Shawn Low
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OK, I typed up a whole session report here and accidentally closed the window. DOH!!!!

Long and short of it. 6 player game. Explored most of ground floor.

I triggered haunt with 9th omen (holy symbol) in the pentagram room.

Haunt ended and I won easily because;

1) Traitor needs to cast Holy symbol (which I had as it triggered the haunt) into the Furnace, chasm or underground lake.
2) Underground lake was 3 rooms away.

As you can imagine, I won it pretty easily...

It might have gone on longer if the 3 rooms I needed to go to were not in play.

Movements of explorers are limited if they fail the sanity roll.

The scenario was a little, 'huh? You mean THAT'S it?'

Wasn't really exciting as the explorers task was a little on the uphill side considering they are drawn to the ballroom if they fail the roll.

Plus it's a litle silly to have the holy symbol trigger the haunt in the pentagram room (this puts the potential traitor with the item needed to win IN the basement where one of the three rooms to win are located).

Perhaps it should be triggered in another room?
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Bruce Glassco
United States
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I'm the designer of the game, reviewing all the reports here and on the AH forum. I'm working on rewording the rules and scenarios for greater clarity.

I understand you revealed the Haunt. Why did you think you were the traitor? If you look up the traitor in the Haunt Chart, it says "None (at first)." And the very first sentence in both tomes is "This haunt doesn't begin with a traitor."

In fact, it is impossible for the person with the Holy Symbol to become the traitor -- the only way the traitor can get the item is to steal it.

I'm trying to figure out how people misinterprate the rules so that I can write them better, but this one flummoxed me. Let me know what you missed.
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