

“What are you doing? Do you think you can just march in here and act the fool?”

“Act the fool?” The Doctor put on a hurt expression. “Is that anyway to talk to a fellow scientist? After all, who else are you going to find to explain all your marvelous work here to?”

He gestured at the tower outside the window. “Is that what I think it is? A temporal transmat?”

“Indeed!” The Master took the moment to gloat.

“And how did you solve the temporal acceleration effect, hmm? Anything organic that goes through such a thing will be aged horribly. Well, unless protected somehow, of course.”

“I have my methods, and you’ll be witnessing them soon! The temporal transmat is charged and ready. In another few minutes, I’ll be gone!”

Liz and Cora slipped quietly aside as the Doctor held his adversary’s attention. They found their way to the computer console and began manipulating it. With Cora’s help, it took Liz only a moment, which was lucky. The Master noticed them and became even further enraged.

“Guards!” he shouted. “Stop them!”

Cora dodged one way and Liz the other as the guards reached for them. Cora disappeared into the strange circular opening while Liz found herself securely grasped by one of the men. It was then that the power surge hit, however, and suddenly the room was filled with the smell of smoke and showers of sparks.

“What have you done? You fools!” The Master staggered back from his control panel as it erupted into flames. The full force of the desert power grid channeled into an unprepared and unprotected system was having all the effect the Doctor and his allies might have hoped. Outside, collateral explosions were shaking the metal tower and the panicked villagers were fleeing in all directions.

A great crash shook the room as a section of the tower outside fell. The material stored beneath it made an echoing crunch as it was crushed. Liz found herself released again as the guards fled the room. The circular portal suddenly irised shut and a series of flashing lights appeared above it. A mechanical voice could be heard above all the chaos: “Emergency detected. Pod has been launched.”

“You’re still too late!” cried the Master from behind a growing wall of flame. He wrenched the door of the sarcophagus wide and paused for one more shout over his own shoulder.

“You haven’t stopped me yet!”

Then he was gone, the sarcophagus slamming shut behind him, severing the bundle of cables. A moment later and it was fading out of sight.

“His TARDIS!” Liz realized. “That was his TARDIS!”

“Don’t worry about that now, Liz! Run!” The Doctor was pulling her away as a rumble grew outside. Along with Benny, they raced out of the door just as the metal tower, weakened by the explosions and a loss of a key support, folded in on itself and fell mightily down upon the building. The glass windows exploded outwards as the structure was flattened.

“Cora!” Liz shrieked. “She was still in there!”

“She’s alright, Liz! That opening she jumped into, I think it was the Master’s plan for avoiding the temporal acceleration effect.”

“That was the stasis pod,” stated Benny flatly. “That explains it. She was ahead of us then and behind us now. She’s jumped into the stasis pod, the emergency system sent it off randomly instead of it being pulled along with the temporal transmat, and we’ll retrieve her from it in her future and our past.”

“That’s why she said it was too soon!” Liz realized. “You had to leave her in your TARDIS, we then rescued her and brought her here, but when we rescued her again from the stasis pod, it was too early in our timelines. She knew we’d be coming here eventually!”

“And she kept her mouth shut, even knowing I hadn’t yet realized who I really am,” Benny continued. “Because she knew it would disrupt the timeline if she changed our future, since it was her past.”

“What did he mean,” Liz suddenly asked, turning to the Doctor. “We haven’t stopped him yet?”

“It means we aren’t done with the Master yet, Liz. Whatever his final objective is, all we’ve done is set him back a step. The final reckoning is yet to come.”

“So where do we go next?” Benny asked. “The coordinates for the temporal transmat went up with the console. We have no idea where he was headed.”

“Oh, I think we do. I was told quite a while ago but didn’t know then to listen.”

“Told? By who?”

“By a Dalek, believe it or not.”

Suddenly Liz heard the voice of the Dalek once again: “One day, you shall find yourself in the Medusa Cascade, and then you shall know what it means to despair for your people.”

“The Time Lords,” the Doctor said in an iron voice. “He’s going after the Time Lords themselves, and he’s found a way to do it, through the Medusa Cascade.”

Action: Research (Engineering) : Breakthrough (e083) : +1 DM
Encounter: Enemy : Confront : success


For defeating the Master, the Doctor received 5 Luck. 3 of those are spent acquiring the TARDIS trait.

Unfortunately, he is over 2 Companions and so somebody had to leave. The dieroll indicated Cora was to go, this time with no farewell bonus.

Final Luck: 16


My notes are a bit screwed up on this one. In Turn 5, they say the Doctor took a -1 Luck for failing the Defeat Enemy action, but the only way the recorded DM makes sense at that point is if he received a -1 DM instead. That would also explain why I didn’t go for the Confront option immediately after during the Enemy encounter. If it was supposed to be a -1 DM though, there should have been another Enemy event as part of the Defeat Enemy failure. I’m not sure exactly what was supposed to happen there but it looks like I actually applied both a -1 Luck and a -1 DM for some reason.

Also, looking back on this one, I think I should have wrapped the adventure after the Hades Cascade and then started another one beginning with the arrival on Earth. That would have meant Cora would have left in between because the Doctor was over the maximum number of companions. I think her Computers trait was key in achieving the Goal needs and thus getting the DM up to the needed level as well. Oops!
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simon cogan
United Kingdom
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Another great write up - Benny Summerfield a Time Lord - woo!

How did the Hades Expanse play like - any problems?

Really looking forward to the next episode...
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Brian Dean
United States
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It played very well, albeit rather quickly. That was just the way the dice went though; I found the abandoned TARDIS immediately so it was a pretty brief event, all in all. I think that's why I automatically just rolled straight into another attempt to set the controls and a new adventure.

I had a terrible time getting it posted though. Is anybody else having problems with posts getting truncated?
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