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Subject: Rules are incomplete rss

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Moses Moore
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Complete rules are available at the designer's page:

There are some problems with the rules:

* The rules have a "Notes" column for the unit lists, but does not describe what these mean.

* In the Movement Phase, '... you have the
option of moving one or more creatures forward the indicated number of
spaces using a single move card.' So If I play "Move 1", I can use that single move card to move all eight creatures forward? and I can't use it to move any of the creatures backwards, sideways or diagonal?

* In the Battle Phase, 'if proposed Line of Sight passes through any portion of a square containing another piece, then LOS is denied.' But the rules don't state that Line-of-Sight is required for an attack, so it doesn't it matter. If Line-of-Sight does matter (as implied, but not stated), what happens if a unit is aiming at a target directly to the NE, but there are units adjecent N and E? Does the Line-of-Sight go between them? If not, what if there was only a unit adjacent to the N, can the line-of-sight still go around?

* Spell Cards: four spells are described (Imprison, Teleport, Exchange, Heal), but there are six spells in the deck. What do "Light Save" and "Dark Save" do, and why are there three times as many of these spells as any other spells in the deck?

Surely these questions would've come up during the first attempt at playtesting, no?
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Ronald Pehr
United States
Las Vegas
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The rules of this game are similar to a group of Warpspawn games, referred to as "Warpskirmish" in which individual characters (soldiers, wizards, space marines, X-men, whatever the theme of the game) maneuver on a chess board according to the criteria given on cards played. So, from having played some of these, being a big fan of Lloyd's work, I'll suggest answers to your questions.

1) Yes, you have intepreted the rule about movement correctly. You can move one character forward/backward/sideways the number of spaces on the card, but if you want to use it to move multiple characters then each can only move in forward direction.

2) Line of Sight is necessary. Unlike usual miniatures rules, you don't worry about the literal line of sight from a characther's "eyes" looking at the size of figures v. size of terrain. It's whether a square with a character is inbetween attacker and target. Direct diagnonal, with adjacent figures in orthogonal squares, there's no interference to line of sight.

3) The Save cards are defenses. The Light side can use the Light Save to nullify a Dark sider's attack, the Dark side can use the Dark Save to nullify a Light sider's attack.
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Gergo Tothmihaly
United Kingdom
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and some more questions:

Move = Max range Move Cards the unit can use.
does this mean that e.g. the Wizard (has Move 2) can only use the Move 1 and Move 2 cards and cannot use a Move 4 card to move 2 spaces and lose the rest 2 movement point?

at what phase can one play a Spell card? any time during the Move and Battle phases? only at the beginning/end of a phase?
e.g. am I allowed to:
- move then attack then exchange
- exchange then move then attack
- move then exchange then attack?

is there a limitation on the number of Spells one can play during a turn and/or in a row?
e.g. am I allowed to heal one of my units and then immediately after imprison one of my opponent's?

are Save cards Spells? if they are, are players allowed to play other spells during the opponent's turn as well (as Saves are allowed)? e.g. exchange units before the opponents attack resolves to loose a weaker unit instead of a more valuable one? or heal a unit that is a target of an attack?

the card list shows Range 3 for Imprison. is this simply the number of turns it lasts for or something else?

are imprisoned units allowed to be exchanged?

the card list states that Teleport is a type of Movement but the note says it's a Spell, too. is this correct? does it mean I can move and then teleport my unit in a row? or move then attack and then teleport away?
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