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Subject: My first Blood Royale rss

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Mikael Leino
Södra Sunderbyn
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Ok now I have played my first Blood Royale. We were four players, we tried hard to find the fifth player but no one couldn't join us this time. No one had heard about the game but everyone are expierienced boardgame players. First we set a time limit when we end the game, the total time was 5 hours 45 minutes. To set up the game and look through the rules took about one hour. So we played the game in ~4 hours and 45 minutes, we reached the year 1325, so 6 turns. We didn't use the event cards at all.

So the game then. I think everyone liked the creation of characters it was fun to make up names and exciting to get the characteristics. But I think many of us would have liked to have even more characteristics that separate the many characters from each other even more.

As I said we were four players so England was not in use, I played Germany. I think that the four mainland countries are quite equivalent, maybe Spain is a little bitt better than the other countries. I can imagine that England is a lot wors to play than the rest.

The first 3-4 rounds no big things happend. I think that the most of us players started to think "is there going to happend something in this game".

One difficult thing to know was how to make the marriages, is this marriage good or bad for me? After a while (round 4) the started to be a lot of charactersheets in the game. I think that every one had at least five children. Don't know if it was good or bad thing but it was little bit hard to remember and hold track on all the children. Don't know if we were too suspicious on each other when making marriages, we had only three marriages in the whole game. All three marriages was with a prince that become the King. The marriage part was quite fun exept for the problems to know which marriage is good and which is not.

I think almost everyone was a little bit disappointed on the collect resource / trading mechanism in the game. Very little happend, resources popped up was carried to the capital or cross the border to another country. It would have been fun to have little bit more strategy in where to carry the resources. It also took long time before one could get for example a Luxury resource, if you were the last one on the queue. Don't know maybe it should be so.

Round 4-5 some marriages was carried out but nothing more happend except for the collecting and trading of resources. Round 6 one of the players get bored and decided to do something. The player was France and he attacked Germany (me) with I think it was one King and 6 armys. France killed three of my armys and captured my prince that was heir to the throne. The fighting machanism was strange, I don't think I like it. He also took two of my provinces, one with Metal resource. I coulden't do so much and the game ended soon after this event.

The game ended and Italy won with 409 Crowns, I got second with 359C, then France with 211C and Spain with 158C. Why Italy and Germany was in top was because of most marriages (got 100C per marriage).

All of us four was disappointed with the game, so much time and so little happend. Almost six hours, sure you don't play Axis and Allies, Republic of Rome or Civilization but there are a lot of games out there that are more fun. Games that our gaming group use to play are: Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan (with some expansions), Svea Rike, Iron Dragon, Citadels, Puerto Rico, Race, Magic the Gathering... The only game, from those listed above, that can take as much time as our first Blood Royale is Iron Dragon, but all of us think it is A LOT more fun game. Now I know also that this game "must" be played at least 15 rounds to work, and as you see I have not have the possibility to test so many rounds yet. But I don't think this game is getting so good that it is worth to spend additional +10 hours on it. I am a little bit sorry when I must realize that this game probably is going to collect dust on one of my boardgameshelfs (there are +40 boardgames in the shelf). I maybe give it one or two more chances in the future before I make my definitive decision on how good/bad this game is but for now I think I wait a couple of months before playing it again.

// mile
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